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    We should not be bailing out these big banks that cratered the economy yet pay no taxes when they are profitable, giving tax breaks to the giant oil companies that are making record profits, giving out no-bid military contracts to companies like Dick Cheney's Halliburton and handing out so-called farm aid to giant agricultural corporations that are destroying the American farmer. This country should stand up for the people - not the corporations. Let the GOP try to raise the age of Medicare eligibility. We'll see how seniors and baby boomers feel about it in 2014. Good for Obama in saying no to raising the medicare eligibility age.
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    Obama doesn't want to raise the eligibility age, but wants to cut the COLA for SS recipients. You call that good? Some of these folks are barely making it and for 2 years straight, they got no COLA increase at all, but their real estate taxes continued to rise while union teachers got theirs on the backs of seniors. Give me a break.

    One item that should be looked into is raising the cutoff for the SS tax, which is somewhere around $107k. Bump that up to $250k and that should keep SS solvent for quite some time.
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    @Canoochee Government usually benefits from those profits by piggy backing with gas taxes....that we feel on the pump....wonder where those profits go?
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    @Knightmare Government always benefits. Gas prices would be as much as 25% less were it not for the taxes. In most states the federal government and the state government make about twice as much as the oil company on a gallon of gas.
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    I think raising any entitlement age would have to be dependant on how close an individual is to that age. Raising it for someone who's 55, no. Between 45 and 55, raise it two years. Under 45, maybe go as long as five years. But no more.
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    MediCare isn't an Entitlement unless you meant those of us that pay into it are fully entitled to it. I pay into it, I'd fully expect a return on my investment.
    Usually though, when Simeon on the Right says "Entitlement", they are speaking of a different definition.
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    Why? Because you either already have yours or are too far away from social security to care to you want to take it away from everyone else?

    It's not an entitlement program, my friend, no matter how many time Sean Hannity tells you that. I'm 55 years old. I've been forced by law to pay into this program since I went to work at 15. Dammit, I expect to see a return on my investment.

    I'm glad the government said no. Some people would simply like to have everyone who's paid into social security and Medicare to just die and go away so that money can be invested into someone else's pocket. Screw that.

    Either keep things the way they are or give me my money and let ME invest it the way I want.
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    That is the only way to do it, the President is protecting those who have payed in tax's for 20 or more years with the understanding that they have the right to retire at 65.
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    Moving the goal posts now, after i've paid in for several decades, is wrong. They'll need to figure out a better way to cut the defecit. What will they do when they run out of other people's money?
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    He will protect the future seniors but take the cost of living raises from those who have had about 40.00 a year raise over the past 4 years. What a guy. Nothing but more of the same bought and paid for slimeball Presidents. He's go to bat for you if you're gay or illegal but you seniors can just kiss his ass. Doesn't say boo about banks not paying taxes and in fact getting refunds for not paying taxes but he's hot on the trail of those senior cost of living raises. The man is no different than GW Bush.
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    I agree. We need a president, who can take us back to a power house of a country. A president that cares about the economy. Not about their own wallets and that's not a softy. A president who cares about our world dominance. Like in the Late 70s, thru 80ss. After 1990, I country began to falter, our country started to lag behind in science, math, the list goes on. It was all about business, and not about the business of America. Clinton, tried lowered deficit. Slight peace with other nations who don't like Americans. His downfall, he was a hoe. But, he tried. I don't see us getting our crap together, until 2083. I hope a genius with gusto and common sense is born soon. Bring some life back to our country. Because geniuses we are lacking. It's all about the money (the individuals). But, not about America's money.
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    Why not raise the age limit? Lets agree to bump the age up 5 years over the next 10 to 15 years. Lets at least put a budget together that balances in 10 years. Whether we can hold to it or not is another matter. But, if we don't at least have a goal, we might keep scoring against ourselves.

    "The man is no different than GW Bush" - Completely different,
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    When I'm this close to being able to retire WITH my social security and Medicaid, forget it. Take it from YOUR pocket. In fact, if you want the budget balanced, how about you toss in some extra tax dollars. But don't speak for everyone, because personally the budget doesn't include what I have paid for for many, many years.
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    The federal government needs as much money as it can get so it can pay off the debt and create jobs
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    No but if the gov. doesn't do something then they will never get anything. I think anything not too extreme is a good idea and as much as it sucks waiting 2 more yrs. I think they will have to so they can receive the benefits that they deserve. I think the whole gov. should cut back and pres. and congressional perks should be reduced or eliminated, but the gov. Isn't going to do anything that effects their pay without a vast majority of the country forcing them to.
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    @thatgirl It's not about taking money from old people but rather changing the system NOW to reflect for future generations....who are living longer and healthier....welll at least longer....Medicare and Social Security was designed in a different time and when job creation and growth was still potentially is not enough people paying into the have to come up with a few ideas and raising the age for younger generations....
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    @Knightmare If you dont think that the lower cost of living decreases will affect people currently on SS, then I have some beachfront swampland I will sell you for cheap.
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    Leave it alone, let the people who can get it get it. Because we all know that the system is going to fail and put more on the nations debt.
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    26Feb13.....There should be NO medicare. Everyone and Anyone should be responsible for their own welfare and work to take care of themselves. How in the hell did our Greatest Generation do it? They worked hard...that's how they did it. They put their shoulders to the wheel, did whatever kind of job they could get their hands on, put food on the tables, and paid for the roofs over the heads of their families along with paying for medical insurances to cover any major things that might come along. Meanwhile, if they went to see the doctor (which wasn't very often), they paid the going rate. They did the same for any medicines prescribed as well. Then they went home, and went back to work. Their wives, womenfolk and children looked after the house and everyone ate homecooked meals and not today's greasy burgers....isn't it just awful to see ALL these fatties with their trolley-dollies trolling around in malls. They never got up off the couch in their lives and now they want all the freebies to keep them alive including their respirators while they sit in their free electric chairs chain-smoking with the tubes hanging out of their noses. Give me a break. Shut down everything and anything that has to do with presentDay medicare. Its bleeding the country dry and killing early the 10% who foot the whole damn bill. With love from 'Snotnose'.
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    Oh, Lord, not another one. This ain't Ozzy and Harriet. Never was, never will be. The womenfolk? Are you kidding me?

    Having researched my family for genealogy, I assure you my grandparents and great grandparents probably weren't thinking their generation was so great. They were poor as church mice and damn lucky to have food on the table every night. Those "homecooked meals" were greens cooked with fatback and if they were lucky they'd ring one of the chickens' necks for dinner.

    These were people coming of the Great Depression. My great grandparents never owned a car. Couldn't afford it. My grandfather worked 3 jobs nearly all his life to support his family. He never had a relationship with his kids other than to help conceive them. He retired at 65 and died of cancer at 67 from the chemicals he used on his job. He went to a doctor too late to save him because it was too expensive.

    No, you give ME a break. You want to live in the past? Get in your Delorean and set it for 1945. You talk about the "fatties" at the mall, but you forget how popular cigarettes were at one time. Killed a many one of the "greatest generation".

    Why do you hate taking care elderly people? That's what Medicare does, you know. Why does that bother you so much? I'll tell you why. Because you hate Americans. You hate those Americans who are in need. Instead, you'd rather see money go to take care of people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and every other pest hole on the planet, but God forbid we'd care for our own. It's OK to give billions to Israel, a country very well able to care for itself; but God forbid an American child would get a free lunch at school.

    Those who believe like you do are people who HAVE. You're well care for, well tended to, well-heeled and able to afford whatever it is you need. You wish for everyone else around you to just drop dead and go away. Please get a reality check. Life NEVER goes backwards, no matter how much you wish it would. Try to keep up. Let's work to improve the future, and stop whining about the past.
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    28Feb13...While my father was American, I am NOT American. He lost his brother in WWII to the Japs. I have the greatest respect and admiration for the US of A and its people and its democrary and its history and its religious practice.. Being Roman Catholic myself (don't hold that against me), I 'try' to be as Christian as I can. Sometimes I falter.
    Realist and have no back doors. Everything is black and white with me with NO gray areas. A whole pile of people when discussing things with me cannot handle the Truth. Good President George W. Bush did the right thing by going afterr sodamnInsane and then chasing the murdering muslime Taliban out of Afghanistan. As much as it has taken so long to try to make this place better ....and it is was ALL for a worthy cause. Just ask your soldiers and their relatives about that.
    You seen to have some anti-Semitism within you which is too bad. How are you doing with all the muslimes that have infiltrated your country??? Are you happy with all the mosques that keep springing up especially those people who want to build one at Ground Zero???
    Yes, people on the home front in the US of A need to be more educated by those that know how many American children go without. They deserve better.

    As for the obese, they deserve no help at all. Put the monies being spent on this lot to good use by helping those who really need it. Much Obliged.....pwm@PayThatCEO
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    So you're not American but you're going to criticize America? As a non-American, what gives you the right to decide what is best for this country?

    As for the boss is Muslim. She's a doctor. If your child came into her emergency room, you'd be more than happy for her to save it's life. You wouldn't think twice about her religion.

    I work with all kinds of people (even obese people) and I've learned to get along and I've learned things that you obviously have missed in your shallow and tiny little world. And if you try to be as "Christian" as you can, then you're doing an injustice to Christ, himself. Jesus was a man of peace and acceptance and love. You'd be surprised how much better life is when you put away the anger and hostility and stop hating other people so much.
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    They should start putting the money you pay into Social Security into an interest bearing bank account with your name on it. You can't touch it until age 65 and the gov't can never touch it... unless you authorize it. If you authorize it, they can borrow from you and then they can pay you back with interest instead of paying China. You could also use it during your lifetime as security on for instance a mortgage. Social Security in it's original form was NEVER to be touched by gov't but they have used it as a piggy bank over the years; dipping in to it at will. ANYTIME the federal gov't gets involved in ANYTHING they screw it up.
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    Can't be serious . Lowering the C.O.L does this man realize that food and gas , utilities, housing, clothes, medicine are always going up. People that are on social security almost always don't qualify for any food subsidies because they're income exceeds the limit.
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    With people living so much longer, something has to give. Raising the age 2 years when people are living 5-10 years longer seems fair.
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    So what exactly is Obama's plan to reform Medicare, a program with over 85 trillion in unfunded liabilities? I thought raising the age makes sense as people are living longer. To do nothing is suicide, so tell us Obama lovers, what is his plan?
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    A 20-year member of Congress who is at least 62-years-old collects over $50,000 a year for life. Private sector employees collect an average of $16,000 annually. Congress members are also eligible for pensions at 50-years-old if they've completed 20 years of service. If they've served more than 20 years, they can collect their pension despite their age."

    I think we all know who is looking out for who.
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    What just infuriates the hell of out of me is these Presidents and Congress people can serve 4 years and are set for life with pension and medical and YET this so called "liberal president" has now twice offered up the cost of living increases for seniors. The average check for a person who has paid in all their lives is around a thousand dollars a month. Out of that seniors have to make Co-pays (when welfare pays nothing for a miniscule amount comparatively), has to pay for supplemental insurance, has to pay for part D or B (none of which welfare pays for). If I had to live on just social security I would lose my house because I couldn't pay the property taxes (despite owning the house outright, you never get free of property taxes) and YET this same President says 12.00 a month increases over the past four years is "too much" for social security recipients. I would like to see Obama and Congress spend one single year on the average check from Social Security. They couldn't do it.

    While they have no problem with Banks making billions in profits and paying no taxes they do have a problem with social security and medicare despite seniors have paid in plenty to cover themselves over their lifetimes and that money was simply stolen by our govt.

    A pox on them all. It's time to take back America. RE-ELECT NOBODY 2014
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    The social security payout is going to be greater than what they set aside for social security payouts. Something has to change, I don't want to pay for something that I will not recieve!
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