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    I honestly don't know how to answer this question given the choices available. But I do find it humorous that the far left is pissed off at Barack Obama...after all, they got him elected twice.
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    If you actually knew anything about the far left, you'd have known they haven't been happy with Mr. Obama since he was first elected because he is far to centrist. But, oh yeah, your far rightwingers have been so busy passing myths around like "Obama is a socialist" that you haven't paid any attention to what's really going on. If the far left re-elected Obama, it was only because the GOP candidate was too offensive to even consider.
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    Anarchist is what they are, you know when the crazies on the right join hands with with crazies on the right seeking to abolish all government
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    @martydotcom what an exaggeration! The VAST majority of those opposed to this administration have their reasoning rooted in defending constitutional rights and not being put in the poor house to pay for special interest programs designed to enable system abusers to get a free ride. The foundational beliefs that defines our nation say that the government works for the people but this administration has proposed or passed bill after bill that suggests they believe that "We the people" work for the government. This administration has been talking "jobs for the middle class, education, cutting the deficit in half,..blah blah" since 2008. How many have gotten done? NONE! They've been too freakin busy coming up with gun bans, bills to abolish the 22nd amendment so that he wouldn't have a constitutionaly mandated term limit, doing everything in his power to turn 11million illegal immigrants into 11MILLION VOTERS because 90% of them are from the same demographic that got him elected twice. I could go on and on. If you're going to pop off statements, at least be able to back them up with evidence. We are ALL Americans. You want some more evidence of the destructiveness of this president and his administration? I mean, besides the 100s of proposals...out of ALL the presidents that this country has had in the last 50yrs, how many of them had SIGNIFIGANT talk of a civil war?? The level of divisiveness under this administration is ENORMOUS. And it's dangerous. And it suggests that he is doing something wrong. He's pushing his agendas at the cost of the security of our society.
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    @Slowmo ???? Suggest you get on the same page
    Anonymous vows To Interuptbyhe state of the union "

    my reply is address to the Hacker Anonymous interrupting the state of the union. Save your all you BS paddle for an applicable topic
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    @martydotcom "Drones are being used domestically albeit just for servailence"
    Currently. But what about the next step "hunting terrorists domestically"? What about when the Government begins suspiciously labeling people "terrorist"?
    That is where my concerns come into play. The same people that most of us on here do not trust are the ones that will enable the Drone program to be used domestically. The same people that no one on here trusts, but somehow people trust them not to take the steps necessary for a Tyranny. Interesting how trust works.
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    @Fishbone345 Implied was all it would take would be a few nuts and bolt
    to arm them. I have little concern about their used on avowed jihadists abroad, Domestically a FISA court is needed.
    Listen to Marco poor guy didn't here the speech and is babbling about things not said
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    I approve of virtually every anonymous action. I don't like that they are forced to operate outside the law, but who watches the watchers really? They actually can deliver consequences to errant dysfunctional government in a more disruptive and concise message than voting can. I say more power to anonymous.
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    Obama is flat out infringing our fourth amendment rights!!!
    Is that impeachable? Now he has his sights set on our second amendment rights! By infringing our forth amendment rights he automatically breaks the ninth too!
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    I would like to know if the president breaks an amendment, could he be impeached? If so, lets go!!!
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    What a waste of an hour! Seeing what Anonymous would do was the only reason I watched The State of The Union Address. Nothing happened - how bout that. I could of watched Seinfeld instead.
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    I was very disappointed that Ted Nugent was never even on camera. I was hoping he'd do something to make an ass of himself, as usual. :(
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    @Denizen_Kate Well yes, but I think the congressman may have thought better of it. Ted Nugent is kind of like a pit bull, you're never quite sure he's under control.
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    "Group of nuts"
    They're the only group actually able to do something, they're able to get word out about the unconstitutional drone strikes and blatant attacks on the Constitution. They're the only group that's actually able to get under the governments skin and make it squirm, and you want them to sit this one out.
    You sir, have lost your mind.
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    Anonymous is a great organisation, they shut down child pornography sights and other people who take advantage of the internet to disrupt civil liberties and the birth rights of all to be free. This internet bill is just so that the government can better monitor civilian activities.
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    Looking at these issues, our 4th amendment rights to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures, and even our right to be free of sentencing such as death without due process, an administration that continues a long vile tradition of disregarding human rights, one which will destroy our credibility on an international scale if we don't reverse course and make amends now!
    The question is why are we are having petty squabbles about health care policy, abortion, gays, even economics and jobs when we have these bigger issues that impact our civil liberties, constitutional and human rights, and our nation's long-term credibility and effectiveness on the international scale?
    We need an effective third party of people across the political spectrum to draw attention to these key issues that both parties are ignoring the American people on.
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    Will you cheer when they are shooting at your neighborhood? Because the steps towards that aren't that unreasonable to think might happen.
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    Yes, they are.

    And before the year is out, many states will have statutes prohibiting or regulating drones. Ask your congressman.
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    @Fishbone345 hey people already shooting and killing innocent people in every city. For the protection of this country I'm all for it.
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    @harold_lloyd I think drones will be used for what it was meant for. To bring down our countries, enemies. Just like every one wants. Remember the uproar of 9/11 and the protection of this country? Wasted money in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, I'm all for drones.
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    I share their views on Bradley Manning which I think is an absolute act of treason by our govt but not on drones. Will be interesting to see how good the nation's cyber defense with advance warning.
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    I don't mind Manning be charged but his trial should have been over a long time ago and he did not aid the enemy.
    Our drone policy needs to be more transparent before I can say I agree.
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    I'm all for them protecting the lives of our soldiers, 100%. Where I take issue is the fact that supporting more and more use also condones their usage here at home. And then where will it stop? The Government has already begun positioning itself to become the perfect tyranny, and the sheep just continue to elect the people doing it back again and again.
    The day will come when we may regret giving them the power unconditionally.
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    Speaking as a veteran who did similar work, Manning is the worst sort of traitor. He's an immature little punk who didn't understand that it wasn't a game, that people die over what he did. He betrayed his oath, his nation, and his honor.
    I really hope he never sees freedom again, if for no other reason than to give pause to the next immature jerk.
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    @harold_lloyd So much for innocent until proven guilty. But hey, just goes to prove you extremists on the left are really no different than the extremists on the right. Different agendas but wanna be dictators all.
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    I have a thing about honor.
    Honor is not a partisan trait, not yet anyway.
    He freely swore an oath, and betrayed it.
    I have no doubt about the act, but as a patient guy who believes in the justice system, I'm not in a hurry. Let the system work, however slowly.
    If he's found not guilty, you can bill me for a nickel.
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    Kinda says all that needs to be said about government, when the outlaws are the only ones who have the plums to stand up to them.

    As for these drone strikes, I heard an interesting question regarding them last Friday: "If America can send unmanned drones into other countries to kill suspected enemies, what's the difference if another country does the same to America?"
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    "...what's the difference if another country does the same to America?"
    We'd send the largest, most expensive professional army in the world into their country and lay it to waste. Thanks for asking.
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    Another group was once called "treasonous outlaws against the crown" once and we saw what they did.
    Anon is right this time. The actions of the President condoning legislation that strips liberties from The People sickens me.
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    The problem with Anon is that their only influence is negative, and they lack an appreciation of the implications of many things. They oversimplify, and that's dangerous if you exercise great power.

    The whole business of drones is confused right now. As we adapt to new technology we need to formulate new rules. That's what the Pres asked for tonight.

    As to the nation that uses drones on Americans, expect a disproportionate response. It would be almost obligatory to spend a week or so eliminating that nation's essential infrastructure. Cruise missiles are drones too.
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