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    spend today what you can't pay for tomorrow and your kids will have something to remember you for. That is the progressive way.
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    Somebody sure as hell spent it before I've gotten to it. I'm 55. Now just who do you think did all that spending?

    Let MY kids make their own way just as I've had to do because those who came before me thought nothing of spending America into a black hole for 30 or 40 years.
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    Actually, the progressive way is PAY AS YOU GO, tax and spend so it's paid for before you buy it. The REPUBLICAN way is spend and spend. Remember, deficits don't matter, just ask Dick Cheney.
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    As a Republican, how can anyone take the tea party seriously? Both Paul's need to shut up. They are both making fools of themselves! Do you not realize your tea party is disintegrating? It's already taken to long for them to go away! They do nothing but hurt the Republican Party with their nonsense! The real Republican Party is taking the reigns!
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    Preaching to the right! Now just have to get hold of those few tea party stragglers and squeeze the tea bag until all the stupid has run out!
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    It will be very good news for the GOP if the Tea Party dies off. But don't write their obituary too quickly. The establishment republicans know the damage that the baggers have caused but to much of the GOP is Tea friendly and most of them are afraid to offend them. That's the only reason that Rand "Kookie Jr." Paul was allowed to speak.
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    I would take the GOP much more seriously if they shed themselves of the Tea Party and returned to true conservativism, however, the Tea Party has it's hooks buried deeply into the GOP and if they split, it will be into two smaller parties, neither of which will have the political clout needed to balance the Democrats. Careful what you wish for?
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    Ron didn't speak for the Tea Party and didn't represent them. He was more of a Libertarian thinker. I'm hoping Gary Johnson can continue to lead the Libertarian party and things will begin to look brighter for us.
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    Hey, if can't make the cuts...allow the cuts to come to already stated, Obama called for them originally, allow him to own them.
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    Obama wanted it, Obama designed it(or atleast took credit for it), let the idiot have it. I can't believe he had the balls to bring up global warming and green jobs.
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    Has any one been noticing what austerity measures has done in Europe ? 25% unemployment. That's a lot of hungry people, and mat include you who think its a good idea.
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    I have noticed that we are financing over 40 cents on every dollar our government spends, a policy no business or household could sustain for long and government will learn that it is no different. We have over one hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities to boot. What we are doing to future generations is immoral. The federal deficit is the greatest threat to our future.
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    Actually Rand Paul is right on Spending. EVERYTHING except Social Security and medicare (which was self funded and stolen) should be subject to cuts. IMMEDIATELY. You can't tell me there isn't 10% waste in every single program run by Federal, State, County or City government.
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    So, let's summarize: Rubio speaks for the Republican Party. Baby Paul speaks for the Republican Party cuz last time I checked the Tea Party WAS the Republican Party. So much for a strong, united GOP. There's so much trouble in paradise....happy dance, anyone?
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    we do need alot of spending cuts.but it can't happen all at once.alot of the people who voted for the tea party people in earlier elections.did'nt really understand what they are all about.they just heard stop the governments wasteful spending and lower taxes.they mostly heard lower our taxes.after paul was elected and wanted to do away with food stamps,welfare,ect.people in ky.was not for that.but that was what paul ran on.they just did'nt hear that part lol.
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    Yes there needs to be drastic cuts to spending however we also have to be responsible in doing so. Cutting our defense in times when everyone wants to kill us is not responsible. While I do believe there are cuts that can be made in the defense dept. as in all dept's. across the board each one should be looked at very closely so we can get the most bang for our buck
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    You want to crash and burn? Want to lose untold jobs? Watch the stock market crash? Who do you think receives the money the government spends? It all does not go overseas to foreign interests you know.

    Without growth we die. You kill the economy if you do this.
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    I want the sequester. It's the only way to get good cuts in military spending. The prospect of a market downturn is unpleasent. It'll cost me. Still, I say: go tea party. Cut military spending and assure Dem victory in 2016. Win-win.
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    @PoliticalSpice Don't forget though, when the you know what hits the fan as a consequence of thoughtless cuts, it will be on Obama's watch. The blame will fall squarely on his lap, undeserving as it may be.
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    Watch the sheep who are agreeing with Paul because they had a crush on his daddy throw a big fit blaming Obama if the sequester happens and the economy gets worse.
    God I hope the tea baggers keep this up. Even Gerry meandering won't save the house from going Democratic.
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    Well, the drop in thearket won't pleasee, but I do want the sequester to happen. Just like I wanted Bush tax cuts to expire. I want 50% cut in military spending. We'll never get large military cuts any other way.
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    @ConserveUSA If they need to be stronger let them do push ups and eat more protien. As long as we cut the budget at least 50%...
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    @ConserveUSA I agree both obama and repubs like the military. They will eventually cut a deal. Still I'd like to see military budget reduced to at least 50%, but there are lots of things I like that I don't get...
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    Each and ever house hold has to do with less and the White House isn't exempt from that. It's time people learn to live within their means.
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    Obama's actions are guaranteeing that the next president will NOT be a Democrat. Personally I am a libertarian and I am keeping an eye on Rand Paul and Marco Rubio in 2016.
    When 2016 comes around, if we are not in the grips of economic collapse or some other man-made disaster, and the elections are held, the People will vote for change. Real change, this time. As it has been said:

    I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around me
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I'll get on my knees and pray
    We don't get fooled again

    But we need to write our own last ensure that the new boss is NOT the same as the old boss.
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    True conservatism to me isn't something that is bound by truth and facts.mimmnot going to let logic get in the way of what I think needs to be done. I am pro, pro life and I support killing people as hard and as fast as we can, without a damned apology tour . I go to church and my butt never stinks
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    Is it just me or does Nancy Pelosi always look like she's constipated? Biden reminds me of a creepy old guy who's always wanting little kids to sit on his lap. The camera then went over to Barney Frank who had his head buried in some guy's lap. It was like a pervert parade on there.
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    I dislike Pelosi intensely. I'll never forgive her for taking impeachment off the table and approving funding for the war when she could have buried it in committee.
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