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    We are a nation of infants.$16 trillion in nation debt.$86 trillion if you count all liabilities. No support of US manufacturing. Unemployment runs rampant. Economic collapse imminent.

    Ooooh! A shiny water bottle!! A chance to completely forget that fact that we have work to do! A flaw to be exploited and milked for everything it is worth!

    Let's focus on the fact that the human being who was speaking to us about these issues got thirsty and instead of letting his voice go hoarse,(for which we would also attack him) he took a drink of water of all things, from a bottle of all things! This will ensure that those people don't get in power!

    We don't want human beings leading us. Politicians are not supposed to eat or drink. They do not burp, fart, or defecate. Therefore they must lie or they will rupture.
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    1000% Correct. I imagine if his wife would have popped up and he gave her a fist bump, well maybe that would be fine?

    If Obama had a drink on air, they would be announcing "COOL PRESIDENT DRINKS X BRAND WATER, ITS COOL NOW !!!!!!"

    Is it any question now how dumbed down this country is.
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    Obama tsalked and didn't have to guzzle water. Dry mouth tends to be a symptom of deception or dishonesty, or didn't you know that.
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    @fridayjones LOL no actually that is so funny and so typical of the left. Really, have you nothing more worthwhile to contribute? Jeeze, now we have drinking water as a talking point from the left. Childish is just not even close to their reaction. The signal for deception or dishonest is if Obama is speaking, period.
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    When the water bottle gets more attention than the issues, it shows how disconcerned the American public really is. It says "Entertain me, while our country falls into a dismal, black hole."
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    I don't think people know what a real depression is. Long lines of mass amount of people needing help across the country. More homeless people than we have, today. People dying of starvation on the streets. A real depression is extreme. Everyone needing a pieces of bread and cheese. Maybe that's exactly what we need to happen. So, both the left and the right, oh and all of us in the middle, will see the necessity of working together and get our economy worked.
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    I do not understand the controversy. Guests on talk shows always have water handy. I would if I was speaking publicly.
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    Marco Rubio was tasked by the Republican Party to 'carry their water'......and obviously there's very little left.
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    This is laughable - as usual, the 'peoples media' is playing with it's self. Did you yahoo's ever think that it is customary to take a drink of water after being force-fed a bunch of horse manure, hmmm?
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    That's it? Is that all that's required to get people's attention? His need for a drink of water?

    This Republic is dying, and somehow this does not equate to 'news'. It's hyperbolic nonsense.
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    So drinking from a water bottle on camera is equated with Nixon's Watergate scandal. I would like to say things can't get much more overblown than that, but I'm sure I would be proven wrong soon enough.
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    This just shows how childish the left is. They've never grown up and their mentality proves it. They act like children and then want the rest of us to follow their lead. Isn't this the party that tells everyone how insensitive the RIGHT is. What a joke. Ever heard of dry mouth. Maybe he has a condition but instead if taking a reasonable approach to it you just make fun of and pick on someone who's different. Can you say BULLYING.
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    Dry mouth? People get that from smoking weed. Are you saying Ribio was smoking pot? That would explain some of the delusional positions taken by republicans...
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    If it were Obama, It would be on TMZ- MSNBC-NBC-CBS-NPR-PBS-CNN-ABC Saying "President is COOL!! He drinks AquaFina on air!!" We all know that. Like people going googoo over his blackberry, his fist bump , the crease in his pants and his skin color. Rather than Character.
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    Perhaps he was feeling a cough coming and was trying to suppress it. Nothing unusual about taking a sip of water. He is a live human, not a puppett on a string.
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    Too funny. Saul Alinsky said the best attack is ridicule.
    So now we're going to watch the idiot left take issue with the fact that a senator from Florida drinks water, while they foolishly try to convince us that a poser in the White House can walk on it
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    You never know. He may have had a sore or dry throat. Without a drink of water it could have affected his ability to speak. Watergate? Give me a break. That's just stupid! At least he was a good sport about it! I think that shows class.
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    Apparently so. Rubio didn't interest me enough to bother watching him anyway. He's the transparent attempt by the gop to reach out to hispanic voters. It's pretty lame and anyone dumb enough to fall for it deserve the consequences. Marco Rubio does not whitewash decades of institutional racism and pandering to xenophobes.
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    It was amateurish, but so what? He's young. I do like the fact that he joined in the twitter fun, that shows good character.(See? I can say something nice even about a Tea Partier. That should make Neo happy, so happy.:)
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    He would never get away with the bold face lying of Obama or the stammering and stuttering of Obama without a teleprompter (
    ). As he is not the second coming as Time portrayed Obamacon. Demonkrauts can insert cigars into their interns and it is not sexual relations and no one gets in trouble for workplace sexual harassment, but, if a Conservative takes a drink of water it is down right evil.
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    The MSM morons just got all upset for Rubio not carrying the water for Obama, instead Rubio carries his own water. So that's the real poop on these carnival clowns.
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