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    Would you resign if you were in the White House, if less then have of the population disagreed with you? What ruler does that?
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    The President's worldview, any citizen of any country who wants to work hard and get ahead is as entitled to a job as an American, even if that citizen of another country has broken our laws to be here.
    If you against any kind of Amnesty, go to this website and register.
    Google this: NUMBERSUSA .Once you are registered, go to the "action board"
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    not just talking his new jobs bill falls right into his shamnesty. give the illegal aliens high paying jobs add in no real border security and what do you get another 10 to 20 million illegal aliens heading in to fill the gap and demand for cheap labor,just as it was proven by anyone who looks back to 86.

    back then all agreed to security yet never fullfilled that part of the deal and now their idea of border security is nappy flying over head saying it is secure while not listening to those who live and work there.
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    Yes of course these proposals would fix the economy, although at a pace which many would find to slow. However once in place these proposals have long lasting value, they are not the quick fix many are expecting, yet they represent forward thinking which will reap dividends exceeding their initial costs over the course of time.
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    It has been my own personal experience that slow progress is more lasting than quick fixes... we need to stop insisting that everything happen immediately... that is what caused us to get into so much debt already! Instant gratification is a trait most common amongst people under the age of two... adults who are capable of vision for the future should know that things worht having are worth the extra time and effort to get them. It's one of the main reasons why I support austerity measures...
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    It's just like weight loss: crash diets work for a while, but then you're back to old habits and the weight returns. Slow and steady steps towards changes in lifestyle are the only way to lose the weight and keep it off. You may never be skinny, but you'll be healthy.
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    @Russell797 It is unsustainable. Our country has met its match through technology. The world changes too quickly in 4 years, yet great projects take decades. We are very close to our ceiling I fear. I hope I am wrong.
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    No, I watched Lawrence of Arabia... LOL It went SO much faster than listening to the same old stuff we've been hearing, with the exception of now wanting to take the second amendment from us, he is still campaigning and I'm tired of listening to a
    bunch of promises, he hasn't kept the last ones,here we go again...
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    Lets be specific:
    - Launch 3 manufacturing hubs in...zzzz - partner...DoD, OK, have gov pay special interests more money so they can pretend to create jobs until the public eye moves on - Temporary fix.

    - Launch a "Fix-It-First" program to put people to work ASAP on urgent repairs, like ~70,000 structurally deficient bridges.- Just went through the list of recent bridge failures on wiki and these "urgent," structurally deficient bridges aren't on the list. The Minneapolis bridge failure that people think of would not have been prevented by any further repairs or inspections (the original design was flawed and would not have been uncovered by a routine - or any - inspection). Closing down roads for repairs does not improve the economy.

    - Create a Partnership to Rebuild ... blah, blah, blah - if we want to attract private capital, try reducing and simplifying the cooporate tax rates and regulations.

    - Raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour.- ie - unemploy people that make less than $9 an hour - Still a bad idea

    - Fund an Energy Security Trust that will drive new technology to shift our cars and trucks off oil for good.- I use oil to drive cars and trucks and I have automatic shifting. I don't need an EST to get me to use new technology.

    - Speed up new oil and gas permits.- LOL!- If we want natural gas from Canada we'll just buy from the Chinese Canadian gas line. If we want more oil from the Gulf, we'll buy it from the Chinese drilling platforms there - LOL!

    - Education - Not a Federal responsibility - focus on the tasks you've actually been assigned.

    - Tax and entitlement reforms - Screw the drug companies, the non government dependant seniors and the international coorporations - I guess these guys didn't put up enough to prevent their taxes from going up.
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    @DogLady_1 - A few things about the report you sent me.

    1. ASCE has consistently rated the US highway system as a "D." Having used other "highway" systems I am often left wondering if ASCE would rate any highway system in the world better than a "D."
    2. I have often wondered what incentive there is to rate a bridge positively. If an inspector misses something and rates the bridge positively, he has no cover. If a DOT shows significant needs for infrastructure, it puts pressure on administrations to increase their budget. If I'm looking up at a slime covered abutment and I see what may be a couple of significant concrete cracks, why wouldn't I rate the bridge unsatisfactory?
    3. The Minneapolis bridge is included in this report yet, continues to have no connection to bridge inspections.

    The engineers employed by the DOTs have the ethical responsibility to safeguard the public. If they identify a problem wth a bridge that puts the public in imminent danger, they are personally responsible to act on behalf of public safety.
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    @DerivePI - "The engineers employed by the DOTs have the ethical responsibility to safeguard the public. If they identify a problem wth a bridge that puts the public in imminent danger, they are personally responsible to act on behalf of public safety." Well said... worth repeating... And the "D" isn't like a school grade of "D"... The D stands for "Bridge is Open, except for temporary shoring, etc. to allow for unrestricted traffic" A grade of "K" would be bad... Take a look at DOT Bridge Status report:
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    @DogLady_1 - ASCE is indeed using the grade like a school report card. The DOT grades are not for public consumption (grades are not in order from good to bad). Although I have enjoyed several professional classes given by ASCE, their political shift disappoints me. Yes, we need to maintain the infrastructure that we have. And, yes, it gets more expensive the longer we wait. However, comparing lack of maintenance to bridge failures (such as Minneapolis) is inflammatory and purposely plays to the ignorance of the public to advantage DOT funding. There should be no room in our professional organizations for these deceptions.
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    Much of what he is talking about was promised to get the stimulus package earlier. But, he gave it to his business cronies and unions.....SUPRISE-SUPRISE!! WHO'D THUNK IT?
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    > (NEW) EPA HOME INVASION - Obama to tell us how to maintain our homes.....

    I hope you 'Sheeple' out there realize that YOUR freedoms are being Impacted too......

    Quoted in part: "Like Obamacare, this “action” being imposed by the government is touted as being “for your own good,” whether you like it or not. The following statement by U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman obtusely explains the push for so-called smart meters; meters that are reportedly designed to enable external control of home thermostats by government authorities:“Energy efficiency and healthy homes are inextricably linked. We cannot, in good conscience, pursue one in the absence of the other.”

    Selling, renovating or simply upgrading items such as air conditioning, electrical or water heaters can cost additional thousands. Inspectors will have greater access into your home through new and unwieldy code requirements. Contractors’ open work permits flag your home as a target. The new federal EPA, HUD and DOE home regulations filter down to local inspectors who are required by law to impose them or fail the home inspection. Unnecessary and unreasonable code can be imposed on homeowners who find they “can’t fight code.” There is virtually no appeal.

    The government’s goal to invade personal privacy and control the lives of all Americans was exposed when Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Socialist Democrat from California, recently bragged on TV One’s Washington Watch:

    “The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that.”—Maxine Waters

    Water’s real message is that it is the American people who are being forced to deal with it. Of utmost interest is if and how the American people will choose to do so."


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    We knew President Obama's proposals would involve more and bigger government. Our nation's economy was not created by the government, it was created by free peoples plying their trades without government interference. Increased government since WW2 has caused the economic malaise affecting our nation today. Free market principles are what will fix and grow our economy, but Obama doesn't believe in the free market. Thus, we get more of what killed our economy to begin with, and unemployment stays high, good paying jobs in manufacturing, mining, timber, and other industries continue to disappear, or move overseas to cheaper and less regulated business climates, and government grows ever bigger and more expensive. The end results is more people dependent upon government, and fewer people paying for it.
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    Lessee....... Obama went blah, blah, blah. Rubio went blah, blah, blah. Rand went blah, blah, blah.
    Net result? A lotta blah and no content. Business as usual.
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    But according to Polisi we don't have spending problem. Don't we have a national money tree? We will just print more money and pay more taxes.
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    @SavageMazx It's true that is probably what will happen. The Federal Reserve will probably just print more money.
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    @gammler Well yeah we will print more money, we dont want rich people with lots of investments to have to suffer deflation. That would be terrible.
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    @norezen Since they already have the money how would deflation cause them to suffer? It would simply make their money worth more. The people who suffer in deflation are small business owners who get their profit margins squeezed when their goods and services don't sell well because people wait for the prices to drop even further. Inflation, on the other hand, hurts people on income transfer payments. They lose purchasing power.
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    So exhausted by his oration last week , Obama and family spend over 10 million tax payer dollars on separate vacations. What a hypocrite
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    Well this may be more of Obama's revisionist measures:

    On jobs:

    The best thing he could do is at least cut business and corporate taxes by at least 50% if not more. Raising the minimum wage is a job killer. And would his job creation not show favoritism toward failed green / renewable projects or Unions.

    Climate Change:

    Get real Obama, climate has always been changing without the contributions of humans. Temps have not really increased for the last 16 years and at most over 0.5 degrees over the last century due to natural causes-period! It will take a long time to develop alternative technology to fossil, and that technology will be nuclear, renewables just don't have sustainable bang per buck.


    This all seems good but how will it be implemented? This country has spent 2x more then what it did 20 years ago without significant effect on real world comparison of test grades. Like spending 2x more on a car and getting virtually no increase in MPG. For a start, eliminate the education department which is nothing more then a shill for the educators unions and administer block grants to states on education results.

    Tax & entitlements:

    Scrap tax breaks on Corps that move overseas. I learned on the radio that there are no tax breaks for Corp that have off shore entities, more of Obama shuck and jive.

    Have means testing on entitlements to determine who really needs it. Have the states manage it under block grants. Mandate that states adhere to federal immigration laws on everything from jobs to driver licenses. My own state, NM, has been issuing driver licenses to illegals and that has attracted much fraud and criminal activities in regard to the liberal policy of driver licenses
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    ha,ha,ha!!!!!! Sick of the lies and BBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! He needs to take his family and Biden and go far, far away. Never to return
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