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    I love how personal responsibility is the call of those who are against Welfare, but taking personal responsibility for a companies losses is unheard of. Don't blame the guys in charge! Surely its not their fault!
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    No matter how hard they try to get that golden parachute nobody ever holds them accountable. Well said.
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    king obama know alot about buiness in the united states. he had the best jobs, ran the biggest companies in the country. he understands that the government is the true reason free market systems work. he knows through first hand from his vast experence.. he knows all and the american people is just fools..." not"..
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    because a successful business man would do better? because the last guy was a business man but his success was pretty much non-existant. although cheney was on the other hand a quite successful businessman. Look at all the billions of dollars his company got from taxpayers with no-bid contracts. Oh yeah, sure they ran to the middle east when they got the money to protect it from taxes from the country they were taking it from. Sure they did a poor job and had huge cost over runs. But like you implied, we're so much better off with a businessman in office running things. Well, until the collapsed the economy of course. Don't worry, his buddies are all still rich and so is he.
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    @DARSB hell lets Blame Obama...after all we all know that everything including the Falling sky is his Fault.if he was White and a repug they would be Cheering him as a GOD.
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    Anyone who tries to interpret the whims of the stock market as anything other than "arrogant snots gambling with other people's money" is going to get it wrong.
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    Since I never, ever eat fast food, I dont really care.
    They deserve to go broke since they're poisoning their customers.
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    If their customers are choosing to be poisoned, knowing full well the results, who is really to blame?
    It's like Jim Gaffigan said, "People get mad at McDonalds for not having healthier choices on their menu and McDonalds is like "We make burgers....."
    McDonald's is the giant it is, because of its clientele. People that seek out their product, of their own accord, and buy plenty also of their own accord.
    No one is making those people consume outrageous amounts of unhealthy food.
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    @Fishbone345 You're on a roll. Have story for you. I'm in a church's chicken standing in line with a 2 year old. Ahead of us is a woman who weighed at least 400 lbs. In the obligatory dirty white stretch pants. the two year old is looking at that monster butt and looking at me and pointing and I give her the shhh sign and she just standing there looking. All of sudden the woman's beeper goes off and the two year old bolts for the door screaming at the top of her voice. LOOK OUT SHE'S BACKING UP!!!
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    @Fishbone345 People have NO idea what the additives even are that are in processed food. Do you know why most of the additives that are in US fast food are outlawed in the rest of the world?
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    Increased minimum wage = more spending money = more goods and services purchased = more new jobs = more tax revenue = less debt and budget deficit = everyone wins.
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    @Denizen_Kate Your arguments and logic are faulty. Anytime more wages are paid the cost goes up even though you get a small percentage of increased taxes, plus employers will reduce hours or lay off workers because they can't compete with increasing their salary payout.
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    @SAS86 They are doing that anyways.

    These companies even with the tax hikes are still going to be rich as fuck. They will fire and reduce hours because they are greedy and they can't stand loosing a couple of dollars even though they are still going to be rich as fuck.
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    @Denizen_Kate Wait & see. Already here in Albuquerque when the MW was raised from $6.50 to $7.50 several business have cut hours, some have laid off employees, and some have closed. Your economic experts are what has bankrupted this country already!
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    So, let me get this straight. In order to make the rich stockholders richer we can't pay people a decent salary to work. In order for the owners and CEO's to make multiple millions of dollars a year, the workers have to be paid nickle and dime salaries that barely put gas in the car.

    Fast food places are infamous for part-time scheduling in order to avoid paying for healthcare. Now with the new healthcare laws coming into affect, these restaurants will need fewer employees because they can go to full-time schedules. Fewer employees, paid a few dollars more equals out in the long run.

    No, a fast food restaurant probably isn't an ideal employment opportunity, though some people do work their way up to higher positions. But bear in mind that factory and manufacturing jobs used to be the middle ground between low-wage and upper-wage employment. We no longer have factory and manufacturing jobs available. So for those people who don't qualify for high-wage jobs, those low-wage ones are all that's left.

    Many mid-level jobs are gone - receptionists, for example. We sure could use one where I work to handle calls and visitors, but oh, noooo. The rest of us have to have our work interrupted to answer the door, direct phone calls, help people who are wandering lost around the building. We could use a couple of young girls to do things like copying, scanning, screening calls, etc. Maybe they could work their way up to better paying positions. But oh, nooooo. Instead the rest of us do the jobs of at least two people and God forbid anyone would get a job here without a college degree...even the janitor.

    Asinine business models that are all about hoarding money at the top. This doesn't improve the business, and it certainly doesn't help improve the economy.
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    Here's another thing that just irritates the hell out of me. Wall Street has consistently made record profits year after year during the Obama administration while main street suffers. Obama gave money away like it was free for the taking (which it was). And couldn't even be bothered to write agreements that guaranteed that the taxpayer got their money back. And every time Wall Street hiccups the right winger come SCREAMING "OBAMA IS SCREWING WALL STREET". No he is not and Wall Street thanked him for his largeness by giving him the same money for his campaign that they gave Romney. WALL STREET OWNS AMERICA. THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT A PRESIDENT SAYS PEOPLE. GET A FREAKING GRIP WOULD YA?
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    goverments inability to manage goverment and function within a budget speaks volumes as to why GOVERMENT should NOT interfere with business
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    If the fast food industry paid a living wage as well as Walmart, fewer folks would not need government subsidy. They (Walmart and the Fast Food Industry) expect us to pickup the slack. Pay a living wage and quit moaning, your greed creates the problem.
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    No choices to vote for since there was a news story this morning that said those stock prices went up. Who da heck are ya supposed to believe? If they did actually go up then that would make this thread a load.
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    Fast food chains are more prevalent in rural areas??? I don't think so. First thing you see entering any urban area is rows of fast food places..along with box stores. I live 25 miles from the nearest McDonalds..two small towns in between...and neither have a fast food joint. One has a really good Mom & Pop place though.
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    The main reason these places make money is because they pay their employees chicken feed. Too many Americans are stuck working these jobs and they cannot support a family on these pathetic wages. Boohoo for the millionaire owners and executives that can't freely exploit these workers.
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    Only thing that raising the minimum wage will do is raise the COGS, or Cost OF Goods Sold, which in turn will raise the prices on everything. From lettuce to burger and beyond. Right now is not the time for such a high increase, it will not help but to make everything else more expensive.
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