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    I don't often agree with Boehner, but I think he's right on this one. The minimum wage was never intended to be a "living wage" for adult workers, but a "stepping stone" wage to allow entry level workers - primarily teens - an opportunity to gain work experience while earning some spending money. If you want a job paying decent wages then get a decent education, or at least some decent training in a skilled trade. I realize there are developmentally challenged people who fall outside the bounds of the "to get a good job get a good education" mandate, but that is a subject for a whole other debate.
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    So you agree then Minimum is NOT a Living Wage. Damm you liberals can't make up your mind can you? If Minimum Wage is supposed to be a Living Wage, then any welfare benefits should be ceased. Can't have both, a Living Wage and Welfare. Common sense... which obviously escapes the left.

    As to affording college, most everyone has to take student loans. Obama has promised affordable no-demand loans. They get a loan, go to school, earn a higher paying job, just like everyone else. So what's your complaint now?
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    @USailCapital Were you home schooled? I said that $14,000 a year (the current minimum wage) will NEVER allow anyone to escape from poverty. And that's why we need to raise the minimum wage. Even if they get the student loan, how do they reduce their hours in order to attend classes? You stingy bigots always chant "lazy, lazy, lazy" at anyone not fortunate enough to be born into wealth.
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    @USailCapital everyone else, who?

    please show us where all those 'higher paying jobs' are, and how to get them not that conservative interests have farmed them all over seas. minimum wage is the livable wage for about 1/3 of the adult population... including many college graduates who can't find work due to the fact that it's no longer available for them.

    you had better leave the 'right/left' argument alone until you know what you're talking about. it's clear that you don't know the difference.
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    This is a no-brainer. $9.00 p/h would price a lot of unskilled workers out of the labor market. The people who would benefit are union workers whose wages are TIED to the minimum wage.
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    @dances-weebles The value that unions have contributed to the American economy is yesterday's news. Today what the unions produce are rich union leaders and casinos in Las Vegas.
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    @dances-weebles - Unions have fought for and won something within the private sector... that is far different from the federal gov't mandating wages... When you work for a private employer, what you get paid is an agreement between you and your employer... I think some people are willing to work for $5/hr if it meant getting some food on the table. Wages are a private thing... I do not support min wage laws... they artificially inflate the cost of living. If they worked, then why do we still have poor people after 40+ years of min wage laws?
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    Gotta keep that minimum wage down so those folks can keep qualifying for gubmint benefits. Raise it to $9 an hour and guaranteed some of their eligibility for some gubmint benefits will go away, which would save the taxpayers a little scratch, and maybe raise the price of a McDouble or Sausage Biscuit a dime.

    Mickey D could promote "a dollar and a dime gets you a McDouble".
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix What elaboration is necessary. Obama is gonna say one thing and Boehner is gonna recite the opposite. Purely politics with little forthought.
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    @DogLady_1 ..and trying to nullify reasoning of opposing logic by saying that its simply because it came from the other team is an example of the attitude that is causing the division in this country. And hinders the possibility of constructive progress.
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    Get real people.The minimum wage is and entry level wage for those with little to no skills,those entering the work force for the first time.It was not intended to be a wage that could support a family.There are many options for everyone to achieve more such as education,tech schools,or chose to work a minimum wage job and let the taxpayer make up the difference in entitlements.Far to many choose the later.Go figure.
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    Aint it funny that when you mention outlandish CEO pay the GOP response is always "those people have the right to make their wages, they earn their money, they deserve their pay, we cannot say anything about their pay that would be socialist", but mention minimum wage pay and ohhhhhh boy....the GOP is fired up and is ready to say noooooo wayyyyy, nope, hell no, ohhhh it'll kill everything!!!!!!AHhhhhhhh..... when it comes to the actual working peoples pay....boy they are ready to be socialists, they are just fine with saying "nope you DONT deserve your pay….minimum wage worker!!!!!

    The rich- deserve their pay
    The poor- don’t deserve their pay

    Minimum wage should go up, companies are making record profits and paying the top brass vulgar sums of money (some ppl make 5000 a day!). Gas, food, rent, taxes, healthcare, education, and insurance have all INCREASED.....entry level pay needs to increase also.
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    Is it me or does the pic say something about what Boehner is thinking at that moment. Could he be thinking "as soon as your presidency is over I'm gonna kick your ass." lol
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    To use a three word line from Star Wars, "It's a trap". That is what minimum wage laws are, a trap. It locks teens and the untrained out of the work force. Over time it depresses wages. Those who enacted these laws knew what they were doing and what would happen, intending to use the anger of the unemployed to increase their own power. At that time they were calling themselves progressives. Keep in mind, minimum wage laws are extremely regressive.

    This from the brilliant - "Economists have recognized for decades that minimum wage laws result primarily in increased unemployment among the most vulnerable sectors of society, specially poor unskilled teenagers of racial minorities.

    The amount of evidence to back this is huge, but still people refuses to accept that just because it sounds like a good idea to magically give poor workers a raise it doesn’t mean that it actually works this way." ~ Thomas Sowell

    “Reduced employment opportunities is one effect of minimum wage legislation. The minimum wage law has imposed incalculable harm on the disadvantaged members of our society. The only moral thing to do is to repeal it.”— Walter Williams
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    All I know is that if everyone made at least 9 bucks and hour, what do think a loaf of bread or a gal of milk would cost?
    That's crazy talk
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    Do you think people working in the bread factory make minimum wage? They don't. Nor does the delivery driver who brings it to the store. Nor does the driver who brings the milk or the farmer who milks the cows.

    Fear not. The only things that might go up is fast food and that's not really a hardship.
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    @PayThatCEO you seem to forget just how many steps there are between field to plate and how many of those steps are minimum wage. Also farming help is a low wage field for may crops. Fields get tilled, fertalized, seeded, crops get tended, harvested, packed, processed, delivered, and then sold. There are minimum wage workers suporting most of those steps.
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    All he appears to care about is an individual's ability to climb the ladder rather than allowing for the most people possible to climb the ladder. Government should not be thinking of individuals, but rather the status of the population as a whole when dealing with issues involving the overall economic condition.
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    As usual I disagree with both sides. I stopped hiring teenagers when the California minimum wage law went over 5.00 an hour back in the early 90's. Kids bounce from job to job. It's extra money to them and they have little responsibility to that job. That's understandable. But they're unskilled, they're lazy, they try to talk on the phone all the time (text today), they spend more time chatting up hotties of the opposite sex than they do working in a retail store. On top of that the last time I knew, California will only allow a school age minor to work a maximum of 14 hours a week. It simply is not worth the expense (workers comp, SS matching and so on) to hire kids any longer.

    So how the kids get experience and learn a work ethic? Under the current system they don't. But with a two tier minimum wage they could. Kids should be paid at around 5.00 an hour for 10-14 hours a week ( I tried giving bonuses for good grades but that didn't work) and adults should make 8.00 an hour minmum wage for 20 hours or less and 10.00 an hour for more than 20 hours. Now I know what the left is going to say. Business will simply work everyone less than 20 hours. Corporate America will for certain. But businesses like mine (truly small businesses) are the greatest hiring force of the unskilled. Every single full time employee who ever worked for me started out part time because I wanted to see what they were all about. When you find a good one you immediately try to get them to go full time. Good workers today are rare. Workers who come to work on time, don't miss a ton of days and who will contribute are like gold. We would bring them to full time (sometimes as quickly as two weeks) and give them full benefits and profit sharing.

    We need a tiered minimum wage.
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    'No one loses anything by raising wages as soon as he is able. It has always paid us. Low wages are the most costly any employer can pay. It is like using low-grade material--the waste makes it very expensive in the end. There is no economy in cheap labor or cheap material. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to reduce wages. I think we were the last big company to come to it. Now I am mighty glad that wages are climbing again." Henry Ford, April 1934
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    I agree, the minimum wage should not be $9 per hour, it should be $15 pet hour. And there should be a 20 year price freeze on essential goods and services, ad well as all CEO and upper management salaries and bonuses eliminated. The gap between the honest, hard working Americans incomes and wealthy demons must narrow. The wages must catch up to the cost of living. My friend gets $9.01 per hour and he barely brings home $250.00 per week to support himself, a wife, two rugrats. Sorry dipstick Boehner, but that ain't living the American dream.
    I still say we need a revolution! We must become a free world nation!
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