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    And the delicious irony. Some poor almost certainly minimum wage or less wait staffer with a cellphone overpowered half a billion dollars of billionaire funded negative GOP advertising. Here's to you anonymous wait staffer with the cellphone. And here's to you too Jimmy Carter's grandson. You did America a great favor.
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    @DARSB ABSCAM - My old home state boy Ozzie Myers - "Money talks and bullsh%t walks" Those were the days.......
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    Maybe Barry can give him 500,000,000 dollars of taxpayer money for a new start up an alternative energy.... how to harness wind created by butterflies flapping their wings...
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    So Obama is still responsible for everything you don't like about the world?
    Who did you blame when Bush43 was Pres and busy getting us into the mess?
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    @harold_lloyd lol..he signed the "balanced gingrich" budget.

    You're selectively forgetful like most lefties..
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    I didn't mean to imply that he acted alone, in fact it's good to remember the times when parties who disagreed could still accomplish something useful, as opposed to the teabaggers, whose only goal is obstruction.
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    It was a very close election. That video, as much as anything else made the difference in letting the voters see exactly who mitt romney really was. No doubt it cost romney the election...
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    Romney, Obama, Romney, Obama, Romney, Obama, Romney, Obama, Romney, Obama, Romney, Obama, Robama, Obamney, Robama, Obamney, Robama, Obamney... Confusing!!!

    Are we still talking about that election were those incompetent people voted for that one guy who had the same ideas as that other guy???
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    The first part of your post was a little odd. Loved the second part. Absolutely the truth. Too bad the rest of America saw them as different dudes huh?
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    I think the 47% remark badly hurt the Republicans. Their other 2 primary mistakes were attacking women, followed closely by alienating minorities.
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    The guy deserves more then a handshake. He saved the country and exposed the truth. Invite him to a white house ceremony, and make bohner sit there and watch!
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    President Obama was going to win this election with or without that video. I'm sure President Obama was just being nice by thanking Mr. Carter and his liberal group that's job it is to try to make sure liberals make it into office. That was kind of the President to make this man feel special. I'm sure a lot of people would love to have an exchange like that with President Obama. He should be like that to every person who voted for him. The voters are who put him in office, they are just as responcible for getting him there. Though not a liberal(I vote my conscience), I would love to meet President Obama and actually have a chance to speak with him. I would like to hear from him his true ideas without the worry of the media and that anything said would not be heard by anyone except the President and myself(and maybe my husband). I don't know that I could actually speak to the President and not be able to share it with my husband. My husband keeps all conversations between us completely confidential unless I say it is ok to tell others and vice versa. Who wouldn't want that chance? I met President Reagan as a child. I met President H.W. Bush. I also met President Bill Clinton numerous times throughout my life. As a child we went to the same church. My father had dealings with Bill and Hillary when Bill was Governor of Arkansas. My first actual conversation with him was when I was in ninth grade while he was governor. My class had taken a trip to the Capitol building and I was pulled aside to see if I would do a photo with him. My teacher said it was ok, so I did and got to speak with him for a few minutes. I was not old enough yet to ask him any questions of consequence, he did most of the talking. I met President Clinton again once in my early 20's. He actually remembered me, but knowing my father may have helped with that. I really didn't look much different either. I was able to speak with him semi-privately. We were alone speaking, but others were in the large room. If only I knew then the things I know now, the conversation would have been much better. Not so superficial. Now we have a President I don't really understand and no way to ever speak with him. If only....
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    Thank God for the candid exposure.
    Can you imagine if Romney had won!? The country would be falling faster than a meteor over Russia and with a lot more damage!
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    There is your biased Liberal media getting their man Obama elected. They played the 47% comments NON STOP right up to the election. They REFUSED to speak of Obama's gaffs, his lying and allowing four men to die in Benghazi with no help from our military. It is horrendous how our free press has become corrupt tools of the left. If it were not for Fox news we would never hear the other side of the stories.
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    When a Presidential candidate shows such contempt for the American middle class, the media is obligated to show it over and over. We deserve to know the truth before an election, before we make a bad mistake.
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    Yes, they ran with it. What do you think Faux News would have done if they'd caught Obama in the same way?
    If it were not for Fox News, you might have to think for yourself. Thank God for Rupert Murdoch, he helps you decide...
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    @Keyjo LOL, are you out of your mind?????????? FOUR MEN DIED from a terrorist attack and the public does not have the right to know what happened? IGNORE!!!!!!!!!
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    That with along with the rest of the lies the Obama camp told. They painted Romney out to be the evilest man on earth whiich were all lies on top of that. Romney was and is a very good man and very big hearted, way more than Obama could ever be.It was Obvious to see who the better man was just by who played and hit below the belt with the adds. Romney could have did the same to Obama and with facts backing up the claims but Romney was way more than a gentleman than that. I was so pissed off that Romney wouldnt go for Obamas jugular after watching some of the dirt Obama camp was doing. And this here is bullshit to. Carters cousin or who ever he was, was all a plant and the Obama camp was the ones who paid for the ticket for him to get in. Just shows you what liars they are. People are stupid. Everything Romney said was the flat out truth and Iam now also one of the 47% thanks to Obama. I take that back,its probably up to 75% by now. All Romney meant was that they were no sence trying to win these peoples votes because Obama has already bought them which is the truth which you democrats hate the truth.
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    Naw, Dick Cheney is evilest man on earth.
    But the man with the camera phone was a waiter so there was no need for a ticket.
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    LOL ... really, Romney the gentleman, ask Newt about that?

    Romney Ramps Up Attack Ads Against Gingrich to Unprecedented Levels
    by John Avlon Jan 31, 2012 4:45 AM EST
    In the most negative primary season ever, Mitt Romney is outspending Newt Gingrich 5 to 1 on attack ads ahead of today’s primary in Florida, stopping the ex-speaker’s momentum coming off a South Carolina win.

    Turn on the TV or radio in Florida these past few days and you’ll soon be subjected to the avalanche of negative ads, most of them purchased courtesy of Romney Co. The attacks come in a bewildering variety—from accusations that Newt worked with Nancy Pelosi “to support China’s brutal one-child policy” to Spanish-language ads that say Newt called Spanish “the language of the ghetto.” Fannie and Freddie have become household names. Both candidates are accusing the other of being insufficiently conservative and secretly pro-abortion. There has been public wrestling for a photo op with Ronald Reagan’s ghost, trying to claim closer association. Even Romney’s Get Out the Vote mailers are anti-Newt.
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    Romney ran a dirty mudslinging campaign. I live in Ohio, god help me I remember it. I'm not saying Obama ran a nicer one. I'm saying you are mistaken. There were no lies in this video. That was the man talking for himself.
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    The reason being that the media parlayed this "Truth" as we now know it to be, into ridicule making the better man, the American, look absurd. But now they cry First and Second amendment worries. But Romney told you so, did he not?
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    Romney was right on the money with the 47% remark. I'm sure that upset some Obama voters while waiting in the welfare lines.
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    There are one hell of a lot of us, pensioned, disabled US Armed Forces retirees who took great offense at Mitt Romney's remarks portraying us as takers, slackers, spongers, moochers, etc. It showed precisely how truly out of touch with reality he is and continues to be.
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    He should thank him. The video is the the main reason he was able to win. Combine that with the majority of the media outlets backing Obama and playing the clip out of context multiple times to the masses and the racial and class divide that the media portrayed in the election helped push Obama over the top.

    I can't wait until the media turns on Obama. It's coming.
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    Nobody forced Rmoney to lie and make hateful claims while pandering to the rich.
    This isn't the first time a rightwingnut has been exposed for his crude, callous and profiteering ways. Back in 2003, Richard Perle told a company shareholders' meeting to "buy now!" and make profits from the illegal invasion of Afghanistan. He was recorded saying that and had to leave the Bu**sh** Whore House.
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    Until Obama ends the programs for these free loading, cell phone junkies, not willing to work, lazy, scum sucking bastards, there will always be a democratic president. The 47% will always vote for the person who is going to allow them to continue to be scabs on the ass of society.
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    Romney was a Chicken Shyt...He should have drove this "47 percent" comment Home!!! Because anyone will tell you that it is true!!!!
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    Yep, between the good ol peanut farmer's kin doing espionage, and the 'big storm',
    that sent a tingle up Chris 'T Ball Matthews' leg, almost as much as Obama does...
    he had to win, I mean the storm "is just what they needed".. Too bad for the people
    who had to suffer through it. Oh, those kind hearted Libs. LOL
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    Well I'm sure the repubs learned some valuable lessons from this little fiasco:
    1) Only hire republican minimum wage earners
    2) Confiscate all electronic and recording devices
    3) When the speech begins, only donors allowed, kick out everyone else!
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