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    Any positive parental influence will help a child grow into a positive and responsible adult. I credit that for how well my kids are turning out. (And for why sweetie and I are so boring these days.)
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    @Thunderchicken It's only boring until you have grandchildren. That's when the grandparents have their "revenge" on their children.....
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    I can't believe it but I finally agree with something Obama said. My parents were raised by caring attentive parents who taught them right from wrong. Which in turn was taught to me as I was growing up. Now I'm a father of three and I am very proud to pass on to my kids what was handed down to me. Also I want to say I come from a long line of gun owners and my kids have been taught with the strictest terms on fire arms. They have been taught from a very early age that a weapon is never to be used out of hate.
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    A father that would teach their children to shoot and hunt would help stop gun violence. (Update I did have a mild stroke but other than a little paralysis in the left side of my face I will be fine)
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    Don't know if this is sarcasm, but I can tell you I have two sons 26 and 31, I preached
    gun safety from almost day one. at age 8 and 13 they took the hunter safety course
    I know this takes out most of the quriosity that all children have with guns.
    just a thought from a small town hillbilly,,,,
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    @wonka45ACP seriously teach them about guns and gun safety early. And I bonded with my father mor from hunting than anything else
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    @Hireman Doesn't make it more valid either.

    He brought up the fact that he is President of the United States, but was not raised by his father. He mentioned that shooting death of the girl in Chicago, but do we know if the shooter had no father? Will an "involved father" who advocates solving problems with violence help reduce gun violence? Are you a bad parent if you own a gun? Does that "send a message to kids" that using guns is okay?

    How can you blame America's civilian gun violence on bad parenting that either supports solving problems with guns or fails to teach that violent conflict resolution is wrong, when our entire country seeks to solve problems with weapons? It is wrong to shoot the boy down the block who said he is going to shoot you, son, but it is alright to use a preemptive strike against Iran to prevent them from stockpiling nuclear weapons. Now that Obama has finished putting the responsibility for solving gun violence squarely on the shoulders of American fathers, he can go back to working on his "kill list".
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    Its like blaming video games for all the violence when every game already has a rating on it. And yet parents blame video games because games are to violent yet they have the power to stop the purchase.

    you damn right its about bad parenting.
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    @Dan_Tien - There is plenty of evidence that kids who do not have a father who is involved in their lives are far more likely to become violent. Teen girls are more likely to become pregnant before they graduate from high school. Boys are more likely to drop out of school and abandoned their own children. All kids are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and engage in risk-taking behaviors. It doesn't matter who said it... if it's true, it's true...
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    Being a single father who raised 2 boys without any help from their mother, I get tired of men being singled out as the uninvolved parent. Some men are a lot better parent than the mother.
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    Lock the doors, we must have an investigation to find out who is responsible for allowing the president to speak the truth!!!!!!
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    Stomping the life out of criminals that would use guns to commit crimes is the answer to preventing gun violence.

    Sorry for giving away the answer. I had hoped everyone would have figured this one out for them selves.

    I just couldn't hold it in any longer. ;-]
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    I have to laugh at people posting that having paternal influence in a childs life makes no difference.

    Please feel free to post your sociology dissertations on this subject, folks.
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    Since the single mother/absentee father phenomenon in America is part of a much larger Gubmint conspiracy to destroy the Black Community, I think that this is just another case of Obama blowing smoke at us. Good in theory though.
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    Obama doesn't mention a thing about race. And he should. Since 70+% of black kids have no father. And of the murders in Chicago, almost 100% of it was black on black crime.

    Couple that with record Black & Black Teen Unemployment......

    Mr Obama. You are our first black president. When are you going to make this a priority??
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    @drpeeper Blacks overwhelmingly voted for this guy twice while he has failed miserably with the black community.
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    And that is exactly what it is---a theory, one that has borne fruit time and again. Being
    there in mind and body, guiding and nurturing, is the name of the game. The President has hit
    the nail right on its proverbial head. Parenting is crucial in a child's emotional growth, and
    'being there' does not translate into a seat at the table with a brewsky and a cigarette, while
    the kids are in the other room. Happens too often in this country. Keep 'em busy and interested,
    and the theory will become fact. The parent may have fun, as the children grow mentally and
    physically before their very eyes.
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    @drpeeper When he talks about Trayvon Martin the President is being "polarizing" and "divisive". When he talks about all children he's ignoring the black community.

    The guy just can't win.
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    I know in my day as a child, dads ran their homes and commanded great respect, so in my day Obama's statement would be true. Today however, with these young dads wanting to be their kids friend and be liked by their kids and their friends, I'm not so sure.
    I think todays dads lack the nads to stand up to their own kids.
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    @FollowTheMoney yes sir, being a dad is first and foremost a job title.
    Being friends comes later after they are grown.
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    Even if it doesn't reduce gone violence, which I believe it will, having two adults to raise a child is always a better option than just one, provided they are both capable. This is a real problem in poor communities, not just minorities but poor communities in general suffer the most from dead beat dads
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    Right to carry, will issue laws in Chicago IL will end gun violence in his home town.
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    The single biggest thing Obama could do to end gun violence is end the war on drugs. Get drug offenders out of the prisions and put violent criminals in there.
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    I think every situation is different. As a blanket statement, there is truth that fathers who are active in their children's life had positive effects and the lack of of fathers has the opposite effect. Not all situations end in this manner, but more often than not.

    Since there is no definitive answer about this regarding guns, I have to say that I am extremely skeptical.
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    Yes, unfortunately AFDC has broken the black family...and unintended consequence of welfare. Fathers DO need to get involved and that will help. BUT, the gun laws are way too restrictive in Chicago and the high gun violence-murder rate there proves that restrictive gun laws do not work...all they do is keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens who could use them as protection against all the criminals there. I must also add that the culture in Chicago is one of alienation. Strangers do not smile and say hello there on the street, like they do here in the South. Regular church attendance would help the overall picture in Chicago as well.
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    I think a strong, stable family unit can really make a difference in a child's life. I don't think it has to be a traditional father/mother unit however. It's the love, support, discipline, and teaching that are important.
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    I agree. I had a dad who was not my biological father. Children need a support system, regardless of their biology.
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