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    My dad was an intentional suicide by firearm. He was lonely, depressed, smoked and drank a lot, and hid his problems from me. I didn't know how bad he was until I had to read his suicide letter and go through all of his bills. The firearm was a means to an end, but had it not been available, he would have chosen another method, as I am sure is true of most suicides.

    To think that denying a means of killing yourself would deter suicide is to be entirely ignorant of the state of mind of people willing to kill themselves.
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    You are so right, it does not take a firearm to commit suicide. Overdosing on drugs and hanging are pretty common, as well as jumping from a bridge. If someone is determined to commit suicide, they will usually succeed. That said,
    people who are chronically depressed need help...our mental health system is
    in shambles, but, a person who is depressed needs a mental health professional
    as soon as possible, the problem with that is that sometimes no one is aware of the pain that person is in. Changes in mood, behaviors, sleeping too much/ little,
    lack of interest in doing things they once enjoyed are all signs of depression.
    There are some good medications out there, but it can take time to find the right
    one. Also, exercising, socializing w/ people, meditation, and even having a pet to
    care for can help. Counseling is beneficial, providing it's the right counselor.

    I am so sorry for your loss. The families of the deceased suffer so much, as suicide seems so preventable and often the family feels a lot of guilt, which
    is understandable...but it is no one's fault. Mentally healthy people don't commit
    suicide, they have the insight to know that things will get better, eventually, as
    nothing is permanent. Getting back to the topic, I do not think banning guns will
    make a difference in the rate of suicide... it's the illness that causes suicide, not
    the gun.
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    @mimi57Your quote " There are some good medications out there" Funny how you don't mind pumping people up with drugs when there OK with "YOU".
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    @Righton It's not about them being 'okay' with me. Psychotropic drugs can be
    very beneficial for people suffering from depression and they do help... They also
    have some side effects. In treating people with any drug you have to weigh the pros and cons. I am not a psychiatrist, but have worked closely with them and am
    very experienced with the meds prescribed as I often dispense them.

    To give you an example, and this is a little extreme, but maybe it can help you to
    understand... we had a resident who was schizophrenic, he heard voices and
    was so convinced he had demons in him, he stabbed himself in the stomach
    severing both his liver and intestines... he almost died and was in surgery for
    six hours. He was then put on several different meds ; Seroquel, Risperdol,
    Haldol. Zyprexa, Depakote and more. He took literally 24 pills a day. On these
    meds he was still actively hallucinating, but he was calm, pleasant when spoken
    to, and never again attempted to cut the 'demons' out. Thank God. His risk is
    high for liver failure, cancer, and other serious side effects, which will most
    certainly shorten his life, but, is it better than him severing vital organs? Yes.

    This is not about 'me'. This is about helping people who are suffering from mental illness. Depression is something we all get from time to time, as sometimes life
    can be depressing, but a depression that worsens is dangerous, and the person
    needs professional help and hopefully has family and spiritual help as well. You
    are very misguided when saying it is 'okay' with me. I'm not the doctor, and some
    meds are very helpful, as long as they are monitored and the patient is receiving
    counseling, by a caring and understanding therapist.* My thoughts are with David
    Robertson, and the tragedy of him losing his father.*

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    @Righton I should have mentioned that anti-depressants are used to treat more
    moderate cases of depression, and there are several that work pretty well, but the
    patient still needs therapy. It helps to be involved in activities and having friends and family support, and spirituality has a very positive effect on many people.
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    Japan has over 30,000 suicides a year and handguns are banned while rifle ownership is very tightly controlled. People in Japan kill themselves by jumping in front of trains, leaping off high places, hanging, or overdosing on medication. Keep drinking that liberal Kool-Aid that tells you banning guns would have an affect on the suicide rate here in the US.
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    Well written!'s the P E O P L E! Population density is the reason, not the gun! Overcrowding causes these pressures......jeez louise!
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    Twice the number of people commit suicide without guns than with. That's not even counting the tens of thousands who die of illegal drug AND legal drug overdoses, alcohol intoxication; poisoning-deliberate and accidental, etc. These freakers are really reaching to try and ban guns. Banning cars would also eliminate over 38,000 deaths a year; banning swimming would save over 3,800 each year; 5,600+ pedestrians are killed and 70,000 are injured each year: Banning motor vehicles would save 42,000+ deaths each year!!! Not going to surgeons and other doctors would save 195,000 deaths a year from medical misadventures- would YOU want to stop going to doctors or be in favor of banning the medical profession because of those 195,000 deaths each year? Stop grasping at straws, you bunch of pinheads. See what's happened in countries that have banned guns altogether. Their violent crime rate has soared past that of the US. Firearm deaths might be down, but homicide rates are way up there because burglars and armed robbers KNOW they'll be going up against unarmed homeowners and store owners/clerks. Look for the report "Crime and Justice in the United States and in England and Wales" There's a reason we keep getting all of these English refugees here like Piers Morgan, Katty Kay, and whole slew of other unknown folks.
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    Pinheads like Piers Morgan and Katty Kay just do'nt get it no one gives a damn what they think unless your an anti gun nut! Being admitted to a hospital has become one of the most dangerous things you will ever have to face in your lifetime. Check it out for your self; study: half of infection deaths linked directly to hospital care, hospital infection deaths in focus- cbs news, http:// No guns involved here just sloppy care by heath care workers and mentally ill patients not getting the help they need!
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    Suicide rate down......murder rate up......B & E up.....Gang activity abiding citizens death rate up.......Does this sound like a trade off?(only if the guns are taken away from politician's bodyguard and the Secret Service.....HMMM, now there's a plan I can go with)
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    @martydotcom What are the statistics regarding stabbings and blunt force trauma? In England it increased four fold. Hell an actor from the Harry Potter series was stabbed to death outside a nightclub in England, which is recognized as the most violent country in Europe. Lets give all the statistics not just the helpful ones.
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    @FollowTheMoney I don't think when it comes to suicide by guy there is much difference in the human condition no matter where you live
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    There you have it folks. When ever some Democrat tells you they don't want to take your guns, you just heard the truth from the Liberals themselves. They do want to take our guns and will use any lame statistic to make it happen. They are very very dangerous control fanatics. What you must ask yourself is why? Why do they want to take our guns? The ludicrous excuses of guns being used to kill people is a complete joke when there are many far more dangerous ways that we all die. Cars for one? The odds of dying in a car accident from drunk drivers or speeding drivers is a thousand times more likely. So again I ask why the fixation with guns? Most Conservatives know why.... it is because big Government does not want an armed public when they start controlling our lives even more than they already do. To force Government control of our lives they need a docile public with no means to protect ourselves.
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    We have people here that say no one wants to take away our guns. Despite the fact there are legislators writing bills to do that very thing.
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    Why is the left so intent on disarming hardworking law abiding citizens? This is a question that needs to be asked. Nothing the obama regime has proposed has any ability to prevent or even restrict criminals from getting guns. No, what obama wants to do is punish a grandfather who wants to give his grandson a gun that's been in the family for generations as a gift. It is time we stand up and be loud and rancorous, just like during the health scare debates. We need to let obama and his regime know that the 2nd Amendment will not be repealed on our watch.
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    No one is talking about repealing the 2nd Amendment. Know what helps dialog? If people don't get carried away with their own hyperbole.
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    @Zazziness did you not see the post yesterday? About Mo dems wanting to confiscate guns. I have heard more tha one legislator calling for a ban on guns. So stop saying that no one is talking about violating the second amendment. And without people like me. Many people like me they would take our guns. You are in denial if you think that there are those that are trying to take it away.
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    @NTBFW if you think that there are not people trying to take our guns away. Excuse the typo I am not at 100% yet.
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    A little "apple to apple" comparison of similar population density of suicide rates:
    USA = 12.0 per 100,000 people (guns available)
    UK = 11.8 per 100,000 people (guns banned)
    HMM.......see a big difference (neither do I)
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    Only 2 percent of pill popping suicide attempts die because pill poppers aren't really trying to commit suicide, they are really crying for help, most of the time they tell someone they took the pills right after taking them. A person committed to killing themselves would find more effective means guns or not. As a rule, I can't stand anything that has NY in it. I can't stand the left and all their pushiness!
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    Not being born will stop suicide 100%.So now all of Americas problems can be stopped by banning guns?Those that oppose gun ownership will stop at nothing to justify their cause.Perhaps if they really cared about humanity and suicide,they would donate their time at a suicide prevention center.
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    A very close friend of mine just lost an Aunt to suicide. She did not have access to a firearm, so she first chose to jump from a third story window, only to survive. After a long hospital stay and recovery, she jumped from a 6th story window. This time it worked, she successfully ended her life, but only after another day of suffering in the hospital before her death. So, Liberals, is this better than using a firearm? Maybe she should have gotten some help with her mental issues to prevent the suicide??? Her not having a gun resulted in MORE suffering, not less, and the absence of a gun did nothing to prevent her death.
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    Where do they come up with this assisine crap? taking guns will not stop anything.. Only an idiot would think such crap..people find other means and besides outlawing guns does take guns away from those that have them now.

    I have sincere sympathy for those that lost children or any loved one by some mental lunatic with a gun. The Government is using it for bullshit reasons when IT was just an open door to take the second Amendment right away from EVERYONE! Its beginning to ferl like Nazi Germany in my own Country! Whats next? Free speech??
    Or free to roam freely without restraints??
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    These people are simply proving to be bigger idiots than I originally thought. They truly believe eliminating one method of suicide will completely eliminate suicides? Wow, what boneheads. If someone wants to off themself, they will find another way.

    Our government is taken over by a bunch of half wit morons.
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    If someone has hit that point where they want to end their life, it doesn't matter if they have a gun or not. They will find another way to do it.
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    If they really intend to kill themself, they will do it. I have known people that used a rope. Should we ban those as well?
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    Give up our 2nd Amendment rights and expect people not to find other ways to achieve their goal. Here in the Southeast, a Bromeliad species unknown, is commonly seen hanging from deciduous trees. Gelsemium sempervirens is common in the summer.
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    Is there a rational reason why I should not be able to protect myself or my family against being murdered? Is there a rational reason why you think suicide by gun is cheaper than an overdose... or jumping off a building... or driving your car head on into an 18 wheeler?
    People that want to kill themselves will find a way.
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    Besides... if you want to kill yourself... the last thing you are going to worry about is how much it's going to cost you.
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    Ya know Darsb.....I consider myself a (somewhat) sane person. I'd have no problem giving up my 2 "pea shooters". Unlike some, I'm not a gun nut. But, until our LEO's and government can absolutely unarm the criminal element, I will NOT give up my 2 puny "pea shooters". It's a crime to hear our so-called police forces say that they cannot protect us, that their main job seems to be giving out citations to increase their cities/counties coffers. In Neo's word.....that makes me sad, very sad!
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    If your opinion of gun owners were true, those gun owners would have already shot you.
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    Where's THE DIAMOND HEIST IN ENGLAND story? Gasp. Imagine that, with all their sensible gun laws 8 GUNMEN, DRESSED AS POLICE OFFICERS, BRANDISHING MACHINE GUNS (when English subjects can't even buy semi-automatic weapons!) got away with $50 Million in Diamonds. Can you say, "inside job"? Are the "family jewels" running in short supply at the palace?
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    subtract 1 from the Y column, and add 1 to the N column. Accidently tapped the pad...which is why I also believe voting needs to be a paper only affair.
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