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    Aviono air base in Italy was less than 1 hour fly time from Libya yet the fools administration claims forces could not respond.Get real.Once again believe your king obama and ask no questions like a good subject to his majesty.
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    they couldn't respond because nobody ordered them to. have you stopped to think about the implications of that?

    it's not a coverup if it's none of your business.
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    @dances-weebles Sorry...disagree...we elected these individuals...we pay (well most of us do) our taxes...this IS OUR BUSINESS!!!
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    @dances-weebles Your comment once again shows your mindless belief in trusting a government that no longer cares about its own people but cares only about its own agenda.
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    @dances-weebles No one ordered them to.Thats the point the fool obama was more focused on his re-election trip to Nevada than doing his job to protect Americans.
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    @miketost So you think it's the President's job to make daily and hourly decisions on all of our outposts around the world?
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    Bengazi isn't and wasn't news.. McCain and the Republican Hate Group are showing their IQ's again as they shamelessly exploit 4 American deaths for political gain.
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    @armed_liberal As Obama and the Democrats are exploiting the death of 20 children and six adults for political gain...
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    SEN. GRAHAM: Are you surprised that the president of the United States never called you, Secretary Panetta, and say,‘how’s it going?’

    SEC. PANETTA: I — you know, normally in these situations –

    SEN. GRAHAM: Did he know the level of threat that –

    SEC. PANETTA: Let — well, let me finish the answer. We were deploying the forces. He knew we were deploying the forces. He was being kept updated –

    SEN. GRAHAM: Well, I hate to interrupt you, but I got limited time. We didn’t deploy any forces. Did you call him back — wait a minute –

    SEC. PANETTA: No, but the event — the event was over by the time we got –

    SEN. GRAHAM: Mr. Secretary, you didn’t know how long the attack would last. Did you ever call him and say, Mr. President, it looks like we don’t have anything to get there anytime soon?

    SEC. PANETTA: The event was over before we could move any assets.

    SEN. GRAHAM: It lasted almost eight hours. And my question to you is during that eight-hour period, did the president show any curiosity about how’s this going, what kind of assets do you have helping these people? Did he ever make that phone call?

    SEC. PANETTA: Look, there is no question in my mind that the president of the United States was concerned about American lives and, frankly, all of us were concerned about American lives.

    SEN. GRAHAM: With all due respect, I don’t believe that’s a credible statement if he never called and asked you, are we helping these people; what’s happening to them? We have a second round, and we’ll take it up then.
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    @armed_liberal Please...don't even start acting like you don't understand what I meant...I NEVER stated Obama and his lackies were behind the Newtown shootings...I NEVER stated Obama was behind Benghazi killings...I am pointing out the fact both sides of the aisle will use tragic and sad events to win political points...the only difference is...if Obama is found to have been able to do something and he failed to with Benghazi, his political career will look much like Carter's with Iran hostage situation...
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    Ah don't you just love the Liberal media bias? Can you imagine what that hypocrite would have been saying if it were Bush who did not even make a phone call to follow up what was happening in Benghazi. This journalist would have been crucifying Bush. Can you imagine if Bush ran off to Las Vegas to campaign a day after our ambassador was killed by terrorists. Liberals you are beyond any semblance of character or honesty.
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    Despite 20 hearings, 10,000 pages of documentation, a scathing ARB, Sen McCain still gets invited to go on national television and repeat Mitt Romney's laughably wrong "waited two weeks to call it a terrorist attack" and then allege some sort of "massive coverup" by the guy who resoundingly won the 2008 election versus the Senator. Man, talk about a guy who doesn't handle defeat well.
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    The government will not even give the names of those that survived to be interviewed.So much once again of Barrys open transparent government he had promised.From a line in the movie You cant handle the truth.
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    why should he tell you or me? not giving out unnecessary information, or information which would prove to be a liability to the nation isn't a cover up. do you really believe that this is the first time that any type of government official has been removed because they are a liability to national security? it's highly probable that those who survived were taken out of harm's way before the action started, or it was ordered that they weren't to be harmed.
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    @dances-weebles "not giving out unnecessary information, or information which would prove to be a liability to the nation isn't a cover up." HMMM.....who gets to decide what is "unnecessary information"? Just wondering.....
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    @stepped_in_it many different people. in fact, there are many things that they don't tell congress or even the president. they have no need to know.

    one entitie that i can think of right off hand is the cia. many things are kept out of the public eye for national security.
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    @miketost tell me something... if a person knew something which, if it became common knowledge, would compromise the safety or the integrity of the united states, what should be done with them? our government simply arranges for them to go away. haven't you been paying attention over the years?
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    The real story is that Obama ignored what was happening overseas because he saw campaigning as more important than anything else - it is all he knows. Then, when it was obvious he had a scandal about to break, he and Clinton conspired to send Rice out with a concocted story that Obama thought America would buy because the press is so smitten with his presidency that nobody would question him. When it became obvious that Rice was lying, Obama again went into full damage control mode and concocted more fables to cover his butt. If this had been a Republican the liberal press and congressmen would be calling for his head. Because it is Obama, their lord and savior, they are trying to do anything they can to avoid embarrassing him.
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    Four Americans died in Africa in a hostile environment surrounded by radical extremists, and politicians are tearing their hair out to put people on trial.

    2,604 Americans died on our own soil after terrorists were given enough room to make a highly calculated, strategic attack in what we believed was a secure and safe border, despite clear warnings to the presidential administration and intelligence agencies. No trial or presumed coverup.

    It sickens me that this is what we have come to.
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    David Gregory is part of the cover up!! He is part of the left wing socialist media, He would throw his life down for the Obama!!
    John McCain spoke truth to power!!!
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    @Vance1 I'm being serious. If this guy 'is part of the cover up', what are 'they' covering up?
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    Well, What was it that The Obama was doing the night of this act of terrorism?
    Where was he, what was he doing, He allowed 4) Americans to be killed.
    Your media wont report on the truth as usual.
    Your people are part of the cover up.
    Was your guy The Obama aka "The King" too busy prepairing for David Letterman?
    You seem not to want the truth, What would you be doing and saying wright now if the guy was a Republican? would you be hidding behind your liberal double standard then?
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    @Vance1 So you don't know even IF there is a cover up, what they are covering up, or why, but you're sure there was one. Thanks for proving my point that you don't have anything to base this off of.

    Also, you do realize that over 40 Americans died in the last administration under similar circumstances and 2,000 civilians died here on our own soil, yet not once was there a hearing to find out who failed in these cases and what they are covering up. Liberal double standard? Nope, that would be your double standard and your hypocrisy, not mine.
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    all involved needs to be in a prison cell instead of having freedom.

    then again we have some who could care less about any thing that causes the death of citizens as long as it doesn't effect their own house.
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    McCain further reduces his relevance in Washington every time he launches into one of his bitter, irrational outbursts. ...poor man. It may be time for him to ride off into the sunset as an elder statesman before he does irreparable damage to his legacy.
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    mccain is just jealous because he's not part of the group that needs to have this information made available to them. if you have no use for whatever information and nobody gives it to you it isn't a coverup, it's telling you to mind your own damned business.
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    @thatgirl - You already made it clear you don't care about differing opinions. I was just making a statement, as I am allowed to do on a Politix article.
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    Not more so than the government usually covers up things- like the Bay of Pigs Invasion; the Kennedy Assassination; the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, Watergate (we STILL don't know what the burglars were after!); the money on Dorothy Hunt's (wife of Watergate Conspirator, E. Howard Hunt) lap found on her body after the crash of her plane was for; the missing portion of tape 'inadvertently erased' by Nixon's secretary; the explosives used by the Beirut terrorists' route from CIA's Edwin Wilson, to the terrorists' hands, Travelgate, White Watergate, sudden-death gate (13 persons closely connected to Bill Clinton dying in a remarkably short period of time).
    We're never told the whole story, Mr. McCain. As a high-level government insider, YOU KNOW THAT!
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    WHY are the liberals so against the TRUTH ??? It's just the truth about how and why 4 AMERICANS had to die. I just can't understand how "my" America has gotten to the point that so many will defend the coverup of the truth of what happened. How can anyone not want the truth, are they really Americans, what is the motivation, of not wanting to get to the bottom of this ? Is it that it would embarrass someone ? Would someone's feelings get hurt in this administration, so all the liberals come out of the woodwork to defend the silence ? MY GOODNESS 4 PEOPLE DIED !!! I commend McCain for his forcefulness ! I wish there were more like him to at least fight the good fight. Lord, I believe it is time for the reset to be hit, the liberal deviancy has taken over the American consciousness and it is eating away at our soul. If you are against the truth, then you are not American !
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    one more thing. It doesn't matter what your people are doing or where . When your people are in trouble and need assistance or cover fire or extraction. You get there and you get there now. Leave no man behind.
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    Gregory is a front man for Obama and McCain should have known better than to go and give this clown an interview. McCain should have asked how come Gregory has not been charged with a violation of having that multi round magazine with him thought it was illegal. But then that was a liberal t.v station.
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    Its not like he was going to take it home with him.

    We have shows and movies like CSI, SAW the movie, Chucky, the Expendables etc... and you are worried about someone showing an empty/not empty (doesn't matter, it wasn't in the gun) on TV? Get the fuck out of here.
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    I think I would like to hear form the survivors that were there. Frankly I was kind of shocked when Panetta stated that the military is not a 911 force. When did that happen? We the military have been other countries 911 force for years, now we can't be bothered to rescue our own people? We did it in Lebanon, and Liberia and we bailed out NATO in Libya. I would really like to know where the disconnect was between Ambassador Stevens and the state department and the White house. I guess Hillary's campaign question won't get answered? Who do you want to answer the phone at 2 a.m? I guess nobody?

    Committees or hearing or whatever it doesn't matter nobody will be punished, just seept under the rug.

    Reminds me of other debacle in Somalia, Nigeria and Tanzania.
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