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    I'd absolutely vote for Palin if she ran in 2016. I think she'd be a great spokesperson for the conservative cause. I highly doubt she'll run though.
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    And I strongly support having her be the republican nominee for president, but share your assessment that she probably won't run.
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    @PoliticalSpice - Her best chance was last year. I was so sure she would jump in and run considering the enormous number of weak candidates we had in our primaries. Instead you took the coward route and didn't run. I don't think she'll have the same support to run in 2016.
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    @Canoochee No problem, just pointing out that different groups, whether they be southern trailer folk, inner-city blacks, hippies in Berkeley, and rural Utah Mormons have distinct cultures and voting patterns even though they're all good Americans.
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    Sarah Palin is a great lady! The leftists cant stand her, and thats always a good thing
    That means she is an American, Leftists cant stand people who love this country!!
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    "Leftists cant (sic) stand people who love this country!!"

    Apparently, neither can Roger Ailes.
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    @PoliticalSpice The older I get the less thing seem wildly hilarious to me. Seems the more aware you are the more the world weighs on your shoulders. So yes, I would love for Silly Sarah to be the GOP nominee. I haven't had the screaming laughter this would produce in some time.
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    when the left even goes after the person family remembers it gets my attention as to they fear her.
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    A political comeback...really??
    Is she coming back to being the failed flash-in-the-pan VP/cheerleader pick.....or maybe the failed well read woman of the world......or maybe the failed governor that bugged-out.....or maybe the failed wife and Mother that used her family at every turn to try to score political points and further her own ambitions.....or maybe the failed poster-girl for the Tea Party.....or maybe the failed Fox Show host/consultant .....or maybe the failed big-name endorser of the last election......which is it??
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    Why wont this brainless bitch just go away already? Her 15 mins has been up. From what i have heard and read she was a piss poor mayor and governor.... yet people want her to run for president? of the country?..THIS COUNTRY? unreal!!!! Woman please just take the millions you have made doing NOTHING but being a semi good looking GOP personality, crawl under a rock and DO NOT crawl back out. Any caring person with any kind of thought in their head grew tired of mrs palin's crazy ass years ago.
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    She may have been a piss poor mayor and governor, but that still would have made her a better mayor and governor than obama, as he never had any legislative experience before seizing the White House. Palin would be 10x the president that obama is.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix thats like saying "i want shot in my foot because the knee would hurt to much"... lol they are both AWFUL options. I would rather we find a GOOD option
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix somebody better than Palin or Obama lol... i dont pretent to have all the answers... i only know that these two will never have my support or vote.
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    What a list of speakers. Truly representative of the America People
    This is the reason the GOP will not win a national election in the foreseeable future.

    CPAC 2013
    Kelly Ayotte U.S. Senator
    Jeb Bush Former FL Governor
    Eric Cantor House Majority Leader
    Al Cardenas ACU Chairman
    Francesca Chambers Editor, Red Alert Politics
    Artur DavisFormer U.S. Representative
    Carly Fiorina Jeff Frazee President, Young Americans for Liberty
    Newt Gingrich Former House Speaker
    Kristan Hawkins President, Students for Life
    Ron Johnson U.S. Senator
    David KeenePresident, NRA
    Katie Kieffer Wayne LaPierre Executive VP, NRA
    Mike Lee U.S. Senator Dana Loesch
    Host, The Dana Loesch Show Alexander McCobin President, Students for Liberty
    Mitch McConnell U.S. Senate Republican Leader
    Rand Paul U.S. Senator
    Katie Pavlich News Editor, Town Hall
    Marco Rubio U.S. Senator
    Paul Ryan U.S. Representative
    Rick Santorum Former U.S. Senator
    Pat Toomey U.S. Senator
    Scott Walker Wisconsin Governor
    Former U.S. Representative
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    I voted Yes. There are few things I would like to see as much in 2016 as Sarah Palin as the republican party nominee for president.
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    "share more broadly the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic and restoring this most exceptional nation." Splendid sounding fluff.
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    Rest assured, anyone with responsibility and accountability attached will not go over well with the far left or right.
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    Maybe but this story is about Sarah Palin so your comment doesn't really apply. A responsible, accountable person doesn't ditch her elected duties before her term is over -- not even for a cool TV gig.
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    In the interests of equality and fairness I would like to point out to Ms Palin that being a gold digger as she is and motivated by money as she is, that her window of opportunity to make the big bucks by doing a porno is rapidly closing due to her age. Just sayin'
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    Ha ha I laugh at the 11 people so far who said they'd support Sarah Palin....she's so stupid it's scary
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    Bring back Comrade Palin! Ever since she forced those running dog capitalist oil companies redistribute their wealth to all the citizens of Alaska,(even those who don't work, at all), I knew Sarah was a secret communist and that she wants into office so she can a) take all the money from the rich people and give it out in equal portions to all the poor people and b) have a better rated reality show about herself.
    You go, GOP! Comrade Palin For President!
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    She has done enough damage to the Republican party. I believe it's time for her to move on and try something other than politics!!
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    Palin would be laughed off the stage in the civilised world. A perfect example of the trivialities the mainstream media call "relevant".
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    @martydotcom Is this true? Could mean she is thinking of running for office. Arizona is pretty wacko right and she pretty much lost credibility in alaska after quitting her govenorship.
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    Suppose she'll speak on behalf of the other unemployed? ;)

    What's really interesting about CPAC isn't who will be speaking, it's who has been banned - GOProud, in particular. When Michelle Malkin and Kurt Schlicter, fer cryin' out loud, think CPAC is dead wrong it's time to pay attention.
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    If she's invited let her speak, its still a free country for awhile longer anyway. I really don't see the big deal with it unless you hate the woman and if you do thats your problem!
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