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    If they do I think it will backfire. He makes too much sense. He doesn't bluster or make outrageous remarks. He simply tells it like it is. I really like him.
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    @marine1 If they start now there should be plenty of time for character assination before he becomes a threat!
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    The more I hear him talk the better I like him. He doesn't seem full of sh*t like most people. He is very impressive.
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    @mimi57 I seem to be doing better. I hope the paralysis goes away. They acted like it should. In crossing my fingers.
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    2b1ask1, please refrain from name calling...we do not want to sink to the level of the liberal bureaucrat...thank you for your compliance in advance....
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Neo while you are beloved by the community and most people's favorite right wingnut, I would remind you of the time you were out digging in the stuff behind the barn on the grounds there had to pony under there somewhere.
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    I'd back him if stays true to a fiscal conservative cause. If he does run it will be interesting to see if he has any other ideas that would give the left ammunition. The media and left wing politicians will definately try to destroy him. I wonder if left leaning voters will follow suit?
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    Ben Carson is the Democrat's worse nightmare. They could no longer spew their lies of how the GOP is racist. He is a black man with conservative credentials and a very smart person. I only wish more churches and conservatives had the guts to stand up to a Socialist controlling president like he did. Way to go Ben!
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    If he runs for the GOP nomination, he will be bulldozed by the Republican establishment...if he runs on a third party ticket and has enough backing, he could seriously scare the crap out of Repubs and Democrats alike...
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    He had a spot on message about the dangers and perils of the Obama policies. I agree 100%. Funny thing is that if ANY white man said the same things at the prayer breakfast, the liberal main stream media would be howling "racist" in every article since. I have not heard one report about his comments being "racist" because they disagree with Obama's flawed policies.

    Yes, I absolutely could support him for president based on what I heard. And yes, I am a conservative and yes, I am white. Conservatives are not racist, we only care about good ideas and policies. The Liberals are the true racists, covering it up with continuous accusations against Conservatives. Tell a lie enough times and people start to believe it is the truth - the Liberal creed.
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    His story is amazing, he is one of 24 children...his mother only had a third grade
    education and wasn't really literate, but she encouraged all her kids to read & do
    homework, and though she could not read, she pretended she could and would
    put a check mark on their papers so they would think she had checked them over.
    I doubt she ever believed it possible that her son would become a pediatric neuro- surgeon at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the US. What an inspirational story that should inspire the most cynical person.Truly an admirable
    man, with an incredibly smart and caring mom. Touching...
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    One thing I will say is, I praise Dr. Ben Carson's mother. I wish more Detroit mothers were like his. Maybe the crime rate would go down, along with the poverty and unemployment rate, therefore lowering the need for entitlements and allowing a once proud city to be proud again. So sad that this woman is held up as an icon for inner city mothers all across the country.
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    On the other hand, a doctor in the White House might be what we need. We've had lawyers, plenty of them, and we see what they do. A doctor is used to prescribing a cure that the patient might not want and might fight against, yet a good doctor sees his patient all the way through treatment until the patient recovers. Doctors don't think short term, they think long term. They don't think "feel good", they think "healthy". Not sure this Ben Carson guy is the right guy for the job, but he sounds much better than the oaf we have in office now.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Is it his depth of knowledge in foreign policy or the fact that he would work so well with the 2 GOP AA's appointed, not elected, to congress that attracts you
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    Carson is fooling himself if he thinks the GOP base will sincerely support a black man for President, even an Uncle Ben. Not EVER having another black as President is what the GOP is all about. Dr. BC may have some slight chance of getting on a GOP tricket as a VP candidate where he will be subservient.

    Right-wingers claims that they could support the "just right black" man for President Is all smoke and mirrors.
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