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    Marco a lightweight capable of only spewing talking points, Karl Rove establishing a circular firing squad with the T Party How about Politix Topix Ben Carson for president,.Now there is a comedic jousting of windmills isn't it??
    Brilliant man with "0" foreign policy, "0"economic experience, "0" elective office\ congressional exp - just what we need in a complex world and he's AA TO BOOT
    He'll work we'll with the Conservative GOP congress who has elected No AA's - only 2 have been appointed. I'm sure the Tea. Party will leap to support him. Who's left Eddie Ryan Munster. He didn't fly too well did he?
    Look at CPAC speakers other than Bush all are haters of "brown" people.
    I'd like to hear from Tea Party hard right conservatives how they think Cantor's re-branding of the party or Haley Barbour's suggestion the party visit a proctologist is going. Both party extremes, Newt & Jindal say the same -GOP is GOP is in trouble
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    @mimi57. any thoughts on who the savior will be? Do you see anyone emerging for '14? I think Boehner, McConnell are intent on falling into Obama's deftly laid sequester trap and will be dumb enough to let it go into effect, tanking the economy and sticking the GOP with absorbing all the blame for the crash. Headline news Marco's own immigration plan has been declared DOA by Marco. A great republican tradition
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    @talkenhed You never know, a lot can happen in four years...Just because the Dems won the election twice doesn't mean they will win all the time. The Reps.
    have won twice many times and so it goes... things change, people's views change.
    We'll have to see.
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    Daily Kos LOL! Politix, why not ask the Weekly Standard what they think of Liberalism?

    Ohhhhh 9 PM almost time for "Hubris" selling the Iraq war by Rachel Maddow LOL

    Jingoism & Hubris- 2 words used by the inbred left. Its pretty comical.
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    I am a fiscal conservative but I have to say that republicans have their head so far up their hindends that they have lost touch with the reality of today. Being fiscally responsible while socially liberal can and will benefit both republicans and our country and untill they accept that, they will continue to suck hind tit.
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    You nailed it. "Socially liberal and fiscally conservative" used to be the definition of a liberal Republican, and building a liveable compromise used to be a politician's primary skill.

    But that was back in the day when we could get things done.
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    @Dan_Tien Well, in the Air Force we referred to them as Jarheads, but I doubt they like that much.:)
    What is the proper term? I will fully admit that my knowledge of the Core is pretty small.
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    By the end of this four years as the worst President in the history of the world, I predict the Democrat party will be in shambles. Just look at all the States that are going bankrupt. They are run by Democrats. Look at the States with the highest Crime rates. All run by Democrats. Look at the States with the highest gun violence. All run by Democrats. Look at gas prices going up to $5 a gallon in some States. Utility bills skyrocketing, inflation out of control, food prices doubling, shortages starting to occur. These are some of the things occuring under this Democrat controlled country and the legacy the Democrats are leaving us. In four more years, if there is a country to be had, we will be begging for the Republicans or any other party for that matter, to take control. Democrats and liberals are completely ruining this country.
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    I seem to remember people saying the same thing before the last election. Somehow I don't think they were very accurate if the results mean anything.
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    Like I said you ain't seen nothing yet. This moron is just getting started. You can't tell me we are better off than we were 4 years ago. He is a charlatan that has people fooled. Most of them low information, low intelligence voters.
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    You hit the nail on the head. The country will be in even worse shape in 2016 than Carter left things in 1980. Only hope is we can find another Ronald Reagan. It will take someone with that level of vision to rally the country around what will need to be done to right the ship after the Obama fiasco.
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    Well if the fed raises the minimum wage to what Obama wants it to he then yes the government will cause massive inflation for gas and food.

    Obama has shown he is no friend to fossil fuels. His policies have increases electric costs in states like Ohio by breaking the backs of the coal industry. He placed unrealistic laws on companies like AEP and the company had no choice but to pass the costs on to the consumer. I know many families who have to keep their heat set at 58 just to afford the bill and then they are still paying too much for their energy costs. Obama has refused to budge on the keystone pipeline. Refused to give off shore drilling permits to US companies, but he gave them to other foreign companies (how nice). We have not built any new oil refineries in decades. When energy and fuel costs go up food prices rise because it costs more to ship goods. Add to that the fed keeps printing money like it's nothing further devaluing the dollar and you get soaring energy and food costs.

    Tell me how again the government is not controlling the cost of gas and food in this country?

    Of course many of Obama's base don't worry about food, gas, or utilities prices because we give them food stamps, HEAP, and other energy assistance programs. They aren't paying the bills so they don't feel the squeeze that many working middle class families are feeling. I don't know if many families can take another 4 years of the left running things.
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    I think it's bad for Republicans & Democrats!!! I think that people are finally awakening to the establishments two party scheme of nothing but class warfare and social division!!!!

    To the ones who still classify themselves as Republican or Democrat and still buy into the whole nothing of nothingness... WAKE UP & KILL THE MACHINE!!!

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    The GOP has a strong future IF it can adjust to the times.

    Send the teabagger coalition out to sea on an ice floe.

    Stop saying that lower taxes are the only way to save us all from some unspecified terrible future.

    Get the message that climate change is real, and demands real solutions.

    Realize that religion and politics are both valuable, but that they do not mix well.

    Stop trying to destroy the system of public education.

    Quit trying to suppress voting.

    Try to represent the interests of the nation, not the plutocrats.

    ...and a few other things.
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    Can you add a few items?

    Just for an academic exercise, what would you do, if anything, to get the Republican party out of the mess that it seems currently to be in?
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    @harold_lloyd i'm not sure... let me think about it. i personally think (off the top of my head) that the first thing that i'd do is to move more to the centre and back off of the strict partisan platform and would be much more willing to work across the isle, so to speak and to realise that there's no longer room (or time) for all this 'liberal' cs 'conservative' garbage.

    there's an old saying that says,'if it can't bend it'll break'
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA Just goes to show that psychedelic mushrooms grow well on horses**t. America must have at least two parties to cancel each other out. If one party became too strong, there would be a collapse of the country.
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    Conservative Republicans represent the tired, the old and yesteryear. They hang on to a bygone era, hang on to religious dogma, deny science and really, really dislike those who do not think like them. Dare I say hate?
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    The GOP is gaining power in the states, not losing it. He is not watching. Michigan now has a Republican Governor, Republican House, and Republican Senate, along with 29 other states. In a number of those cases, the GOP holds supermajorities. In the next cycle there is a real opportunity to take a few more. And...the Senate will be very interesting in 2014, especially true if Obama forces the Red State Senators to vote for Gun Bans, Cap and Trade, Higher Taxes, and more spending. I can see 12 or 13 of the Democratic Senators as being very vulnerable if they go on record as supporting these liberal policies.

    Yes, California, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois will NEVER be Republican controlled, but look at the county by county map of voting in the last election. Except for the big cities, the country still largely conservative. The only hope the idiot Obama has is to hold the young people and immigrants down, keep them from getting meaningful jobs, and create a dependency. Liberal success depends on creating a culture of dependency, of poor people having no hope for a bright future. It is only then that the liberals look good by offering to let the government take care of everyone. Our nation will be a sad shell of its former self if the liberals succeed.
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    The GOP has lost the presidential popular vote in 5 of the last 6 elections. Their base of angry white males is dying off. They lost the black, asian, hispanic, gay and women's vote. The country is becoming more hispanic, more black and more asian. A talented black doctor with no government experience gives an anti-Obamacare speech and the GOP talks about him as a potential Presidential candidate yet they ridicule a real American hero like Colin Powell and call him a RINO. Yes the GOP is dying. Good riddance. Maybe after they die off some of the old reasonable republicans will come out of hiding and start a new party.
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    Liberalism will only succeed as long as they can find enough taxpayers to gouge, and continue to borrow the rest. One day, the piper will come calling, and will expect to be paid. At that point, modern liberalism will collapse from within, and the true conservatism/libertarianism of the founders will again be seen for the brilliant form of governance it is.
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    Liberal. socialist, dependency driven governments always collapse. If Obama succeeds in creating the dependent society he is seeking, it will only be a matter of time before the entire structure collapses. Just look at the history of any country who has tried that model.
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    @Fishbone345 doing all I can. It is easy really, makes so much sense when compared to the idiosyncrasies of the two insane parties.
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    Why is politix even reporting on this garbage? Hey PolitixDavid, will your next expose' be based on an article from the National Enquirer? Yep, you folks at politix aren't pushing a political agenda...
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    @Russell797 You represent a huge part of the Democrat problem in that you feel that the dailyKos is anything close to a cedible news source.
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    @Russell797 "Markos Moulitsas, founder of the liberal blog Daily Kos..."

    Yep, I found it right here ^^^.

    I also represent a huge part of the Republican problem in the fact that I know how to read.
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    @No_Bama It's a freakin' opinion piece for goodness sake. It doesn't matter who said it, what matters is whether or not you agree with what was stated.
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    What are you even trying to say? There have been several opinion pieces done here by Conservative's. Are they part of the "political agenda"?
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    What amazes me the most is the concept that we somehow expect to run this country from a dual polarized position. Either D or R with no real middle-ground. It seems that the only time the Jackasses and Heffalumps can agree is when demonizing any attempted third party input.
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    Watch the Republicans throw Marco Rubio in the ring against Hillary in 2016 as an obvious attempt to get Latino votes... Republicans will have to abandon their core values in become relevant again. As it is, Republicans have turned into a hate group that offer no solutions, just division and criticism of Democrats.
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    @armed_liberal Thats why America needs a new party to unite both middle of the road conservatives and middle of the road liberals.Together we could win.
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    @armed_liberal I just shake my head when people get all lumped together. I voted Republican not because I "hated" others but because I can see the problems with the huge government spending. The point of conservative values can be just financial and not all bundled up with social issues.
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    I voted for Obama because the Republicans squandered a surplus, grew government and run up giant defecits that our grand kids may never be able to pay off. Republicans spend money like MC Hammer and try to stop the responsible party from paying the bills. It would be much better for this country and this world if Republicans were prosecuted for war and financial crimes. Bush gave the banks $3.5 trillion and you guys blame it on Obama. Hate to lump you together, but, if it smells like vinegar, it might be a douche.
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    It's too bad the liberals, by offering so many freebrees, are in charge, having them in charge pretty well assures the demise of freedom in what used to be a free-enterprise country. Too bad! A disaster! Our voters must be stupid to vote such as Obama into office!
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    They need to get away from the religious right and take inclusive social positions. They should still to limited government and fiscal conservation.
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    I left the republican party when I woke up and saw what a joke it is. I am now independent and I vote for whom I feel is best qualified which usually means I don't vote for republicans or democrats. We would have a lot better country if everyone else stopped voting for party also.
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    He's right but he also left out the rest of the world were.screwed if things keep going the way there going now or if they get worse its.already dang near impossible to survive if things don't change and for the better were gonna be killing one another for food and shelter the governments collapsing slowly but surly and it honostly kinda scary I'm starting to understand how Romans felt when the empire finally fell
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