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    @PolitixMary mary... while we've got you here, is there any way for you to coax the folks who programme the e-mail links to make them go directly to the post that's being linked, rather to the top of the first page. the same thing would work with our responses. rather than going back to the beginning every time.
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    @dances-weebles Oh yes, I'll ask about that. When you say the email links, do you mean the notifications?
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    Good call. That's what I voted. I think all the fear mongering by the NRA is to increase sales. That's it. Just a money making scheme.
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    @mtkopf I swear our society is getting so easy to manipulate anymore, corporations, politicians, oil companies, just play us like a bunch of stupid puppets.
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    @grilla all of them, politicians, corporations, oil companies, all trying to grab every single last penny that they can.
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    I have been buying and stocking up for the last three years, Just awaiting the anti gun Obamabots, to make stupid laws...and its now here.

    God bless bro!!
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    Everyone sing

    Where has all the ammo gone long time passing
    Where has all the ammo gone, long long time ago
    Where has all the ammo gone, gone to weapons every one
    When will they ever learn, When will they ever learn?

    Where has all the weapons gone, long time passing
    where has a ll the weapons gone, long long time ago
    where has all the weapons gone, gone to wingers every one
    When will they every learn, when will the ever learn?

    Where has all the wingers gone, long time passing
    where has a ll the wingers gone, long long time ago
    where has all the wingers gone, gone to red dawn every one
    When will they every learn, when will they ever learn?

    Where has all the red dawn's gone, long time passing
    where has a ll the red dawn's gone, long long time ago
    where has all the red dawn's gone, gone to bunkers every one
    When will they every learn, when will they ever learn?

    Where has all the bunkers gone, long time passing
    where has a ll the bunkers gone, long long time ago
    where has all the bunkers gone, gone to paranoid every one
    When will they every learn, when will they ever learn?

    Where has all the paranoid gone, long time passing
    where has a ll the paranoid gone, long long time ago
    where has all the paranoid, gone to ammo every one
    When will they every learn, when will they ever learn?
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    1.6 billion rounds to US Homeland security has put a Hysteria on the subject.
    might just be a justifiable reason to get while the Gettin' is good.
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    Reasons for the shortage:

    1.) There are more gunowners now than ever with thousands of new gunowners (mostly women and the elderly) everyday.

    2.) The UN has limited ammunition imports and exports of surplus ammunition from over 160 countries, to the US, since 2006 as part of the Global Disarmament which used to account for more than 60% of sales.

    3.) The US government is stockpiling ammunition (over 2 Billion rounds, mostly hollowpoint, in the last year has been contracted) creating a shortage of certain calibers (not talking about the military, they have their own production separate)

    4.) Panic buying creates more panic.

    5.) Talks of gun control spurred sales of the guns discussed being banned, mostly pistols and rifles, and guns sales are over 6 million the last 2.5 months, so if each of those people bought only 100 rounds of ammo, then that would be 600,000,000 rounds of ammo above and beyond just the average non-panic buying sales. Most would have bought more than that, so say a billion or more rounds above and beyond the average.

    6.) Fear of economic collapse and chaos.

    7.) X-mas sales.

    8.) etc etc etc etc
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    I really don't know what the issue really is, but I went to Wal-Mart and they were out of all semi-auto cartridges, including .22. The thing is, we really don't know what the anti-gunnies are going to do (try to do). The illogical fear of amoral objects is what's causing this. I don't think most people are buying out fear, but out of the fact that their gun will be useless without ammunition. Since our great politicians are hitting hard on "assault weapons", they'll probably go after 5.56, 7.62, and 6.8 rounds as well. Again, we really don't now. I am hoping there are enough people in Congress to wad any bans up and throw them in the trash, but hoping for sense in Congress can be a lost cause.

    The sad issue is that you'll never see these politicians go after the root cause of all this madness.

    I was really wanting to go plinking this weekend with my new .22, but it will have to wait until the ammo cost less than my gun.

    I will milk this too, though. Any time I see a AR-15 at Wal-Mart, and they do come sporadically, I pick them up and double my money. It's an entrepreneurs dream right now.
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    I wish I could FIND an AR-15-22, even! Sold out within 100 miles of where I live. Been sold out since around Christmas. Ammo CAN be gotten, but .22 for plinking? I feel your pain! I'm sitting on a "limited" stash of all ammo. I really wish I'd not been SO sick the latter part of this past year & recently; again, now... Seriously! I have the flu right now... It seems as if I keep getting these 2 week illnesses, right around when the C & E gun show comes to town, too. They were just here & I had a 100 degree temperature for 2 days. Ugh!!!! Hoping for the best. I'd like to go plinking too!
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    I would think that the makers of Ammo and Guns would like the job Obama and other Gun Control supporters are doing for them. What a way to sell a product, free advertisement.
    Maybe they are cutting them in on the take to speak about it, but not actually legislate it. I smell conspiracy!
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    @PoliticalSpice Don't know about secret orders but have heard that Homeland Security is buying up hollow points....

    First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.
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    No doubt. The manipulation of our economy is sooo evident when the elections come around. Both Romney and Obama were correct. Gas prices went down (just before the elections) as Obama promised. Gas prices skyrocketed back up (just after the elections) as Romney predicted. Wow, he must have been psychic. I remember the same thing happening in '08,'04,'00,'96 etc....all the way back to the Carter gas shortage. One of the simplest ways to control a population is to control their ability to be comfortably mobile. Are you noticing the spikes in milk and dairy, bread and toilet paper? Around here milk is over $5 per gallon, bread has doubled and toilet paper is in short supply. Thank god for all those left-over absentee ballots.
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    Marine, kinda like the gas shortage back in '75. Driving the prices up, up, up.
    Ammo companies want to make as much profit as the gas companies do. lol
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    @marine1 - I'm quite sure that their fortfolios are diverse enough to include some really choice stock picks.
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    Trying to get reasonable gun control is a losing battle in 2013. The NRA is too strong. We'll get it eventually but many, many more have to die by senseless gun violence first. In the mean time here is a link to a site keeping track of senseless gun related deaths. We're over 1900 now. So gun nuts, enjoy your 2nd amendment rights while the bodies keep piling up. Here's an appropriate John Lennon song for you -
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    To the anti gun nuts every gun owner is evil along with the NRA right? But i know alot of gun owners who don't belong to the NRA, suprising, not really, they don't agree with everything the NRA stands for. I think the map in the link you provided tells whats going on with gun violence and violence in general in this country. Where is the violence concentrated, cities? Why is this, too many people, too many gangs, not enough law enforcement, too many mentally ill, or all of the above, hell i don't know you tell us? I know where i live gun violence is extremely rare and just about everyone owns at least one gun, most own more. As the old proverb goes, remove the board from your eye before you remove the splinter from mine!
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    @zeke Plenty of big cities in Western Europe. Not many guns. Result - not much gun violence. I made no moral judgements on the goodness or evilness of gun owners. For all you know I may even own several guns. I am pointing out that the number of gun victims continues to grow day by day. Year after year. And that eventually we will wise up and regulate guns much like the rest of the civilized world. Just as the GOP is dying off so too will the gun nut mentality. There is nothing unconstitutional about regulating guns. That's why it is so hard to get a machine gun - and also too why there are never any machine gun massacres anymore.
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    @Righton Yes - I own a car. It is licensed and insured and inspected regularly. If someone is injured by my car - regardless of who is driving it I (via my car insurance) am responsible. If I wish to operate my car I must periodically pass licensing tests to insure that I can do so safely. I must also adhere to the rules that my state has decided best protect the public interests. The manufacturer of my car does not have any special liability exceptions protecting them from lawsuits should my car kill or injure someone. I would expect no less for guns and bullets as they have only once use - to kill.
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    Hell I've been stocking up on ammunition and guns since the early '80s. Got locker after locker of ammo stored in several locations. One can never be to prepared.

    To date not a single one of my weapons have injured a single human. With all the problems with banned guns killing people in Chicago makes me wonder if my arsenal is defective..
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    The DHS is purchasing 2 Billion rounds of ammo, enough to shoot every American citizen 5 times, and it has a priority in getting ammo from the manufacturers. Also, the IRS and FAA are buying millions of rounds of ammo, perhaps to shoot tax evaders or make the TSA more repulsive.
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    When our civilian public servants procure 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo (13,300 rounds for each of the 120,000 armed federal agents), then it is prudent for all responsible citizens to do likewise. So why would our public servants be concerned? The good people are simply following their lead.
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    Obama is after our guns and our Ammo. He does things in stages, the full ban is coming. He cannot control the population unless he disarms it. People are going to be ready. I know my home is ready. It will be really tough for them to get all the guns and all the ammo because a lot of us have quite a stockpile and we won't willingly give it up. Yes, as some liberal nut said in an earlier thread my guns won't stop a hellfire missile, but if Obama resorts to using those within our borders on US citizens, they we really do have a war on our hands and need the arms more than ever.
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    Look at Syria,Libya,were citizens faced their own governments and have done quit well.Some will say it is fruitless to think a population with only guns could defeat the U.S. military.Remind me again how swiftly we defeated the taliban in Afghanistan,and the number of drones and attack aircraft that they had?
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