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    The country will never recover until the people take back the country from the billionaires and corporations. Sadly, most people don't realize they are doing the bidding of the billionaires and corporations(*cough* teabaggers).
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    We dodged a bullet with Romney.
    Can you just imagine all the billionaire tax breaks there'd be?
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    LOL Sadly, most people don't realize they are doing the bidding of the multi trillion dollar debt,Trillions in unfunded liabilities and crony statism (*cough* progressives). "tea-bagging"?(That, of course refers to the cocktail hour at Barney Frank's condo in Georgetown.)
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    @Keyjo You mean like Apple, Facebook ,GE and others? Oh wait, those are OK as they were in Obama's corner. LOL
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    I for one am glad to hear that, I was momentarily disappointed at your blinders. They collective are screwing us. And this disenfranchisement leads to distrust and yes to violence.
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    Ya know, it's difficult hearing that American businesses are taxed at too high a rate and then seeing stories like this almost daily. It's disgusting and insulting to Americans that have to live in the real world.
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    @Keyjo My first response would be,"Yeah, I agree" but you'll probably find quite a few Dems in the Facebook Political Divvy Fund, too.
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    And the left gets their knickers all in a twist over oil profits, at least producing oil does something positive for America, we can run our cars, have plastic raincoats, heat our homes and enjoy life.
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    But the oil companies won't let you build imaginary farms, solicit millions of people by spamming them to be "your friend" and pretend they don't know a thing when you bully a classmate on Facebook.
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    Where are the liberals who are happy that Facebook joins the list of corporations screwing America?
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    I read this and my mouth just dropped open....I mean seriously....they pay NO taxes but get all their profits back plus some? In what world could any of us do this? Close the loopholes now....{what is it with progressive liberals and their companies....Facebook, GE....some of the highest monied corporations and they end up paying NOTHING....}
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    Time for a nice little boycott. Time to let Facebook know what we think of this. Take the first two paragraphs of this article and paste them to your Facebook page. Let everyone know that this company is getting fat and happy while the rest of us have to pick up the slack.
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    Time for a little boycott, yes, a boycott on individuals paying the IRS personal income taxes until the tax code is corrected so that obscene rebates like this don't happen.
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    A state Representative from TN once told me that was the only answer. That was 25 years ago, I was 19, and thought he was speaking heresy!
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    LOL! Zuckerberg, Jobs and all the "progressive" darlings suddenly become "capitalists" when the public looks at their pocketbooks. Of course, most of the sheep that care about this kind of thing FOR A MOMENT will "share" their opinion on Facebook with their iPad.
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    LOL! I had to post it because it is SO insane! I also like the way you put it... unfortunately. No, not you, that they are able to get SUCH a HIGH return, given who they were/are... Actually, I don't like Facebook & nope, don't keep a "page" on their "Facebook," either.
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    If this doesn't speak volumes for tax reform nothing ever will. No person or corporation should get any kind of a tax return in excess of what they paid in.
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    This is ONE (of MANY actually!) of the 'dirty little secrets' of the conservative 'UN-regulated free market' crowd who LOVE to yell and scream about the "high taxes" that are "unfair", and "crippling" American businesses and corporations. There is a MASSIVE difference between 'tax RATE' and 'taxes PAID'! They would LOVE for everyone to believe that the 'tax rate' of roughly 35% is actually PAID by businesses and corporations! When in truth, MOST of them pay no. where. NEAR. to that.. many, MANY of them pay 0%!! Also, the "rate" is ONLY on pure 'profits' NOT income! So if a company had billions in INCOME but only made $5 in 'profits' AFTER they manipulate everything, then they pay NO taxes at all! And believe me there are MILLIONS of ways to manipulate income to show little to no 'profit'. Like giving your employees, stock 'options' that are really not worth anything and taking the tax credit/write off as IF you gave them the STOCK at FULL value! You can even say that you gave them the 'option' at the highest MARKET value, regardless of the ACTUAL value, to get an even HIGHER credit!(and remember, these are 'options' NOT 'stocks' so the corporation is actually just signing an agreement with the employee, NOT giving them anything of actual VALUE at this point, which is why the employee does not pay taxes on them as income yet. See my other reply/comment on here to help explain that) And they can pass the 'losses' from one year to the next, over and over, so they actually get REFUNDS from taxes paid in FORMER years! Can you actually imagine being able to get a refund on taxes you paid, say, three years ago, because THIS year you were out of work and did not make anything or you got a new job that paid you half of what you made three years ago? You could take the 'loss' of this year and retroactively place it on your income of three years ago and say.. see! I didn't make as much as you thought and since I PAID you taxes on the higher amount I NOW get a tax refund from THAT year!
    Kind of great huh!
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    Disgusting! You all wonder why we say those who make this kind of profit should pay their fair share? Yet we the middle class and the working poor get bent over and screwed every time these companies are allowed to get a way with this bullshit!
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    Is the Fair Tax starting to look good to anybody else yet? A simple consumption tax, no loopholes, no deductions and no political pandering.
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    ! of the many tax loopholes I'll close when elected Prezident of the Very Tired States.......Send your campaign contributions to : Mr. stepped_in_it PO Box Here, Da ole USA, Zippity-do dah!
    Ya'll have a nice day!
    PS: I promise a gun in every stock pot! <walleye grin>
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    Most of the big Companies who pay little or no taxes are in Obama's corner! We need a flat tax for businesses and individuals. Fairness for BS excuses!
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    OMG! Its insane! Facebook sucks anyway! Who plays those mindless idiot games?. Oh, liberals lol!

    This has got to be the most insane thing yet Ive read on Politix to date
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    Should we ask large corporations to open their books to scrutiny by the feedral Gov't , yes that happens already. But did the board of directors/owners premeditate to evade tax , receive a refund to be creative and succeed , yes . Just that most not on the winning end of stock options are jealous, very jealous. If this propels people to in corporate a business and do similar ,so be it . jobs are needed ,go ahead.
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