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    No where near as bad as Asscan's.
    But whistle? That's old school, women with whistles. For up close and personal, I say women should carry tasers if they don't want to carry handguns. Zap the rapist right in his little tallywacker! That'll shrivel it fast as an ice dip!
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    I'd much rather a law abiding citizen simply kill the SOB. Society would be much better off. I have no sympathy for rapists. This "cures" a rapist and costs society little.
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    @Keyjo and I respect their decision to choose not to carry as well as carry if it is their desire. Nothing should force a person to be armed if they choose to not have a gun.
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    Give that man a sign
    "Keep the Government's
    Hands off my Medicare "
    He's Presidential Material - Tea Bag GOP !!
    a winner
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    Some people truly do not have a clue. I have to wonder if he gave his mom a quality whistle for her birthday.
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    They're worse, but he's a Dem, of course he'll get a pass on this....but it's blatantly clear he doesn't care about women.
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    Far lefties are saying that because Akin made similar comments, that this will be the downfall of the Republican Party. I guess Salazar will be the downfall of the Dems as well.

    There Dems, now you can share the wealth!
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    This isn't about party politics... It's about how ignorant some men can be about women's issues. And no one party has a monopoly on ignorance about women.
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    Ignorant is an insult to ignorant people. This guy is completely oblivious not only to women, but about life as a whole.
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    @thatgirl then you're one of the few liberals that look past party-line. Good for you. Glad to know there is still at least one out there...
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    Wow. Lets put this nutcase in a room full of male prison rapists with us whistle and see how long it takes it to be used as a sex toy. What a moron. I hope he doesn't have a wife or children and if he does I hope they have their whistle in their purses and no security detail.
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    How do idiots like this this get elected to public office? I'm sure a potential rapist will start shaking in his shoes when he hears the theme song from the good, the bad and the ugly, gimme a break!
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    Just the other day, I heard of a woman who maimed her would be rapist with a whistle...How stupid is he? This is not gym class, we're talking reality. HELLO..
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    I live in a condo that was built with very effective soundproofing. Neither a whistle or a scream would be effective. And just what would "feel like they're going to be raped" look like? If you're a woman, it's always a possibility. The Democrats have just as many dummies as the Republicans. It's just rare for their stupid comments to receive any attention from the press.
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    He must think women are not responciable with a firearm that will just shoot at anything. Sorry, but most of us who carry have taken classes or have grown up around guns. If you ask me most men will pull the trigger faster then any woman. How about we conduct an experiment lets put his wife or daughter in a place that is known for woman being attacked then hand them a whistle and tell them to take a stroll. Lets be sure to them they will be perfectly safe after all they have a whistle!
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    These anti-gun nuts dont care how many people they get killed or get raped to get what they want. They want to remove all guns from the US.

    Gun Control KIlls
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    Actually, Todd Adkin's comments were good. A lot of women cry rape when there is no rape. That's "illegitimate rape. But this fool that's saying women need to carry whistles instead of guns...he is nuts. Come let him get my Glock if he's man enough.
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