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    They need to find a way to make a deal that involves spending cuts. This is Obama's deal he didn't think they would call his bluff. It's time to fish or cut bait.
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    I say let the sequester happen. I have been saying it all along. And now Barrons is saying the same thing. My reason for wanting it differs, but since its the pnly way to ever get serious military cuts I hope the tea party suceeds on this. Then when people want to reinstate stuff I hope enough left leaning dems and tea party can agree not to restore miltary spending...
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    @PoliticalSpice I hope you are still saying that when the building you work in is attacked. With all the unrest in the world right now, with Al Qaeda gunning for us simply because we exist, the next 9/11 could be in your town, or blow up the bridge you are traveling over or the tunnel you are traveling through. What we need is more intel., to NOT just aimlessly kill with a drone and capture a few of these guys so we can find out what they are planning. Forewarned is always better than being taken by surprise.
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    @Tralee The town I live in was attacked on 9/11. Sorry to idisppoint you by not having been in the building. The military did virtually nothing to prevent it. Nor did the intell community or ghe Bush administration, which had more then ample intelligence. Next time you wang to wish an al wuada attack on someone, wish it on your town.
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    @PoliticalSpice I don't believe is wished anything on you, again, you seem to read and then read between the lines. The military could do a lot more if it had better intel. You have no idea how many plots that were foiled through military intel. before 9/11 and you have no idea how many will not be carried out because we just kill them, we don't capture and interrogate. Bad idea, really a very bad idea. I do believe that after 4 years of Obama's open hand not a fist out policy has proven that we just can't make nice with them, that only makes them disrespect us and do what they will, knowing full well, that this president will not take any action against them. He may write a stern letter, but that's about all.
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    @Tralee Listen, i read what you said, and I really have nothing to say to one who wishes an al quada attack on someone just because they disagree with your militaristic budget priorities. And I know a bit more about intel then you might thing having read about it non-stop for several years.
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    Good thing Congress took the week off. Poor things must have been exhausted from all that finger-pointing, dithering, and tantrum-throwing. May they'll be rested enough when they return to TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE'S BUSINESS!!!

    Or not. I'm not sure I've ever seen as irresponsible a Congress as this one. The only thing they seem to accomplish is the creation of stupid, entirely avoidable crises like this one.
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    Hey maybe send a link to the Facebook tax return article to Boehner and ask again why he refuses to put tax revenues on the table.

    Oh, wait, you don't want to make him cry or anything.
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    @mtkopf you realize that taxes were just raised on all income earners and even more on those making over $500k?
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    @Yank actually taxes were not raised on all income earners just those making over $500k. The payroll tax holiday, which was never intended to be permanent, expired.

    Now, maybe you could explain how Facebook's 1/2 BILLION DOLLAR tax refund compares with an individual's taxes.
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    Yes ill feel it directly, but I have savings and enough vacation days and sick time built up that I can weather about 2 months if the VA shuts down. I can also always pick up shifts at an ER here under a contract company.

    I think something this dramatic is what is needed to make some people in this country wake up and realize we are running out money and we can't keep expecting less than half the population to support the other half. It's unsustainable.
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    Don't be naive. this will affect every one. mostly the GOP who wiil be viewed as defending the top 1% This will cost them in '14 & '16
    Obama already established its their fault
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    May I ask how you will directly be affected? This is an honest question. Do you know that the VA will shut down? After all, this cut is just a cut in the proposed raise in spending, not a cut in spending as it is now.
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    @martydotcom Yes Marty, he did, that's his plan. HE put this in place, R's and D's voted for it and now he wants to blame R's for letting his plan go into action. That's the sign of a man who would rather play politics, he needs to defeat the R's in 2014 to get his dream team back and totally ruin what used to be America. Just because he "established" it's the R's fault, doesn't make it so. He's just playing his usual game, except this time the R's aren't going to fall for it. He ALREADY got a tax hike, no way, 2 months later, he's going to get another. Even the low information voter would find that a bit greedy.
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    Step raises are already being halted for several va positions. We are paid bonuses for certain performance goals. None of us will be getting those this year due to budgets. Now that's what we know right now. It's not been determined if step raises will continue for the rest of employees or not and a full shutdown would mean possible shut downs for some of the departments.

    It's all politics unfortunately. Obama says my way or the highway, but as others have said its his plan that is going to go into action if the republicans don't cave. If no deal is reached the left will blame the republicans and the media will bombard the public with blame for this on the republicans. If the republicans cave we all lose because it will mean higher taxes for those of us who work and more entitlements because I doubt any deal Obama agrees to will not have a minimum wage hike or some type of handout attached to it. Tax and spend baby.
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    @Tralee Obama has very effectively laid blame on the R's because they have been foolish enough to fall right into the trap set for them. They're not in DC talking to anyone now are they? Taking two weeks off, ignoring the problems of the nation makes the R's look like fools. Every pundit both R&L agrees that just like last time the Gov shut down the GOP will absorb 99% of the blame. Who cares if the R's aren't going to fall for it, they are 16 they are in disarray, a minority of the voting public a soon to bee even a lessor them Add in, Boehner's lack of leadership, McConnell being a nit wit running for his life from Ashley "Juggs," John McCain's insanity. Ted Cruz's rudeness and lack of respect, Karl Rove lining up a circular firing squad and the R's are going to have a hard time holding on to what few sane voters they have. Anyone with a modicum of sense is looking at the R's and wondering how they're screw up next?
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    Meanwhile, the people it actually will affect watch with disdain and annoyance as these VERMIN do nothing to move, lest they lose face. God forbid!!
    So sick of the two parties. Seriously, step aside and let your betters have a shot at trying real solutions.
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    When is the last time you actually saw criminals and thieves step aside so decent people could have a fair shot?
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    @jessejaymes When good men stood up and forced them to. There are instances in history. Shining examples of what we should be doing.
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    If this was your household would increasing your income (gov't equivalent of raising taxes) or cutting spending be the best solution? The first answer should be cutting spending in my opinion.
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    One can control what you spend, but it is much harder to control or even predict what your income will be. But Washington is the only place where you can spend more the next year and it is still considered a spending cut. I would be happy if they could just freeze spending, let alone cut it. The reality is that we have never seen the government spend less than it did in the previous year.
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    Obama put this sequester in place! He can just as easily move it. I though that after the elections, congress was supposed to get on top of this immediately and get working! They didn't. That was the whole reason for those three months! Then, less than a month from the deadline, they voted to give themselves a week off. They had already had Christmas break. Before that they voted to give themselves a raise, during a time when our country was already in financial trouble! What are they there for? Obviously not for us. For God's sake. Just set up a spending cut package for right now! Make it known that taxes will be on the table next. There is no need for Obama to flush the American people down the toilet because of a pissing contest! He is the president. He needs to drop the my way or the high way crap! It seems Obama doesn't care about doing this to the American people! I know how to cut billions if not a trillion right now! Without hurting the American people one bit. So do a lot of other people. A HUGE problem is that we are talking about domestic spending cuts first. That is the wrong way. It's lunacy, trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!
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    Well first guys, the sequester effects 0.3 % of the budget, so those of you worried about some sort of collapse RELAX. The problem with the sequester are the cuts in needed services like: Federal education programs ( of which there are many), discretionary defense and non defense, SS, Medicare and Medicaid
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    Yes, but without sequester the military never gets cut. I say let sequester happen, just as let bush tax cuts expire. Then reinstate the Non-military programs as needed. Oh and you are mistaken. Its not bad as you think, I do not think ss and medicare are cut as part of the sequester.
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    Everybody sing!!!!(to the tune of Shirley Ellis's "name game"

    The Blame game!

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    Fee fy mo Famma, Obama!

    Boehner, boehner boBonner, Banana fanna fo Foehner
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    Come on everybody!
    I say now let's play a game
    I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody's name
    The first letter of the name, I treat it like it wasn't there
    But a B or an F or an M will appear
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    And then I say the name again with an F very plain
    and a fee fy and a mo
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    and there isn't any name that I can't rhyme

    Pelosi, Peliosi bo Belosi Bonana fanna fo Felosi
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    But if the first two letters are ever the same,
    I drop them both and say the name like
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    For Fred, Fred drop the F's Fo red
    For Mary, Mary drop the M's Mo ary
    That's the only rule that is contrary.

    Okay? Now say Bo: Bo
    Now Tony with a B: Bony
    Then Bonana fanna fo: bonana fanna fo
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    Then you say the name again with an M this time: Mony
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    Every body do Mitch!
    Pretty good, let's do Harry!
    Very good, let's do Michelle!
    A little trick with Sarah!
    The name game

    And the beat goes on.
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    Go ahead and cut them where ever they need to ,the people voted this congress in and they should not complain when they get what they voted for,what else could they possible expect.
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    It will help to slow obama's march toward to disaster we see in Southern Europe. But, it won't stop America from racing to embrace mediocracy and EuroSocialism over th e next 47 months. I guess I have to agree that it must be good. President Obama signed the Sequester into Law.
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    How do you create the issue an then complain about the potential effects? This president needs to take a leadership and consistency course
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    yes i will be impacted directly but think we should let to hit. MAYBE it will shake the politcal system to its core if this happens and the politicians will scramble ot work for the nation rather than the next election result. If they dont maybe the rest of us will smarten up and vote EVERY sitting politician out of office.
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    Obama created the sequester plan, now let him live with the results. What a moron. He will try to blame the Republican House, when in fact the House has passed not just one, but TWO bills to replace the sequester with common sense cuts and sent those bills to the Senate. Both are lying on Harry Reid's desk, and Reid will not allow a vote. Further, Reid does not have a plan to get a Democrat written bill in front of the Senate for a vote, because he knows he cannot even get the Democrats to vote for it. the illogical world which exists within Obama's small brain, we should blame the Republicans for his (Obama's) own bad idea, which he now admits was a bad idea. And he wants to blame Republicans despite the fact that they have passed 2 versions of bills to correct Obama's original stupidity. And he wants to blame Republicans despite the fact that the Democratic controlled Senate does not have a bill, and despite the fact that he has not offered his own bill. When will America wake up to the fact that this man is an idiot, totally lacking any leadership abilities?
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    Obama was the one who came up with this sequester idea and now he is trying to blame the GOP? What a complete liar and hypocrite! Does this guy EVER get tired of playing politics and insulting and attacking the GOP? GIVE IT A REST LOSER, YOU ARE A LAME DUCK! Try spending your energy getting our nation back to work rather than playing politics. These cuts are exactly what this nation needs and if the Liberal media would start putting out the facts rather than being Obama's cheerleaders, our nation would start growing once more on the confidence of a Government getting it's finances in order. All of these departments who are effected will simply move people from non essential areas to ones where they are needed most. It is called simple business as usual for real companies. Unlike Government where they just spend more debt money.
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    Until they audit the fed , find out the fraud , illegal debt that we've been signed onto and start putting wall street bankers in jail, we'll never prosper. This is all bread circus that will do NOTHING.
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    I didn't hear his speech, did he tell everyone that R's don't care about, firemen, if your house burns down, policemen, we don't care if you are robbed, meat inspectors, we don't care if you have good safe food to eat, women and children, we don't care if the eat or not, and other dire warnings of things that will happen with this sequester? And all R's care about is not making their rich millionaires and billionaires pay "their fair share of taxes"? Did he mention that this "cut" is actually a cut in the PROPOSED RAISE IN SPENDING? Hmm? I'll bet he didn't mention that. See kiddies, instead of INCREASING spending in a few areas 100% it's only going to be increased 95%. Yep, that's it and BTW, this is Obama's plan, the one HE proposed and the house and senate agreed upon. Did he even bother to mention that SS, Medicare and Medicaid are exempt? As are other social programs?
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