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    It's not an attack on women's right. They're minors. They shouldn't be forced across state lines for an abortion in ANY case. Whether by their parents, legal guardian, boyfriend, etc. If that juvenile female decides to have that child, that is her right. In the same respect, she should also be made to start paying her own way. No more mommy and daddy funding her, time to get a jobby-job to support that child and your own spending habits.

    Oh btw, on an unrelated note, for those who are paying attention, that minor in TX won the case against her parents (through settlement).
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    Sorry voted you up by accident. The article is talking about adults helping a minor get an abortion they want, not forcing them to have an abortion.
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    After reading all the comments to this point, a couple of observations. 1.) the liberals and conservatives alike are easy to spot. Neither one has made a single rational defense of either side. Great jumping jehosaphat, "they will just go to back alleys and get abortions if they aren't allowed to go across state lines to get an abortions without parental permission". Talk about your scare tactics. Most minors wouldn't know how to find a back alley abortionist. Who are you? The NRA?

    2.) And the right wing objections hold no more water than the left. "it's illegal to take a minor across state lines". On what planet does is this law upheld? We allow minors to cross international borders and nobody is held responsible.

    3.) I would like to point out that in most states if a 20 year old is caught having sex with a minor he is branded for life as a pedophile and required to adhere to "sex predator laws" for the remainder of his days. He can be thrown in prison for being within 1,500 yards of a school. This is an assortment of laws supported by both the left and right. YET the left seems to think that the minor is only a minor when she has sex but not once she gets pregnant. That's outright hypocrisy. The right on the other hand seems to only care about the fetus and the poor minor carrying that fetus but once the baby is born and the mother can't take care of it, well then everyone concerned can just die. Forget that. OUTRIGHT Hyprocisy.

    4.) Make the morning after pill over the counter for 5.00 a pill. Problem solved.
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    I dont know about other states but in PA and WV the legal age of consent is 16. So a 20,25,30 year old can have sex with a minor (16-17) and it be legal.

    I was never aware of a law saying that you cant take minors over state lines. To my knowledge you are right and it is not upheld... i honestly dont even think that law exists. When i was 18-19 i still had friends who were 16-17 and we were always taking trips to ohio or WV.

    The pill over the counter and for $5 is a GREAT idea. But would a minor be able to get it without a parent? Some parents freak out at the thought of their kids haaving sex. Because of that i could see why a pregnant 16 or 17 year old wouldnt even want to tell their parents.
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    All though i am against abortion in all cases, this kind of baffles me. No medical treatment should be administered to a minor without parental consent. I do not care if it is a tonsillectomy, birth control or an abortion.
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    Of course they are. What ever fits the liberal agenda. One minute a 13 year old is a child for their purposes and then for an abortion across state lines without parental consent they're a woman. Sick sick sick.
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    @ST_Louie_Sue Looks like conservatives once again want to block reality with a law; doesn't work. They want a pregnant teen who wants an abortion to sneak to a back alley worker who may or may not have medical training. Sick sick sick.
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    @Zazziness i will have to check yet think it is already illegal to take a minor across state lines unless it is your own kid. if anyone is fool ,enough to go in a back alley for an abortion let nature take its course. they said now the kid is an adult doing what you said would be a choice.
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    @ST_Louie_Sue Oh get real! The age of consent in most Red States is 16. In Missouri, South Carolina and Iowa it's 14. So much for the Conservatives looking out for the best interests of children.
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    @tomincali "if anyone is fool ,enough to go in a back alley for an abortion let nature take its course..."
    Ah, the ever-compassionate conservative outlook. "Comply to my wishes. If you don't, you can die. I don't care."
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    Looks almost coordinated, doesn't it.

    As GOP-lead states (like Mississippi) create more and more barriers to provider clinics, often forcing them to close, this sort of law further restricts the choices available to females facing difficult reproductive circumstances.
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    They shouldn't have to go across state lines to get one. If that is what it has to happen then there's a bigger problem, isn't there?
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    You realize that the issue here is a minor being transported across state lines to avoid parental notification?
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    ANYTHING that does not include the parents approval should be against the law and i believe that if one crosses a stae line to break a law, it becomes a federal offense. Even more strange is, you can't buy a gun across state lines but you can kill a unborn baby.
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    It's still her body and by preventing an abortion you are chaining her to the baby, forcing her to feed the baby. We don't do this to women even after they give birth. If you don't want to feed the baby at that point you can put the baby up for adoption.
    The government should figure out what it can do and then push as hard as it can for ectogenesis research. Ectogenesis is artificial wombs. When there are artificial wombs women can unchain themselves from their baby without killing it. No more need for abortion.
    The fact that it's a minor shouldn't mean that parents can to force the kid to sustain another life inside of them against their will. If the fetus' right to life really outweighs the mother's right not to sustain another life against her will then we should just ban abortion altogether and not just for minors.
    If you insist the minor isn't mature enough to make this decision then you should support allowing parents to order their kid to have an abortion. If the kid is not mature enough to choose abortion then they're not mature enough to choose to have a baby.
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    Ending abortion rights is NOT protecting human life. It is a fetus. As it is a miscarriage is an abortion. Going to ban that? Impossible. Republicans want less interference in the private lives of people but do nothing but interfere.
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    Is it just me or do other people notice how the Liberals in the Democrat party stand for every anti family, Government control laws out there. They put themselves in our homes telling us we can not spank our kids or we could be arrested. They are arrogant eletes who actually believe they can better raise our kids. They have the audacity to think it is ok to take OUR CHILDREN across the border without our knowledge? The Obama's and other Liberals truly think they have the right to indoctrinate our kid's minds with their politically correct, pro abortion, pro gun control, anti God agendas. Liberals, you are truly sick sick people.
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    Why? What if the father was the sexual predator that abused her and the mother doesn't believe her? But her brother does. Then what?
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    It seems to me that Roe v. Wade is a FEDERAL Supreme Court decision, superseding any State Law. Any state attempt to interfere with a woman's right to choose is obstruction of justice. It's moronic to make a poor minor and her Mother, Father or Guardian cross state lines just because some people insist on resisting Res Judicata ( decided law). I find it ridiculous that the folks that agree with me on supporting the 2nd Amendment, disagree with me on ways to save money on social costs. Unwanted children are often abused and neglected; their Mothers often collect AFDC and food stamps for 18-21 years (not sure how long); and they become a burden on the state until they are on their feet financially. Many of those unwanted/neglected children will grow up to be CRIMINALS costing states between $87,000-$125,000 per year to house in prisons. Do you still want to keep obstructing the law and barring abortions?
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    Absolutely! No one, not a parent or guardian, should take a minor across state lines for any medical procedure without the permission of the parents. There are laws in place for any child, who may be afraid of her parents, be abused by her parents or pregnant because of a parent, to get a court appointed guardian. If someone wants to make that possible, that's fine with me, but, no, to just take a minor across state lines for an abortion is totally wrong. If it's illegal to take a minor across state lines for sex, it's just as illegal to take them across state lines for an abortion. What if it's the same person who got her pregnant taking her across state lines for an abortion? You all OK with that? Think about it, he get's her preggers, gets an abortion, gets her preggers, get's another abortion, how is that not child abuse itself?
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