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    The 500 billion cut from defense LAST YEAR.

    This is ridiculous to cry about 85 billion dollars..when they speedily granted 68 BILLION to storm "victims"
    and another 30 billion to extend welfare...unemployment,AGAIN.
    not one word about that money.
    Theis mess (if indeed it even is one) was intended by this president. It was introduced by him and last year when HIS APPOINTED SUPER-SENATORS...couldn't get a thing done the president said he would veto any bill aiming to STOP THE SEQUESTER.
    now the snake is using his bootlickers in the state run media to once again confuse the low information voter.
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    And lets be honest there are no CUTS IN SPENDING PENDING.There is simply very slightly less spending growth. its not a bad thing to furlow some government workers...they already make three times what the same worker makes in the REAL WORLD!
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    @bsking - I couldn't make it through the entire article (I want to be careful with my blood pressure). Is there anything in there actually worth reading?
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    Let's see how fast McCain starts crying after Apache Helicopter plant layoffs and the VA, ME and MS GOP contingents are already yelling about NIMBY shipbuilding layoff's. The Lady Lindsey will go bonkers with defense losses in the Carolina's.
    Boehner can't negotiate with Obama because he can't deliver on what he negotiates.
    Power politics BSking: Why would you stop the Sequester when politically speaking when you have the opposition party looking like bumbling fools and in total disarray. Strategically don't you hit your opponent when they are the weakest.
    Who do you think the people will blame waiting in line for canceled flights due to no air traffic, or security delays. The feckless GOP will get blamed and '14 looks like a loser for all the radical right wingers
    I know you blame the poor for the loss of the middle class and it's the fault of the poor that income disparity between workers and the CEO has never been so great, Oh course, it's the poor's fault that corp. profits are at record levels as is CEO's pay. Maybe if we closed some loophole companies like GE and Facebook would pay taxes. Maybe Corps would give up their incentive to move jobs off shore. Maybe we could pay off a little of the debt if we closed just a few loopholes
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    off topic Deal on the Ferrari Mon fell thru on inspection. Service records couldn't be confirmed a 7k service they said was no was not and they wouldn't negotiate on it
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    @DerivePI Just Obama talking points. Articlel just printed the usual White House press feed....yawn..
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    Who considers 85 Billion in "cuts" to be "massive"? LMAO That is less than 2.5% of the proposed budget. On a personal level, that would be like the average person making $40,000/yr not spending $1000 for the year, or taking a $1000 paycut for the year. I think the government can manage without that 85 Billion just fine, and should be able to cut WAY more than that! They spend 85 Billion in just 3 days!
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    Americans need to start voting out these spendthrift politicians and letting them know that there had better be some tough and REAL CUTS to spending now, because the longer we wait, the harder it will be to make cuts, and the further down the country will go. It almost seems that ruining this country as fast as possible is the actual agenda at hand. Agenda 21 perhaps? New World Order finally on the fasttrack?
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    I don't think it is going to happen. With expenditures totaling in the trillions, an 85 billion cut over 10 years is a drop in the bucket. A lot of what is being said in the media are simply scare tactics as agencies try to protect their bureaucratic empires.
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    Agree, it's all scare tactics and diversion. The politicians are raping America and feeding at the trough of excess.
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    Traditionally when the "political morons" on capital hill speak of "spending cuts" they are trying to make you think they are actually REDUCING what they are currently spending. Bull Shirt. They are arguing about how much to INCREASE our current spending. It's going to go up anyway. The "sequester" is a lie. The "cliff" is a lie. And the bull crap about people "losing jobs" is a lie. Our politicians need to quit lying to the American people and speak plainly. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO.
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    well said! "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money" -- Alexis de Tocqueville
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    Doesn't matter. Even if they had the perfectly planned, perfectly balanced budget, they would find some way to screw it up.
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    There will be no cuts. Washington will continue to monetize its debt, and dilute the currency. What we're really waiting for is the dollar crisis.
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    I absolutely agree with this statement: "...voters continue to naively elect and reelect members of Congress whose political self-interests supersede the interests of the people whom they purport to represent." I do not think that sequestration is the end of the world or will suddenly cause al qaeda to take over the United States as some seem to think. The sequestration will not effect obligations already made... it just alters future growth in certain arenas. We already spend too much on the military and I think we expect our military to do too much world policing... Why the heck do we need US military bases in hundreds of countries around the globe??? No, it's time our congress stopped listening to AIA and pay attention to what is best for all of us, not just the defense industry... And how secure do you think we are if China decided to call in its loans all of a sudden and we have no way to pay? Bottom line, our congress just loves to spend our money... and they would lose alot of personal wealth if they do not obey the lobbyists who tell them to spend more of our money... I really like the way Norquist put it: "Spending is what politicians do instead of caring."
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    It's kinda interesting to note that the big chatter is about laying people off and not about eliminating fraud and overcharging in supplying the military and stopping 'benefits' for illegals. Correct those latter two points and the budget 'crisis' would be moot.
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    Defense. This what Obama wanted. He needs to realize compromise is not doing only what he wants. It's time for real spending cuts. The republicans gave him his tax increase.
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    Sequestration Obfuscation, how about adding another one Castration for all the male Congressional leaders with more testicular fortitude than they do intellectual acumen.
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    Which potential cuts are you most worried about?

    Absolutely None!!
    1/2 of 1 % surely isnt a "CUT" at all........Give me a break
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    none of them, close the check book and lock the library doors. time to pay the bill collectors america.
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