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    Cash for Clunkers; Auto Bailouts; Bank Bailouts; Continuing the Bush Era Tax Cuts; No-Bid Contracts for Haliburton; Solyndra...

    Obama is doing HIS share to Help the Rich.
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    Thank you for pointing this out. Too often around here do people claim he wants to 'punish the rich' when most of his policies are a continuation of the same policies benefiting the rich for 30+ years.
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    @harold_lloyd - Continued by Obama. BS excuses don't hold water anymore. Dems and Repubs are both to blame and both at fault.
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    Yes, but not all Dems, and not all Reps.

    It's the key players, the leadership and a few others, that are pretty much bought and paid for.

    As to 'continued by Obama', what would you have done if you'd assumed the office of the Pres right in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the depression?

    The truth is, we were so close to collapse that just the fact that the worst outcome was averted keeps me from condemnation.

    At least he tried to do what was best for the nation, rather than be hampered by the same sort of rigid ideology that got us into that mess.

    Could you have done better? How?
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    What good is a tax raise if you just keep spending and spending. we already gave you the tax raise, now hold up your end of compromise and start cutting things and reducing spending ultimately to a level that is the same as what you take in.
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    "we already gave you the tax raise"

    Gave? Get real!

    And who is 'we'? Are you one of the rich guys who has to pay a little more?

    Face the fact that we're going to raise taxes some more, as well as cut spending, if we are to make any progress on the debt.

    Are you willing to pay more in a balanced plan that does both?
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    @harold_lloyd I got hit with a pretty hefty tax increase. It's time to cut spending. Any more tax increases and it will be in my best interest to sell out, fire my employees and just live off the returns from my investments. I am not alone here. How is that going to help anything? That's what Obama is doing to help?
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    This is the partisan BS Obama promised us he wouldn't do, not once, but twice (08 and 12). If his lips are moving, he's lying, whether you agree with his context or not.
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    @AceLuby That's easy - Bush's two unfunded wars, Bush's tax cuts for the rich and the stimulus package to get us out of the near Depression that Bush caused.
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    It's the spending without the taxing!

    You went along with it, so did most of the people here.

    It seemed so painless.

    Well, now it's time for the pain, so suck it up and endure.

    Be a grown-up.
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    There were three options I could have voted for. Disagree offensive and decisive.
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    @NTBFW They give multiple choices on polls like this to "water down" the results. Notice only two options for people who are Obama's groupies, yet several options for those who disagree, which makes the highest percentage on the poll look like the majority agree with Obama, when in fact most people on here will disagree when you combine all the other percentages.
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    @ZombieMedic I noticed that. The thing that pisses me off when Obama say things like this is to him, the rich are anyone that makes enough money they don't have to depend on the government for handouts.
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    @ZombieMedic Who cares about the poll anyway? What are you trying to make up for that you have to be shown in a random poll that you follow the conservative herd?
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    Obama is part of the RICH ELITIST crowd that he is speaking about. Being puppets to the rich is not just one political party's prerogative, BOTH the Democrats and the Republican politicians are in the Billionaire's pockets. Wonder what Soros and Bloomberg think about Obama when he doesn't give them any "props" for getting him where he is? LMAO
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    The whole idea that the Democrat party is for the poor man started during the Great Depression. FDR had to do something to help the poor white racist crackers, who suddenly found themselves in breadlines with blacks, vote for the Democrat party during failing economic times, so he started the socialist handout programs.(They were supposed to be handups, but that all changed later on as human nature took advantage of the system.) That began the whole rich vs poor race, and gullible people still buy into the false idea that RICH POLITICIANS give a crap about them and are in politics because they are saints and want to help the working class. People are gullible, and politicians rely on that gullibility, and this statement from RICH OBAMA is just another example of "The Bigger the Lie, the more people will believe it."
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    Boy, I'll bet people use up all of their pejorative vocabulary trying to respond to the drivel you write.
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    Someone said that politicians are like Pro wrestlers, all fake, designed to get the ignorant masses worked up and take sides, etc. Sounds about right. Green is the color of both parties and most all politicians.
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    @harold_lloyd - politically, I'm more concerned over the people that voted for him. Obama is just the summary of the lies that the people of this country have fallen for:

    - Government can spend us out of this mess. Nope. We have less people working today than when Bush left us with the worst economic disaster since the first great depression.

    - Government would make a great Health Insurance provider. Hasn't even been fully implemented yet and my "affordable" health insurance premiums are already going up 60% in one year. Can't wait for the full effect!

    - We'll just wrangle up some rich people to pay for our excesses. I imagine this is a lot like herding cats. Historically, rich people and their money disappear quickly.

    - You can bring both sides together in bipartisan support by over generalizing and dehumanizing the other side.

    - The best way to resolve an impasse is to go golfing (OK, yeah that one is Obama!)

    Its the people drowning because they think they're walking on water, that concerns me.
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    @Concerned_Cit he has some good points really. I use to be a Dem. I worked in a union and my co-works listen to him on the radio and I would listen and I gotta say he's changed my view on politics. I like him but that's just me.
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    Obama said 75% of the people agree with him? Didn't Politix just say it was 56% of the people? Didn't we just get taxes raised on everyone with the expiration of the tax holiday, and the 1% had the Bush tax cuts expire? So we are already on the Obama plan, but where is the cutting of spending?
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    "I notice quite a few news stories lately about all of the wonderful politicians out there who want to dedicate their efforts to "reducing the widening gap between the rich and the poor." Spare me. Most of the politicians want to address this problem by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Well, since there are more people who consider themselves poor than rich, that would sure work at the ballot box. The answer here is to address the gap between "will work hard" and "won't work hard"; the gap between achievement and non-achievement; the gap between "paid attention in school" and "didn't pay attention in school"; the gap between good choices and bad choices. Poverty is a behavioral disorder .. a mental disease. You don't cure poverty by punishing the sane."

    Neal Boortz
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    That's idiotic. So if everyone just tried harder and worked harder everyone could lift themselves out of poverty? That's the way to eliminate poverty? By your hypothesis, everyone has the potential to be well off, by their own making. There would be no gap between the rich and poor? You clearly do not understand the reality of natural variability within the species.
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    @Russell797 "By your hypothesis, everyone has the potential to be well off, by their own making." And you don't?
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    I have no use for rigid ideology, liberal or conservative.

    Think of it like this, if you can't ever change your mind, you have no positive role to play in governance.
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    @harold_lloyd if you had a better plan that didn't destroy the constitution I would listen.
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    This entire plan would cut 82 billion from a 3.5 trillion projected budget.All this BS tells me if this is so drastic and painful to cut so little how can real cuts ever be made that will make a diff?The ship is sinking and the life boats are gone. Be prepared.
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    Obomski learned his lesson well from Frank Marshal Davis, Saul Alinsky and the Communist Manifesto, which teaches class warfare, hatred for the rich and and confiscation. End result, equal misery for all......
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    obAma's intent when talking like this has ALWAYS been to promote class warfare in order to create a chaos-like state between citizens as he uses related false excuses to further his agenda, which ultimately is TOTAL DOMINATION of the American people... to be dominated by the Federal Government. As long as the chaos, ignorance & divisiveness continues, the socialist poWers that be move closer and closer to their goals.~ The "American" way of life, capitalism, believes an individual has the right to work hard an either succeed, or fail. In obAma's dreamworld, he wants you to think the government can be successful in your stead. In reality, this type of false teaching culminates into personal laziness and government dependency in even the simplest things... That's just what liberal Democrats want. If you "depend" on government? You've been dominated and bent to their will already.
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    If this is the case explain how it is that the poor have gotten poorer, the middle class continues to lose ground and the rich have gotten record setting richer with obama in office. You really need to talk to your ducks about getting lined up properly.
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    @jessejaymes IF the POOR are getting POORER, then they are working less. IF the Middle Class is "losing ground", they need to position themselves to do better in life, either through added education, work, venture into private enterprise, etc... IF the RICH are getting RICHER, then they are displaying intelligence uncommon to most other folk. They ALL can be successful... or they can all FAIL. It depends on THEM.

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    @jessejaymes Since the poor are getting poorer and the middle class are worse off under Obama, it lends support to the obvious fact that Obama is in the tank for the rich as well.
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    It was easily forgotten, but in the 1st "bailout" that has been claimed to be SUCH the success, ober EIGHT HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS just DISAPPEARED into a black hole. To this day, that money has not been found. Only speculations abound.~ Now IF obAma had to pay back the billions spent to get him into office, how would he do that? You got it. The 1st government bailout was all about the rich poWers that be. It was the largest daytime heist and fleecing of the American public in history.~ And what is the power of the media? Well... It wasn't even noticed. Was it?
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    I'm glad he said it because it is 100% true. The GOP had absolutely no interest in the deficit when Bush was President. In fact Cheney said "Deficits don't matter". They don't care about raising taxes on the poor either. The democrats would have loved to continue the 2% SS tax holiday but it was lost in the compromise because the GOP didn't want it. But they did fight tooth and nail to keep tax breaks for people making $250K or more. The gap between the ultra-wealthy and the middle class and the poor has never been larger. Mostly because of the lower tax burden that the rich have paid since the Reagan years. These tax breaks for the so-called job creators haven't created many jobs but they sure did allow the very rich to get very richer.
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    I agree, the GOP wasn't all that concerned with deficits under Bush. On the flip-side, Obama -- the president with the most deficit increase -- was. Ironic how priorities change or get ignored by the parties when their guy is or is not in power, huh? I don't blame the GOP for not wanting to continue the underfunding of SS, as it's already headed for insolvency, and the "tax holiday" just expedited it. The further irony of the president's words and that poll is that the top 25% of the population pays roughly 80% of the tax. So with the bottom 75% of the population paying only 20% of the tax burden, don't you find it ironic that they're for other people pay more tax, and the percentages line up nearly identically?
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    @Hireman Those that have more should pay more. If you take it down to the very basics the government's job is to protect the country. Since the very wealthy own most of the country they should pay the most in taxes. The fairest way possible to tax people is exactly proportionate to their net worth. That way everyone pays exactly the same percentage on what they own. Remember most of the poor actually have either zero or negative net worth. The GOP would NEVER go for a plan like that because the ultra-wealthy wealthy pay far, far less percentage wise relative to their net worth than any other segment of society. The wealthiest 400 individuals own more than the bottom 50% of the rest of America.

    Let these 400 people pay 50% of the nations taxes then.
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    @PNWest The top 400 are is a vastly different number than 75 million (25%), which is what I referred to. The top 25% DOES pay the vast majority of the taxes, and their effective rate is far higher than the rest of the 75%. Again, I don't disagree that the GOP wouldn't try to raise the taxes on the wealthy (although they just allowed it to happen), however, they don't want to raise the taxes on anyone, so Obama's tact is nice for headlines, but short on accuracy.
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    After being screwed by the rich for so long, it's not hard to understand.

    Something to watch for...

    As Republican prospects dim, Big Money will gravitate to the Democrats.

    Big Money cares nothing for ideology, to them everything is about increasing their wealth and keeping it.
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    @harold_lloyd why don't you get off your butt and get rich yourself? It's easy. Find a good idea. Commit 15-18 hours a day to it save every penny and work your ass off. I paid for my education with a GI bill. Stop making excuses and go do it. I did and you can too.
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    There is your President Democrats. His entire term has been one of divisive class warfare for the express purpose of getting elected at the expense of our nation. There is absolutely no doubt he is the all time worst president in our history. There is no other president even close to his failure. It is traitorous to pit Americans against Americans for the sake of creating voting blocks of hate.
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    Hogwash ! Do you think BO isn't a millionaire ? Do you know there are more Democrat millionaires than Republicans ? Do you think there is an ounce of difference between the Dem or Rep snooty, elitists at that high level of Gov't.? The 'R' & 'D' thing is just a smoke & mirrors ploy to keep us 'peons' divided & argueing . While they still remain as 'professional prostitutes' to Wall Street , Big Unions , Oil , Medical , Pharmaceuticals & others. Want an example - Bush was an oilman , gas was high - gas prices are nearly $2 bucks a gallon higher now than when the oilman left office . Why ? Why ? BO is not an an oilman - even the presidents are whores to big money. All of them !
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    Agreed! Green is the color of the ONE political party this country has. The parties disagree and take sides on heated social issues to keep the public distracted, while the Democrats and Republicans work together to push Agenda 21, which helps the rich ruling elitists.
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    He continues his rude and untruthful attempts to instigate a economic class battle in the U.S. to serve his socialist agenda. He sounds ilke a young F. Castro.
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