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    @marine1 OR a far right zealot. The writer is correct. The Rubio camp turned this one around. Nice work.
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    I don't think anyone should thank the media for fixating on his drinking water rather than reporting on his context. When Americans are more interested in the Kardashians than the people we elect that have effect over our lives, it's a sad state of affairs
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    They shouldn't thank the media. They should thank the banality of the American people who find merit in unrelated and trite things.
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    My reaction is that he gave a great speech, and the only thing the liberal media and democrats could find to rebut him was the water bottle. Given how Obama and the Dumbocrats seize on any stupid thing for attack ads, I can't wait for the one that shows Rubio drinking with big words scrawled across the picture: "He drinks WATER!!!" OMG - have you ever heard anything so preposterous in your life? The man actually drinks WATER! Amazing! What will those Conservatives think of drinking next, if today they are actually drinking WATER?
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    Hmmm water? They'll probably say next that "every druggie, pedophile, rapist, and Nazi there was, drank water." Add in some evil sounding music and you have a typical campaign ad on TV. Sounds like a Simpons parody.
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    Yeh, we should thank the media? When Rubio actually runs for president, the major media outlets will wait on some story from 20 years ago where they take something he said out of context to try and crucify him. The one President (Obama) who has more baggage and gaffes and corruption from his past, gets a free ride from the press. It is traitorous what our free press has become. Mouth pieces for the Democrats. Remember Obama's pastor the white hater racist Reverend Wright? Remember Obama's friend, the terrorist Bill Aires? Remember Benghazi where our Ambassador was murdered? Remember Fast and Furious gun scandal? Remember Obama's remarks how people cling to God and their guns? I could go on and on but if a GOP candidate said or did any of these things, it would have been non stop coverage right up to election day.(like they did with the 47% comment Romney said taken out of context and absolutely true) It is truly sad the amount of charity cases there are in this nation voting for politicians like Obama.
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    Marco Rubio's name is now national. The liberal media once again pounced on whatever they could find that they thought would hurt republicans. Well, this incedent backfired on the liberal media big time! Now everyone knows Rubio's name and can research his past, while watching what he's doing until election time. Only liberals would take a sip of water and call it "water bottle gate"! I do think this media coverage will only help him to win the nomination and election in 2016!
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    the problem is that mr. rubio isn't a 'republican' he's a teabagger. there's a difference. as a teabagger, there is absolutely no way in hell that he should be considered for a presidential bid.
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    Politix Op-Ed Contributor
    Attention: "Liberal Media" Haters: The Wall Street Journal reports: "Rubio’s Early Asset Is Name Recognition".
    "The base line of any political career starts with a simple question: Do people even know who you are? Do they recognize your name? As he eyes a possible run for the White House in 2016, freshman Florida Sen. Marco Rubio can already bank on unusually high name recognition compared to a number of recent presidential nominees when they first entered the arena, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll."

    What say you now???
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    So Grinberg thinks that when the media obsesses about and denigrates Rubio for taking a drink of water... we're supposed to thank the Left Wing Media for hating on him so much?

    Is that how I'm supposed to understand this goober's rationalization for why the Left hates Rubio?
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    It's not about water, it's about Rubio having his big moment and blowing it.

    He looked like a high school kid, and his remarks were pure tea party suckup.
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    Politix Op-Ed Contributor
    With all due respect, "hate" is a serious word. I doubt that anyone in the media actually hates Rubio. This was reported because a potential presidential contender flubbed on a national stage before a national audience. The media were pointing out that Rubio mismanaged even the most basic and simple political stagecraft. All he needed was to keep a glass of water -- more dignified for the ocassion -- in front of the camera at waist level. That would have solved the whole problem. This is not exactly political rocket science by any means.

    Further, when was the last time any respondent to a SOTU addressed dodged on and off camera in such a awkward manner? What would President Reagan's iconic image maker Michael Deaver think? Heads would roll.

    Therefore, I'm sure Rubio and his staff will be more careful going forward when it comes to political theater and stagecraft. He will always think twice now before making an amateur move. Again, Ruibio can thank the media for helping him remember this conspicuous gaffe before a national audience so something similar -- and perhaps more serious -- does not hapen again (and further hurt his political and public image).

    Lastly, you should kindly refrain from needless name calling as that just discredits your argument and lowers the standards of Politix as a serious social media site for informed debate. Thanks.
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    @DB-Grinberg-- and I doubt that most republicans don't hate gays, blacks, women, hispanics etc... What's your point hater?
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    I mean that even though he knows that he policies and actions he espoused in his response would damage the economy and harm the country, he still repeated them to remain in accordance with the beliefs of what he considers to be his 'base'.
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    The man needed a drink of water. I have watched senate hearing the people being asked the questions were always dinking glass after glass. I always wondered if it was a stall tactic or were they trying to get a pee break.
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    @Vance1 Well I have already answered that in another post, where you asked me that same question.....Just in case you missed it, this is what I said:

    @Vance1 Well, for staters this: "America is a Capitalist Ideal, Dont like it...then leave!!"...1) It seems that one of the very first things that (at least the far right here) always does---is to tell anyone who excercises his/her right to free speech ---to get the hell out of America. So that's the first problem with being a right-winger...Number 2)...well, you guys always act as if you belong to some kind of "cult"...Not one of you DARES to go against an issue, or denounce a very bad candidate (and you had a LOT of them in 2012). Number 3) for some reason you people never---EVER do any "homework" on any damn thing. You just listen to or read something from someone else (who also did not learn anything about the issues) then you just believe it---But worst than spread it to other right-wingers who do the same thing!?!? 4) You continue to cling to " ideas & ideals" that a majority of the American People don't like or agree with...5) If someone does dare to disagree with you---you call them all sorts of names---as if somehow that will make them "change their minds"...6) The ranks of the far right---are typically filled with racist & bigots. 7) You insist upon trying to force YOUR religion on everyone, whether or not they want it.--8) Not only do you "worship" capitalism as some kind of god---you have the unmitigated gall to expect everyone else to do that too?!?-- 9) You insist upon forcing all of us to endure failed economic policies. 10) Not many of you seem to know much about economics. 11) Even though the bulk of the people who receive some sort of "government assistance" come from the ranks of YOU incorrectly insist that anybody else is a "free-loader"...

    I have about 10 more reasons, but I think you get the picture.
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    Yea well I'll tell you why I do not like radical leftists.
    Because our founding fathers left you to come to the new world.
    You seek Government control of everything, and I want Government out of nearly everything.
    You actually need Obama to take care of you and folks like you..I do not.
    Government doesnt do many things good at all, I want our country to get going and Obama must step asside and allow the private sector to go forward.
    Stimulus isnt the way to go. After 4 yrs of socialist ideals The country isnt better off, Its failing.
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    The writer is a democrat and obvious he doesn't like Rubio. But this whole thing was brought on by democrats. Rubio seemed smart enough to flip it to a positive for him but it is about the dumbest controversy I've seen in politics. The man drank water. Wow. I don't think I could have blamed Obama for taking a drink of water if he wants one.
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    Politix Op-Ed Contributor
    - With all due respect, I must correct you. The writer is registered independent who used to work for Democrats before a two-decade long career of non-partisan public service. Remember that saying about assumptions...
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    @DB-Grinberg fair enough. But he has been a democrat. You are correct that he is declaring to be independant And even though he tried to be objective my opinion of his article stands. I have a hard time believing some one can be completely objective.
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    Politix Op-Ed Contributor
    @NTBFW - Good point, but please remember that opinion-editorial writing (op-ed) is NOT meant to be objective and never has been, that would defeat the purpose. We all have our biases and inner beliefs, but I strive to call it like I see it. I don't adhere to any political orthodoxy other than my own. Lastly, If it's any consulation to you personally, my wonderful, smart and beautiful girlfriend is an unabashed conservative -- so at least I know how to pick 'em (lol). Thanks.
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    @DB-Grinberg you are correct about Op-Ed writing I can respect a liberal that will admit they are a liberal giving their liberal opinion. Or a conservative too. Same either way. Whether its Limbaugh or Oberman they declare what they are and make their point. I can respect that. What is bad is when news originations are definitely biased one way or the other and deny their bias. FOX definitely is a conservative news agency. But it seems like ALL the others are very liberal. My perception. I admit. What concerns me is when the president called out FOX the other news agencies said nothing. That just goes against everything journalism should be. The press should be obligated to hold our officials feet to the fire to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Regardless of anyone's opinion of FOX they are doing their job. Maybe not as well as they should but they are doing what they do.
    When " objective" news agencies don't defend the press's right to critique the government it concerns me.
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    Good for him, he took what the Libs were using to demean and make fun of and
    turned it around to his advantage...very smart on his part, and he's so cute! LOL
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    I love it when the DNC and their media sycophants purport to give us advice on how to win. In this case that name recognition is supposed to convey the idea that Rubio is so weak he cannot give a five minute analysis without needing a drink of water. That's just what we need. My mom had a phrase for advice like this: "Go peddle your papers elsewhere."
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    Yea, what would DNC know about winning elections? They only control one house of congress and the white house. They really need to study republicans to
    Learn how to win. Todd Akin, Murduck, Palin, Romney, they can give much better advice on winning then the DNC.
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    @PoliticalSpice Um, one would assume that the Democrats would like to continue winning as many elections as possible, right? Just how likely is that to happen if they give us accurate information about how to win? Hmmm? Would that not be shooting themselves in the foot? BTW, the Democrats ran ads for Todd Akin during the Missouri primaries. Real helpful to the Republicans, weren't they?
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    Seriously, no one who remembers the situation are gonna think less of the guy cause he drank the water. But many who forget the incident will remember the name. Name recognition is a big thing in politics, this is something I know as I helped run a city council campaign for someone. She lost, but forced two other candidates into a run off, but you see first hand how powerful it is, esp to folks who
    Unlike us on this site are not focused on politics, it takes a lot to penetrate, knowing a name is therefore to rubios benefit.

    Given the track record of Dukkakis, mondale, gore, kerry, and obams first debate performance I would say shooting themselves in the foot is what democrats are best at and I don't assume for ten seconds democrats want to win elections :). They are horrible campaigners. The best thing they have going for em is...republicans.

    And democrats did not run ads against Akin. They ran ads saying people should not support him because he was the most conservative candidate. Republican primary voters ignored the advice. Oh well.
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    Putting a bottle up to your mouth will NOT get you elected President.....ask any baby.
    Media attention will NOT get you elected President.....ask Dan Quayle or Sarah Palin.
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    Or Al Gore or Hillary Clinton or John Edwards...

    Whoops forget about that last one... Or at least the media thinks John Edwards's "putting a bottle up to (his) mouth" wasn't a good thing.
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    The press gave Senator Rubio a lot of press he would not have otherwise gotten. He is well known already, now he is known as a person that drinks water when he is thirsty. It's all good for his possible candidacy in 2016. Hope he goes for it then.
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    Media tried to make fun of him and it back fired :) Rubio has raised a fist full of money off of it and his name has been in the news for weeks. Guess the liberal media monster missed the mark .....
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    Hahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhaha hahahahhahahahahhah.The GOP is that the Party of totally dysfunctional politicans
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    Hahahahahahahahahhahhahahahaha hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah ahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahah ahahhahahhahhahahhahahahahahah ahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahha hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha hahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahh ahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah haha. The dysfunctional democrats think that attacking Rubio because he took a drink of water is a good thing.
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    LOL, does anyone really believe that Rubio has a shot at the nomination? In a slight play of the words of Duke and Duke in the movie Trading Places: Do you really believe I would have a *minority* run our GOP business, Randolph?
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