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    A CPAC without Chris Hayes is like a Fish without a bicycle......

    Of course CPAC attracts a couple thousand people- Bigger than hayes audience on msnbc.
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    @drpeeper you know I threw a DU banquet last year. I don't care how many lgbt came but I will be damned if they would force their way into it as a political group. Or force me to let them in.
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    @drpeeper Yes, they have no use for him at all. How dare he have the audacity to be invited by them. It was their decision to have him attend and participate. I'm sure it was to give the crowd someone to boo, but whatever.
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    In any case Chris Hayes has every right to attend or not for any reason, I still believe in freedom. And I also agree with his reason. The reason for banning "GOproud" has nothing to do with being against same gender marriage because as Republicans themselves they would share the same conservative political views.
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    Why would a liberal socialist be allowed @ CPAC in the 1st place?
    He should be attending "Welfare State" Pac!!!
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    Gee what a shock. Liberals trying to tell free people what to do. Can any Democrat tell me how on earth you could vote for these control freaks who have taken over your party? What ever happened to the notion of freedom? Freedom to invite who we want to invite. Freedom to rent our homes to who we want to rent our homes. Freedom to not hire ex convicts if we so choose. Freedom not to hire Gay Scout leaders. I could go on forever about the thousands of ways Liberal Democrats FORCE a free people to bow to their political correct hogwash. America the free is what our nation fought and died for. It's so funny and so hypocritical how these same Liberal control fanatics never afford the right to our schools to speak of our Christian heritage in the history books, or allow freedom to have Christmas and Easter pageants in schools, etc. They pick and choose who gets to fit in their politically correct world and Christians are censored from that world.
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    Done now? Jesus frigging christ--he's not controling anything but his own actions. They invited him; he has the right to set conditions for that appearance. They can agree or refuse.

    When you rent, you are automatically required to follow all laws pertaning to that business. If you don't like the laws, don't go into the business.

    It's funny, but when you write the history of america, religion isn't all that important in about 95% of it.
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    @cpeter133 LOL - No, he's trying to control CPAC, he was invited, all he had to do was accept or decline. His obvious try at blackmail failed, or will fail, because despite his high opinion of his magnificent presence, it really was just an invite, they will be just fine without him. Jeeze, he must think he's a minor god or something.
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    @cpeter133 THOSE CONTROLLING LAWS CAME FROM LIBERALS LIKE THIS HAYES! Now you want us to abide by them as you keep creating more and more laws mandating your politically correctness on us all. You people are SCARY!
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    @Tralee Do you even have a clue how Liberals work? They started their gay marriage agenda decades ago. They started their Gay scout leader mandates decades ago. This is how they transform America into their vision of Socialist Europe. They said Roe V Wade would only be 1st. trimester. Now they are saying that banning "assault rifles" is all they are after. Liberals are complete liars! Like Obama they will say and do anything to get their agendas passed or to get elected. When they throw out these Liberal voices in the media to insult those who do not bow to their political correctness, they are planting their seed of control and political correctness for Gays, for ex cons, for drug addicts, for anyone who might vote for them but when it comes to Christians? They fight tooth and nail to censor all freedoms of our faith in the public square. They love attacking success and people who espouse moral lifestyles. This truly tells you all we need to know about Liberals. They lift up the darker side of people's nature while insulting and demonizing those who try to live by the rules and not become burdens on society. This is so wrong and backward thinking. A nation should always lift up the best in people, not the worst. These Liberals do not care if it takes decades to get their way, they have the media on their side and will plant their subliminal messages to our children's minds CONSTANTLY until the masses say yes, yes, why shouldn't gays get to marry, why shouldn't late term abortions be ok, why should we go by the constitution when it comes to gun control, why should parents be able to discipline their kids with spankings,. etc. etc. etc. etc.
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    At this critical time in history it is imperative that those who have the same ideology and goals come together. I don't care if they are little blue people.
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    I applaud CPAC for continuing to excell in its alienation of minorities, even those whose members are actually fighting to support conservative values.
    The Republican leadership is simply self destructive.
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    You do realize there are REPUBLICANS they would not invite to this? It's not the "GOPac" Read what CPAC is.

    But of course it wouldn't matter. Because Liberals consider any of their catered to 'groups' as a traitor if they leave the plantation. See: Allen West, Palin, Rubio, Scott, Rice, Watts, Haley etc etc etc.
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    @drpeeper - "You do realize there are REPUBLICANS they would not invite to this?" Yes. The GOProud group of LGBT people ARE Republicans. That's what this story is about. Did you think they were Democrats trying to attend a GOP event?
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    @Denizen_Kate GOProud is still not a sponsoring organization of CPAC.
    Actually, nothing has changed. The CPAC Board voted before CPAC 2012 to remove GOProud as a sponsoring organization. There has been no news since then.
    Everything else is water cooler gossip and speculation. I think I hear the sounds of axes being ground.
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    @drpeeper - I like that axe analogy. :) Yes, I realize GOProud is not involved with CPAC, but the whole point here is that they want involvement and CPAC doesn't want them precisely because they are an LBGT group, and therefore Hayes is declining an invitation to attend and speak. The GOP is continuing the failed policies, practices, and prejudices that directly resulted in their losses in this last election. They claim they want to appeal to a broader base, and then they go out of their way to exclude a group like GOProud.
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    @Denizen_Kate THIS is why they were booted out. Shortly before the 2011 CPAC, GOProud co-founder Chris Barron branded conservative attorney Cleta Mitchell a “nasty bigot.” And in late 2011, the group attracted an Ton of well-deserved criticism, when GOProud’s Outed Pollster Tony Fabrizio - They got Outed Them Instead

    I wonder if GOProud would be going to CPAC if its leaders were a bit less like jerks. So much so they had to APOLOGIZE on their own site to members. As seen below.

    On behalf of the GOProud Board and its members and supporters, we want to make it very clear that “outing” a gay or lesbian individual is wrong and should never be used as a political weapon.

    Private lives should remain just that — private. The right to disclose one’s sexual orientation belongs solely to each individual. We will continue to oppose “outing” as it has never advanced a political cause but only hurts individuals and their families.

    We strongly regret the events of this week.
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    Was the Republican gay group called Log Cabiners permitted to attend?

    Guess those conservatives at CPAC are afraid they won't be able to control their unnatural desires in public if all these kwirs show up.
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    "Hayes said he objects to a 2011 decision by sponsors of the Conservative Political Action Conference to ban GOProud from co-sponsoring the annual event.

    "As far as GOProud knows the policy is still in effect," Hayes said"

    Am I missing something here, or has anyone checked to see if this 2 year old decision is still in effect?

    Or is it that instead of picking up the phone and contacting the CPAC directly is it just more fun to uselessly jab at each other?

    Now ask me again why I hate both parties.
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    @Food4thoughts well... maybe a little.

    the problem is that people just can't understand that there exists the exact same percentage of gay conservative republicans as there is democrats, libertarians, and independents about 10% of men and 8% of women.
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    But I do get that The GOP across the board consistently votes, incites and lobbies against the interest of LGBT ONLY because they are LGBT.
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    I don't know or care about Chris Hayes. Anyone who isn't a hardline Left-winger going on MSNBC is aiding and abetting the enemy.

    Aside from this douche? I think CPAC should welcome GOProud.

    People do not choose to be homosexual.
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    Why would Republicans reject a Republican lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender group since LGBTs aren't going anywhere and all that is being accomplished is giving liberals reasons to accuse republicans of being out of touch and haters. Republicans better stop the religious stuff and recognize that American society is secular and that we all need to work together to make it better. There is nothing wrong with LGBT people wanting to be Republicans.
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    No, it's their "Party" and they can invite whomever they want. I'm sure they will miss the vapid remarks of Chris Hayes, but life goes on. Don't you just love it when you send someone an invitation and they try to blackmail you into doing something you don't want just to get them to attend? Hayes obviously has an inflated view of himself. Sorry Chris, it really isn't all about you.
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    Why would they invite this guy to speak in the first place??? I seriously doubt he has anything to say that this group will want to hear anyway.
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    well if they did as he said, they would no longer be conservative. they should tell him, we don't want you there either. and accuse him of being, a liberal democrat in sheeps clothing.
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    I don't even know who this person is, but I'm pretty sure that he was invited to be the the guy who sits on the board at the dunk tank.

    He wasn't invited because they take his views seriously.

    He's the designated whipping boy and bad example.

    If they were serious, the Republican LGBT Group would be invited too.
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