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    I'm glad the public response and the sheriff's response bit this paper in the butt. This was an attempt to grandstand and the paper got it handed right back.
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    Damn skippy. The American giant (the voting public) is starting to awaken. Sad that it took so long for people to start opening their eyes.
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    What kind of sick demented mind thinks they need th know about the lawful actions of their neighbors? Insecure crybabies will be the ruin of this country.
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    @marine1 It's pretty sad how pussified and pathetic this country is becoming. Mothers of America and other organizations are killing our nation.
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    Why would the paper be requesting such information? Possibly to do like that one NY paper and publicly out people who own guns? When will the witch hunt against law abiding citizens end in this country. If you don't feel that what this paper was trying to do was a gross violation of the respect due to law abiding American citizens then you don't have a heart and you don't love our Constitution. Speak of sinister, this paper oozes sinister from its pages.
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    Here are census info for Martin NC. Neo you're right this looks like a hotbed of liberals. I'd call it down right evil far worse than those GD New Yorker's with their Westchester Cty Newspaper.
    I feel bad for you Neo, I don't know how you ever get a night's sleep with Liberal's lurking round every corner in such a sinister fashion just waiting to seize all your liberties. It's a tough path you've chosen
    Black or African American
    Native American
    Native Hawaiian and Pacific islander
    0Some other race
    0Two or more races
    Hispanic or Latino
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix You're right, I mentioned liberal due the your mention and the implication of the paper in NY Westchester, County, which we all know NY is a hot bed of liberalism. Ok it's just a very sinister looking newspaper and citizenry feeling better?
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    @martydotcom you might be surprised about NC liberals. Have you ever been around Asheville ?
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    @NTBFW. Murphy NC. undoubtably a sinister hot bed of Liberal According to voter data, Murphy, NC votes 70.8% Republican. Mayor since 1987 -R
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    I'm glad they didn't get the information, regardless of their intent for asking for it in the first place.
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    Let me translate. An idiot is in charge of a small town paper and isn't smart enough to know his subscribers. Time for a new publisher.
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    That's exactly what this comes down to. The records are public so anyone has the right to request them. This publisher should have realized that publishing the names would infuriate his readership. It was a mistake on his part to request the names for this purpose. His namby pamby apology just shows that he is a man without character. If he thought the right thing to do was to publish the names he should carry through and do so. If it wasn't newsworthy then he should not have started the process. What a wimp.
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    @PNWest Where did it say his intent was to oublish the names? Just cause the ny paper did so doesn't mean that was the purpose of his request...
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    @PoliticalSpice I can't think of any other reason for a newspaper publisher to request an entire list of names but who knows I could be wrong.
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    @PNWest Just to find out which residents have the permits. Maybe a story on hypocrites who support gun control but have permits. Maybe a story on most popular model gun broken down by demographic (females prefer, men prefer, etc.). I can think of others...
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    First, there was a reason they wanted this information. For what, who knows. Second, how in HELL could they have not known of the reaction it would get after that fiasco in New York and the reaction of people, in general, over second amendment rights? Third, I would gather the townspeople and demand that all staff ivolved in this be replaced or they would never sell another paper, nor would anyone who advertises in it get further business.
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    Shows how far liberal media has infiltrated down the chain. You would think that the newspaper in NY doing it last month would have keyed in 'that might not be a good idea' instead of 'gee lets do it here too'. This by the way is why I believe that there should not be a permit for concealed carry, it's a right, a permit says it is not because permits can be refused.
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    Yeah, I'm sure this guy is a part of some media conspiracy. That TOTALLY makes the most sense...
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    Any other public records we should make private? Marriage licenses? Divorce decrees? Arrest records?

    The touchiness of publicly registered gun owners is a mystery - if, as many claim, the gun is for self-protection and security then why should a simple newspaper article be such a threat?
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    @Thunderchicken When I did a stint as a public health nurse one of my duties involved what we called "clap interviews", or, more politely, interviews of persons with STDs to establish the pathways of transmission of that disease. That allowed us to backtrack toward the source of the disease in the community and project forward to possibly prevent transmission beyond the most recent carrier.

    Based on that experience I would argue that a similar utility available to law enforcement tasked with recovery of stolen weapons is a desirable thing. If someone steals your Glock you'll likely never see it again - unless it's been registered and law enforcement can trace it through its serial number and your proof of legal ownership.
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    @DARSB I'll call BS on the weapons stealing scenario. I can easily provide law enforcement with the information they need to recover a weapon.

    How well did CoBIS work in NY?

    $50,000,000 over 10 years and no crimes solved. How's that work?

    What anyone legally owns is nobody else's business.

    We could easily resolve this by having national carry laws that do not require a permit.
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    How about if my gun is stolen, then I supply the cops with the serial number? Until then, just like sex, ain't nobody's business but my own.
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    @Thunderchicken Compare this to the rather enormous number of other things we keep track of and number - automobiles, motor cycles, physician licenses, architects, prescriptions, cold medicine, passports, photo ids, refrigerators, nuclear reactors, dogs and cats - none of which are tools designed solely to inflict injury and death.

    Now why shouldn't we keep track of a gun?
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    Most of the people I'm around are completely uninterested and not involved in politics. The vast majority don't know, or care, who their representatives are. They go to work, pay their bills and don't bother anyone. But talk about screwing around with their guns, they all go ballistic. At some point the meterosexual cowards and dumb asses trying to outlaw guns will succeed in waking a sleeping giant. The silent majority in this country is that giant. Once moved to action, said giant, will sweep all the annoying social engineers off its back.
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    How do you "unintentially" offend people? Their views led them down a path they shouldn't have taken and it bit them in the a$$, so now they are appoligizing. The appology may help, but it's probably worth about as much as the paper.
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    Browns picture sure could of fooled me because he looks gay as hell. Says hes married and got a wife But I forgot gays do get married now and I suppose one is the wife.
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    If he's really interested in p[reserving his newspaper he should work with the local pet shop to to include a free subscription with every puppy and canary cage.

    Journalism used to be the realm of intelligent, courageous individuals interested in finding and telling the truth.... now it's just bottom feeders and followers willing to do anything to curry favor from their betters. Problem is, every time they stoop to kiss the ring they fall further into the abyss.
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    It's non of their business. Had they acquired that list, they would have published it to the peril of all on the list.
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    Best news is that the advertisers keep the paper alive so all residents have to do is boycott any business that advertises in the Rag.
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    Just think what would have happened, if that list was published. Those not on the list would be potential victims of armed home invasion. Those on the list would be potential victims of burglaries.
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    There is one"adage"no one has said"straight-up",,N O ONE,has the right to profit from my labors...I was once asked,what I consiered an assault weapon,I replied,A bazooka,105 howitzer,baseball bat,hockey stick,tank(incidently,in China ,a"simple boy-cott" is met with a military tank)automobiles,drugs,alcohol ,knives, the list could be endless,are"ANY"of those items considered to be put on a"government control list".I'll allow you to eliminate the"military"items,, whats left ,can still kill and maim..The current administration,others in D.C.,anti-gunners,want to sign a gun ownership"treaty"wit h the U.N.,giving the U.N.the right to DICTATE who would own/have access to guns in America..What a great treaty it would certainly/eventually destroy our Constitution,Bill of Rights,Declaration of Independence all ammendments/freedoms we enjoy now.Those folks in"power"now,believe they would be exept from changes inflicted on the U.S. Research other countries,do some serious INTELLIGENT thinking..INRE guns,people kill people,using guns,makes it quite easy,,the criminal(s)will always have guns,putting hardships on lawful gun owners,just makes a criminals life"rosier"Remember outlaw guns,only outlaws will have guns,,,the can/and will guarantee that!.
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    To DARSB ,INRE whats the harm in publishing list(s)of CC owners,probably none to them,since a potential"robber"cou ld realize he would meet resistance at the business end of a glock,magnum,etc.,whereas unpublished names could/would mean"easy pickins",as I recall the scenes of the published mass murders,were considered"gun free zones".
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