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    This whole sequester bit is just a pile of crap. Our goverment over spends like a drunk at happy hour and the only return WE will ever see is the hang over. Base line budgeting is nothing more than a scam to keep it necessary to steal from the tax payer to suppot their greed.Vote them all out.
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    If he's to be replaced, who is the GOP going to replace him with?

    The reality is is that Boehner (which for some reason I always thought was pronounced 'boner') is pretty much as lame a duck as President Obama. Those two were destined for each other.

    Besides that fact, even the real stick in the mud, rod up their arse, Republicans (and I only say Reps cause they control the House at the moment. Dems can be just as bad) know that Obama isn't going to cave this time round to 'stoic resistance.' He's been reelected. He doesn't need to worry about another term. Therefore, he has leverage. He can sit back and let Congress self-destruct if he likes, then reap the benefits come 2014. That is...if the GOP doesn't grow a pair and learn to work with the Democrats (and vice versa, though in fewer cases).
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    Ya mean Boner is still House Speaker. HMMM.....I thought the House just blew up a photo of him and put it on a poster board because he cooked his brain in a tanning booth! All I can say about Congress and the Senate is:
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    Boehner is an embarrassment. It doesn't matter whether you are a liberal or a conservative this guy is a loser. He is responsible for the congress having the lowest approval ratings that it has ever had. America would be much better off if the Weeper of the House was replaced.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix I'm waiting until after the 2014 elections when we get Speaker Pelosi again. Better stock up on your tissues, you're gonna be sad, sad, sad.
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    Good god man... I mean, I'm no fan of Boehner, but Paul Ryan as speaker? That would be a disastrous idea.

    Ryan would merely drive Congress farther and farther apart, when right now what it needs is a unifier. Not Mrs. Pelosi, either, to be fair.

    If you want a successful Speaker, find a party member who is both quiet and consistent in their voting habits. With major emphasis on the 'quiet' part. A grandstander will only further feed the flames. Right now, the House needs a backroom deal broker, not a boy in a fancy suit.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix There are 25 members of congress older than Pelosi and a bunch of senators including:
    Chuck Grassley,Orrin Hatch, Richard Shelby, Jim Inofe, John McCain, and Thad Cochran

    Plus women live longer than men so Pelosi will probably be around for a while. Stock up on the tissues.
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    He needs to do his job & stop being the weak sister in the room . If he can't do the job as a conservative Republican , resign & go away . It's the old ' if you can't take the heat
    git outa the kitchen ' story . Or just step down & join the other party , like many others on both sides have done , simply to remain another leech living off of all taxpayers .
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    The problem with Boehner and the so called Republican Party is that you can no longer tell them from the Democrats. The Republican Party says one thing but caves on every issue. They no longer care about what is best for the United States but only about getting voted back into office... even if that means selling out the U.S.A.!
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    I feel that he should be ousted if he does let "Tax Hikes" start. I am so irritated on just the talking and no action. Need a strong conservative person who has great knowledge of the meaning of "Hell No!" and By God stick to it! During the great debate of Obama Care, I thought Boehner was an fighter but it turns out that he just all words.
    A person who means "Hell No!" would slam the door on the opposing party in disagreement and would not come out until an agreement is made; I know I would.
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    The competitive stance between the Heffalumps and Jackasses is what costs this country dearly. Wouldn't it be amazing if instead of fighting the leaders of these imaginary factions actually sat down together and worked things out?

    Oh wait a minute.

    That's bipartisanship.

    That's not what Democrats and Republicans do.
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    This whole question is framed to make Pee-wee Herman Hussein look like the fiscal savior. The Speaker already acquiesced, not only to a hike on the rich, but 86% of the electorate got a hike as well on their withholding, which was not expected. Remember, when O'Bysmal said that taxes would not be raised on those making less than 250K? The speaker should be hanged if he gives into the Liar-in-Chief on another tax hike.

    Coming soon, will be 21 different taxes that will be realized when the full implementation of O'bysmal care takes place....
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    Nancy Pelosi is the most infuential Speaker since LBJ. She single handled convinced the Democratic Party to abandon it's values and become America's "enemy within".
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