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    Same tune, different year/month/day....

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results....

    Time to do something different....let the sequester happen....
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    This is an awesome article from AP, Calvin Woodward, 22 hours ago.

    "...There's a whiff of the familiar in all the foreboding, harking back to the mid-1990s partial government shutdown, when officials said old people would go hungry, illegal immigrants would have the run of the of the land and veterans would go without meds. It didn't happen."

    SPIN METER: A Dubious List of Budget 'Horribles'
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    @AntiPorcheria It's not going to happen this time either. There is enough pork and corruption in every govt department to handle 100 sequesters.
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    @jessejaymes - Is it only me, or does this governmental hostage taking offend everyone else? Why do we still elect all these asshats?
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    @AntiPorcheria I haven't voted for a Democrat or Republican in 12 years now. I'd rather vote for Kim Khardashian than I would the two parties and I wouldn't get near KK with a four hundred foot pole.
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    It is absolutely sickening for the media to make a big deal out of this after Obama has been out on the campaign be moaning the perils of sequester... and now it's a big deal because he's offered to meet with the Republicans for the first time according to the article.

    Obama is a putz.
    Why didn't he meet with them today after the Rosa Parks ceremony?

    I said a long time ago this sequester is all theater.. political terrorism by Obama because he thinks he can blame the Republicans for the pain that is coming because of his failed policies. recent stories are emerging of Democrats worried of a potential backlash. that is more likely the reason he will meet after the deadline passes of course.
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    Releasing thousands of convicted felon illegals from Prison TODAY and NOT DEPORTING them is very Obama. His family has 24 hr secret service protection so why should he care about your families safety? Pitiful.
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    From the moment Obama told Bonher he would not sign anything that did not have exactly what he wanted after Bonher had worked and ran his butt off to get the compromise that the democrats and republicans agreed they would both vote for; I knew Obama was going to throw the American citizens under the bus! What do you die hard Obama voters think of him now? They are trying to cast the blame on republicans, that's simply not true! Bonher had achieved what he was sent out to do and he accomplished a bill that both REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS agreed to. Obama is at fault! How many times does it take for a president that ignores the constitution and does what he wants to be impeached?
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    Solving this will avoid needless financial chaos and is an opportunity to begin to change the perception that Congress is irreversibly dysfunctional. I don't think that will be the outcome, but it is a potential turning point.

    I think the problem is Speaker Boehner hasn't got the votes in the House for any deal. If a deal is brokered today and the Speaker takes it to the House but it fails to pass it may be the beginning of the end of his tenure as Speaker.
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    @FollowTheMoney-totally agree. For over two hundred years Congress managed to pass a budget, if not always on friendly bipartisan terms, then at least on somewhat civil ones. The current situation is ridiculous. An embarrassment to our country and the system of government. When stuff like this happens, we need a neutral third party to take and do a "government budget" makeover that pisses everyone but the taxpayer off and makes sense.
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    Does anyone really think that the GOP is going to come out of this whole fiasco looking good? My advice to the GOP - fold already. You know that eventually you are going to fold like a cheap lawn chair and Obama will win. Do it now and at least look like you compromised for the good of the country. That's better for you than trashing the economy and pissing people off and then folding. Then Boehner can get back to the tanning salon and McConnell can go back to whatever it is that turtles do.
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    @BossTweed Obama has a 52% approval rating. Congress has about 12%. Who do you think the American people will side with?
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    I don't think either side will come out of this looking good. At this point I wouldn't fold. Call Obama's bluff. We have to cut spending. I don't like this method. But at least it's a spending cut. I have seen this script before.
    Obama knows we have to cut spending.
    He knows his base doesn't.
    Gin up a crisis
    Blame it on the republicans.
    Swoop in at the last minute to save the day.
    Get spending cuts
    Blame it on republicans
    Wait a year and brag how well you cut spending.
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    @PNWest I said TRUST not approve. Zombies are easily manipulated and easily impressed. The 52% have a deep and mindless emotional attachment to the photo op President. Whether he leaves us in better shape of worse shape is not even on their radar.
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    @NTBFW You are correct that neither side will look good. Obama's approval rating will certainly go down but polls have shown that the GOP will receive the bulk of the blame. Obama can do as you say if the republicans refuse to compromise and it will be the GOP who suffers in 2014. Or as I said in my initial post the GOP can fold now and make the best out of a bad situation. The GOP went for this sequester crap only because they believed that they would be in power now. A truly stupid bet. They can compound the damage by letting the sequester occur or compromise, lick their wounds and regroup. Whatever. I'm not a republican so I hope they damage themselves as much as possible.
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    Since the start of the 113th Congress, House Republicans have failed to bring a single bill to the floor that would prevent the cuts. Indeed, they supported forced budget cuts all along. They introduced the approach as part of their Cut, Cap, and Balance bill in July 2011, which passed the House with 229 Republican votes, before being tabled in the Senate. Now, as the clock ticks down to the forced cuts' implementation, some Republicans are cheering for it to happen; House Republicans seem eager to reject compromise and risk our fragile economic recovery rather than work with Democrats to avert this impending crisis of their own making.
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    Here we go again the want to be King is showboating again. He is breaking the law again on the day he to announce what type of cuts he is having a meeting. Do not back down. When he got the tax increase he stated they would do spending cuts an he also wanted the sequester. Now that it is happening he is blaming any and every body. He is acting like a little kid who is not getting his way. He is throwing a temper tantrum. We need to let this run its course. Just remember this is not spending cuts it just means the program was going to get 100.00 now is only going to get 90.00. Used the small numbers for examples led.
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    This is his first meeting on this issue? This guy is like some kind of clinical madman. Without the Liberal media on his side, he would have been laughed out of the last election.
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    It's always a show, A show meant to entertain the voter. To convince the voter/taxpayer that the legislature and the executive branch of government are doing all they can, working tirelessly, to do save us from the other sides tomfoolery. When all the political operatives really want is to protect their careers. They have created this turmoil in an effort to convince the public that we need them and it's all the other guys fault. It's all a bunch of cock-n-bull con game perfected by today's professional politician. Why do people keep falling for the con? It's beyond me.
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    no effort for 11 months now he is hosting tea and crumpets after the fact, what a joke.
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    $85 billion in cuts yet a trillion of debt being created per year ... are you kidding me ... what a joke! Axe the department of Education and Agriculture ... that would be a good start because both are totally useless! Look at the salaries these jackass's pay themselves ... it's no damn wonder were going broke!
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