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    It wouldn't take much to make Rep King "the next Todd Akin". Just start with his endorsement of Todd Akin and stand back.
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    He's not an extremist. He's the best conservative voice out there as far as I'm concerned. If you want to find an extremist look at Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Cynthia Moore, Bobby Rush, and William "Freezer Money" Jefferson. It's pitiful that conservatives are the only ones who get scrutinized nowadays.
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    "It's pitiful that conservatives are the only ones who get scrutinized nowadays"

    Well, except for "Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Cynthia Moore, Bobby Rush, and William "Freezer Money" Jefferson" apparently.
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    @DARSB An obscure post on Politix is not the same thing as having the lap dog Obamaite media breathing down your neck.
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    ONLY steve king can make steve king the next todd akin.
    What todd akin did was akin to an UNFORCED TURNOVER.
    The defense lets him walk the ball up the court unmolested and he dribbles the ball off his foot and watches it roll out-of-bounds.
    Who needs to play defense when all you have to do is sit back and watch the opposition HAND you the ball. Or better yet,the opposition shoots the ball in YOUR hoop.
    The dems can attack his political ideas and philosophies but the can't make king say stupid things
    I don't think claire mccaskill would have won were it not for akins DUMB comments.
    The republicans already have the tea party divide (which is the reason why they lost the pres election TWO years straight), they don't need MORE holes in the ship.
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    I think maybe the timimg is right for the hard truth with all the facts from the fiscal conservatives. Every time they try to dance around an issue, they get their ass kicked. It's time let it ALL hang out. The war they are going now, they have nothing to lose.
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    "King called criticism of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin's statement about "legitimate rape" to be "petty personal attacks"

    That pretty well identifies where on the spectrum of conservative extremism he falls.

    He has as much right to run for office as anyone, but I'm sure glad he'll never represent my state, because he wouldn't be representing me.

    I'll bet the Republican party rues the day they changed the primary rules.
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    If they would have wrote the rest of what King said about Akin and his views on rape and pregnancy, King said he really didn't know much about it and would be open to a discussion on this matter. Also on the point of his remarks about Muslims dancing in the streets, he admitted he was wrong and no such thing took place. The first accusation was a portion of an article, purposely leaving out what he said next. On the second accusation, he was man enough to come out and admit he was wrong. King is a strong right wing conservative Republican. That is what many Repulicans want.
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    Maybe Iowa "whites' are as self loathing as calif or illinois "whites" . We will see if they are as easily manipulated by the Big Brother/Big Union/Big Govt tax slavery crowd in the White House.
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    Actually Steve King is going to make Steve King the next Todd Akin...And its gonna be fun to watch!!! LOL!
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    " In Congress, I have cosponsored the Life at Conception Act, which would establish personhood at the moment of conception and guarantee the constitutional right to life for unborn children." -- Stephen King

    It is a fact many more pregnancies begin as twins than people realize. Most of the time, one fetus out-competes the other, killing the weaker fetus, which is then reabsorbed into the uterus.

    Since Mr. King believes each of those of those fetuses were full persons from the moment of conception, will he lobby to charge the fetus who survives with murder? It was one full person killing another full person, after all. Will the murderer be arrested in the womb or will the handcuffs go on in the delivery room?
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    @NTBFW Nope. I didn't. I read the trivia about twins and immediately saw it was awkward for those who claim every sperm is sacred -- and it has been, too. Not a one will admit that they won't charge a baby with murder that took place in the womb *because a zygote is not the same as a full human being.* Especially not at one week old. Mr. King, however, does claim to believe a one-day-old zygote should have all the rights of a full human being and because of that, he even opposes the morning after pill (and all other forms of birth control, too, from what I could tell from his quotes.) smh.
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    @NTBFW No, I think the people who claim a zygote that is one day old should have full human rights are reaching.
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    If the Fourth Estate continues to collude with the far left to the detriment of the american people we can only expect one tragic out come after the next.
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    Another gift to progressive America. The GOP of today is a self-immolating bunch of clowns, and the more "conservative" they are, the more nonsensical their platform.
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    @RollinPapers Despite his utter failure in the past election. Rove has a ton of money from other people and his new foundation is dedicated to keeping those Republicans with foot in mouth disease from getting nominations. I don't believe King will get a dime from Rove's group.
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    @RollinPapers That' what makes it interesting. I'm all for the war between the Tea Party and the establishment GOP. With any luck at all we'll have a Iran-Iraq war type stalemate but it goes on far longer. I'm rooting for both sides.