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    Who reported a rape to the student court anyway? Almost every college has one, and it's used for things like when your dorm-mate comes home drunk and pees on your calculus text. Rape, shootings, and other felonies are best referred to REAL court.
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    This country has NEVER matured! Repeating the same ignorant bullshit generation after generation. Im sickened by this story. Proven the absolute ignorance. Close the college down. Ignorant bunch of idiots!
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    These institutions are suppose to protect our children, not surpress evidence and put in place rules that deny due process
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    Just think... If she had been armed with a concealed weapon, then we wouldn't be having this discussion!!!

    Remember ladies... You can either be a victim and another statistic, or you can defend yourselves!!!
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    Yeah! She could be in jail waiting to prove that she isn't guilty of murder! That would be better, right?
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    um... what if she happened to be in the shower at the time, or in bed. would she be armed? what if the two of them were in bed together at the time of the rape? it's obvious that you don't know what rape is... even if they were in bed and she said 'no' to sex and he forced himself on her, it's rape. the fact is that every woman has the right to say no... even if she and her rapist are married at the time that the rape happens.

    no means no.
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    @dances-weebles lol I have a Glock in a Freezer bag in my shower. And don't even think about bother me in bed. Lol.
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    I want to say yes 100%. But I remember the Duke Lacrosse players. And think maybe they should wait until a conviction. Idk. Hmm
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    This young lady is deranged - if she was raped she should have reported it to the police, worst case the campus rentacops. Rape is a felony not a student council issue. If she doesn't want to name names then she should just shut up
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    @norezen THAT'S the bottom line. Whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? As I stated on a different thread, the accusation would ruin a person's name and reputation if he's found not guilty and for what?
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    @martydotcom - gee, Marty, don't hold back, tell us what you really think. ;)

    The article doesn't mention whethor or not she also reported the rape to police. She may have gone there first, then reported her ex-boyfriend to campus authorities as well, and is now having these problems. In essence, this is a very incomplete report and perhaps you're being a bit quick to judge. It is entirely possible that this school is trying to ignore a legitimate complaint by placing blame on the complainer, and that could be why she's been so vocal about it.
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    @Denizen_Kate I have to agree. It would be better to know more. If she was raped I don't give a damn what happens to him. Shovel and lime time. But we need to make damn sure before anything is said.
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    It's inside the buybull belt. Why be surprised that the attitudes are the same. Even money says claiming she "violated the honour code" is intended to incite an honour killing agaisnt her.
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    Rape is a serious crime and should be reported to the police immediately. A rape test is required for proof ,and then charges should be filed through the criminal court
    system. I don't understand the 'speaking out', no one knows if she was raped or not.
    If she hasn't taken the proper steps to prosecute this person, what is she saying. We
    still have the 'innocent until proven guilty' a woman I am sensitive to the
    rape issue, as the mother of sons, I am appalled that someone can defame another,
    without even reporting it to the proper authorities. She just may have other problems.
    Anyone can claim doesn't make it factual.
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    Hello, Ma'am. Unless I missed it, the article doesn't say whether she reported it to the police. Surely she did unless she only wanted her ex boyfriend disciplined by the university and not by the police. This whole article may be a hoax, it makes no sense.
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    @earl Sounds to me as if she went to the student run Honor Court, and not the police. Who knows if it was consensual or not...why blab it all over the school?..
    Did you hear about the Jody Ariza case? She made up a long drawn out sex
    story about how her boyfriend was initiating all of these kinky sex things, tying
    up with ropes, etc., ad nauseam...They have all the cell phone recordings and
    she was the one initiating most of it! Anyway, she got mad, drove hundreds of miles,
    had sex with him, one last time. Stabbed him 29 times, almost severed his head
    from his spinal cord and shot him in the face! She's a psychopath and I hope she
    gets the death penalty, but trust me...todays women are not always innocent, in
    fact sometimes it can be just the opposite. Crazy!
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    @mimi57 Yes, I have been watching that case occasionally. She sure seems to be evasive with her answers and she admitted that she lied about a dozen times but wants us to believe her now. She probably won't get the death penalty but life. What happened to the gun that she used?
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    @earl Don't know... she talks about sex like a porn writer, and in front of the entire court room and millions of people. She seems to love the attention and never forgets
    a moment of the kinky sex acts, but can't remember a thing about how she killed him. Only that she did, and then had a 'black out', and God forbid she gets a 'migraine' from skipping lunch, they have to shut the court down. Poor thing...
    ( sarcasm!)
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    Not only should she have called the police, she should have gone to a hospital where evidence could have been collected with a rape kit.
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    Let's see. Academic fraud cover-up and now trying to silence a female from speaking out about being raped. What a fine outstanding university. LOL!
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    I think we should throw some of these academic people in prison to be raped ... then see how they feel about speaking out against their sexual predator!
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    If there are goverment dollars going to this school, they should stop. These schools, by design are denying students their civil liberties. Where is our phony ACLU?
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    If she has also reported this to the police, she may be prevented by law from publicly naming her attacker. I'm not sure of the law here in my own state, so can't really speak for NC. In any case, IMO she's wise to refrain from naming him to the press, since he's not yet been convicted of a crime.
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    So by this reasoning a man could be vilified by the whole of America on the say so of a possible spurned ex girlfriend. What about the presumption of innocence?
    Also if your view was taken the man wouls then be allowed to name a possible victim and cause the untold suffering that that would entail. A ridiculous comment made by someone who has either been hurt in the past or has not thought this through to its conclusion. A court of law with no comment on the case until conviction or certainly no naming of anyone until a conclusion of the trial.
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    Yep, tell everyone who he is. And, what the hell does the school mean, "violated their honor system?" Whose honor are we talking about? That bastard did not respect her honor.
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    If I was a lady, and I was actually raped, I might go to the police instead of a student court. If I was a woman scorned by an ex-bf, or a drunk girl taken advantage of by a frisky fratboy, i might go to a student court and the media for a little revenge.
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    it is wrong to blame a victim for being raped. and it is wrong to punish the victim for breaking the 'honor' code. it is such a code that allows rapists to run free without worry of being punished for the crime they committed.
    this case reminds me of that one that happened in a Baptist church. the rape victim became pregnant due to the rape and was forced to apologize to the congregation for being pregnant without being married. her attacker never was punished. and this was a 16 year old at the time she found out that she was carrying a child. she had been raped a couple of months before her 16th birthday.
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    An Honor Court? Are you effin sh**ten me? It's like pennState covering up for Joe Pops circus. This Dean needs criminal charges against him!!!
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    let them expell you, get a lawyer and sue them for a nice free education all the way through your PHD!
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    This is absolutely a sick perversion. If this young lady were raped by her ex-boyfriend then there should be no "honor court." They are not honorable at all. The ex-boyfriend, if guilty, should be in prison not a student.
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    I hope this young lady has a good layer. I would drop a big law suiet on that bunch of ass clowns. I personally do not know if the young lady was raped but until it is proved different I back the young lady 100%.
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    I'm guessing with that logic, they're considering rape to be honorable. My bets are that the sick f**k that took advantage of her has ties to someone high in the University or State legislature.
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