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    Okay, then, why won't they ask him or his surrogates any tough questions? Fear, I guess Gregory would say.
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    @Denizen_Kate well, for starters:

    What was your role in Benghazi?(zillions of followup questions)
    What is your justification for killing American citizens without oversight or a tribunal?
    Why haven't you proposed an alternate budget to the ones you keep rejecting from the House?
    Why do you think deficit spending will work in this economy?(zillions of followup questions)
    How do you propose to pay for Obamacare?
    How come you have not closed Gitmo, as you have promised many times?
    [I'm being too hard on the poor guy] Has Tiger Woods asked you why you have kept your Harvard grades sealed?
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    @Denizen_Kate for starters....Mr. President:...."Why did you agree to make meaningful spending cuts in return for the $600 Billion in Tax Increases the Repubs passed in January and then totally renig on your Promise????" "How could any one trust you to be a man of your word after you failed to honor your own commitment?"
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    "Mr. President, you have nominated several individuals with anti-Israel policies to senior posts. Do you intend to start wars with Israel, or are you simply anti-Semitic?"

    "Mr. President, under your administration, 12 nations in the Middle East and North Africa have had wars and/or revolutions. What are your plans for embroiling the rest of them in conflict?"
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    This smells like damage control! They get sensations running up their legs when he's around, they are just getting smart enough to deny it.
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    The bullshit flag and whistle just blew...Rachel Madcow and the entire MSNBC team are his staunchest supporters and advocates. The "press" hates all things republican or conservative...

    I support "press" suppression...Repeal the first amendment and make ALL accountable for their words and actions...
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    "Repeal the first amendment"
    Wow. Just.... wow.
    Don't touch that 2nd Amendment though right? Thank you for showing us all how most of the GOP feels about the Constitution in one post.
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    @Fishbone345 you left out..."Repeal the first amendment and make ALL accountable for their words and actions... "

    Make sure you post the entire statement and not the Democrat tactic for shock and awe factor...
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    @PNWest I also said..."Repeal the first amendment and make ALL accountable for their words and actions... "

    That is a democrat tactic...copy and paste parts instead of the entire thing....
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    They why do they kiss his ass for? They need to do their damn job..they've been given plenty of opportunties to bring him down and punted.
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    This is just more outrageous liberal media bias trying to cover for Obama. NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, CNN all LOVE Obama and have been covering for him all along. If a republican had 1/10th the baggage of Obama, he would have never made it out of the primary. Gregory is covering for Obama because the people clearly see the Imam Is Wearing No Clothes.
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    Chrissy Matthews gets a 'tingle up his leg' but the press corps doesn't like Obama?
    Please. I'm not buying that coming from Gregory or anyone else. The press, including the state controlled media, adore Obama. They have volunteered to be his mouthpiece, carry his water and cover his butt. Every last one of them is so besotted they have gladly quit doing their real jobs.
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    Then Obama is more thin skinned than I thought. If he doesn't like THIS press he would have hated an honest press. Wow. Talk about getting a free ride. Obama should thank each of them.
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    That is the play of all liberals when you attack the POTUS...especially when there is no other play to be made...
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    What is this a trick question,sure they love him,they make him look like an angel but he's the devil aid.
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    And coming from the king of bs you ain't a kidding.

    Time left in office of this POS fraud:
    1418 days
    4 hours
    44 minutes
    20 seconds
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    Who are they fooling? Obama is an attention hog that's why he's been on Oprah, Letterman and Leno. He uses the press and they love him. They would all actually kiss his a** on national TV if allowed. They got him his second term, and they will never admit that they were wrong.
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    Gregory is a *#&*(%*^$*_&^% JOKE! Finally the love fest between the liberal media and their darling Barrack has came down to their first little spat. Curious whos gonna break up with who first. Obama needs the media worse than they need him. They are the ones who have brainwashed half of this country with all the lies and BS propaganda and their molding obama into something bigger than life itself. Finally a Journalist who got some balls and decided to ask him a tuff question instead of the useual "What did you have for lunch today Mr President" or "Whats your handicap in Golf" Yes the most tranparent president in history has been the complete opposite and been the most secretive president in history. This man has been the biggest liar on just about everything hes ever said and hes managed to escape it all only because the media has helped him. If not for FOX news you would never get the truth at all about this man you sheeple call a president. All this man can do is blame someone else for anything that he does and he will blame this Journalists or the media for making a big deal out of this. For all who voted for this pretender,Just go back on any of his campaign speeches on youtube and see what a liar he is. Actually his only accomplishments have just been civil right issues and thats it. Its like I said 4 years ago,that something about Obama is shady and not just because he came from Shadyville ILL were everyone is corrupt. They were already enough out about him that redflags were popping up everywhere but the nation ignored them. I have never seen anything like this and I hope that this nation can survive 3 1/2 more years of his deadly presidency.
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    You aren't serious? I bet Nixon would have traded with him. You must not be paying attention. Obama has gotten a free ride compared to other presidents.
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    1) If the press core does not like obama then they are just like the American people.
    2) You can't tell the press core doesn't like obama by all the favorable reporting they give him
    3) If obama thinks the media is unfavorable to him then maybe it's because obama's administration is so bad that even when cleaned up and made purty, it still looks ugly.
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    @NTBFW Only reason that this give purpose to thought is we can't figure which evades the truth more, obama or his pocket press?
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