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    Anti-gunners want all guns banned, plain and simple. They go after the "scary" ones first, then some others, and finally whatever is left. Same steps that have been taken in other countries to disarm the public so that the rest of people's rights can be taken without a conflict.
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    Oh do make me smile.

    "Vice President Joe Biden told Field & Stream magazine in an interview published Monday, "[if] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door."

    Apparently some Colorado Reps would prefer that if a rapist is at your door you lay back and take it.
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    My understanding is correct Biden technique is to empty a double barrel shotgun in a door, or a cloud when faced by a violent predator.
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    Doesn't suprise me when Biden said shoot through the door. After all, the FBI shot through the door and killed an unarmed woman holding a baby at Ruby Ridge Idaho. These are the same people who don't trust us with guns and they do stupid things like this.
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    There's something about the image of Joe Biden with a shotgun that weakens my support of the Second Amendment. I would not mind banning shotguns in exchange for revoking the ban, on, say, mortars. Biden with a mortar is a much more pleasant image.
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    Am I concerned these laws are being passed too hastily? Not at all. I'm concerned that they are being passed at all!

    Seriously, if you think that the ultimate liberal goal here is anything but complete disarmament of the American People, you have your head buried in your rear.
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    And here we go, It starts with the assault then gradually....ever so slowly all guns become potential fodder for the "banned" wagon.
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    Better yet - we are obliged to force our 'public-servants' to fully comply with the constitutional ban on infringement - which includes ALL (misnamed) "gun-control" laws - all the way back to 1939. After all, it's not likely that even one of those civilian-disarmament laws ever succeeded in keeping any gun out of any criminal's hands. So it's time to dispense with them - especially since they violate the 2nd amendment.
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    But remember they aren't going to come for our guns and there won't be any ridiculous bans on typical hunting and self defense firearms
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    Yep! They want to ban all firearms, one type at a time.

    On a side note, The #1 hunting gun is becoming the AR-15 style of rifle, as they are easily adaptable for hunting, with the newer ones being able to switch calibers easily, and are the best self-defense weapons to date, which of course is why it's popular with police and citizens alike, making it the perfect all-round gun.
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    @Robbo03712 LMAO I can only speculate as to what she meant by that. That woman is one of the dumbest and most vile creatures to walk this planet.
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    @Concerned_Cit what gets me is the premise that just because I be never needed a gun in my fancy subdivision you don't need one in the projects or in the boondocks where police response is slow or nonexistent
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    Yea Liberal POS Democrats and gun control laws.....WOW!!!
    Our founding fathers would not be happy at all.
    Democrats seek to un arm the United States.......who would have thought?
    Hitler un armed the citizens also didnt he!!!
    Dictaitors prefer Un armed citizens!!!
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    Joe Biden better speak out against this bill. If he doesn't, he's a flat out hypocrite. With a straight face, he told the nation that his wife, with armed security with M16s in possession, should step outside and fire a 12 ga double barrel shotgun at no ID'd target, just shoot it and that will scare any perp. Then he said that shotguns are easier to control and shoot than an AR type weapon, which is laughable, but it has to be the truth. This action by CO goes against the liberal agenda by default.

    Anyway, this is retarded. CO has already lost jobs because of their anti-gun mantra, now they're wanting more repercussions? Can we vote in more stupid? I'm not getting enough.
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    In all candor I don't know what you right wingers expected when you refuse to compromise on a damn thing about weapons of mass violence in America. You NEVER learn. You claim an absolute right to gun ownership based on some fairly vague rhetorical wording by people who never envisioned anything more than a black powder musket. You think you can act like Al Capone and Nazi Storm Troopers all rolled into one while identifying yourselves to America as the same people who refuses to compromise on abortion,(you're religious zealot losers with guns to most of America's view), you do stupid things like associate guns to most people as being the same people that worship the Confederate Flag, want violent revolution against our govt, talk secession and hate minorities right up until this recent push to get blacks to further arm themselves in the urban areas, against each other.

    You have a serious image problem to the middle class of America, with moderates, with women, Latinos, gays, blacks, You have a "redneck bubba" image. Just as most of America really doesn't care for the extremist left wing "Fem-Nazi" image of the white man hating, left wing compulsive-obsessive obese rhetoric babble of the socialistic state left, America has no more use for the "redneck bubba's" than the "Fem Nazi's". And you have the guns. And brag about it. And threaten to start civil wars with them. You have a white supremacist image and you don't care.

    You come on here bragging about how willing you are to kill your fellow man, how you spot on the backs of people from a quarter a mile away, how you would shed no tears if someone assassinated "the Kenyan" and things like this. And then you wonder why people are so willing to roll over on taking your guns? Just freaking amazing. You have met the enemy and the enemy is yourselves.
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    @jessejaymes You're a babbling lunatic. When did anyone ask us for our opinions to start with before they just started demanding our guns?
    You are the nut jobs who want to dis arm law abiding citizens while you murder innocent children in the process. And you say we don't make any sense?
    For you to claim that our founding fathers had no vision of weapons becoming more powerful or to shoot more rounds faster or to accuse them of wrongfully wording the constitution is pure ignorance and should get you deported.
    People don't like Obama because the "kenyan" is the worst thing that has ever happened to the US. He is a lying, contradicting, constitution destroying, egotistical, dictator who has no respect for the rights of the people or what is best for our nation. He makes George W. look like an amateur when it comes to spending our great grandchildren into debt and he should be sent back to kenya right along with you.
    If you don't like the thought of people declaring war to preserve their rights then, you need to shut your mouth and stop attempting to tread on their rights!
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    @jessejaymes what I find amusing, and I posted this on another thread today, is when talk turns to gun control legislation, the right is all up in arms(pun intended) foaming at the mouth claiming their 2nd Amendment rights are being infringed upon, but yet the same ppl support trampling ones Constitutional right to vote through numerous attempts by the GOP to pass voter suppression laws.
    I find it conveniently hypocritical.
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    @eric2945680 LOL you're going to deport me? I don't think so. I own guns, I will always own guns. I'm as good a citizen as there is in America. But I don't want you right wingers having guns anymore than I want black or Latino gangsters having guns. You people are traitors to America. You want to impose your will on abortion, religion and every damn thing else. Do you know how damn stupid people see you as when you come on here talking about "the kenyan"?
    So he's the "worst thing to ever happen to the USA according to you? Worse than the Civil War? Worse than WWII? Worse than the KKK? Worse than the attempted genocide of the Native American? Worst than Nixon, Carter, Bush II? Actually no he's not. But you come on here posting like you've just posted and rational Americans see you as about one emotional outburst away from taking your AR and opening up in a theater. In fact what you just posted is EXACTLY why most American are willing them to take your guns. You just posted like a threat to the president, to myself, to America.
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    The Dictator Obama is rising. Hide your guns and ammo, soon they will be at your door looking to take them. The retards of the left will stop at nothing to control the people. I want all the nutjob liberals to go on record as voting for the gun bans before 2014. It will be a final chance for the American people to vote these morons out of office before they can permanently crush the Constitution.
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    These new gun laws are in direct violation of the second amendment! These idiotic democrats are acting like blind fools drooling all over themselves to look good to Obama. Guess what, in less than four years he will be gone and you may be in less than two if you do not stop this right now!
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    I can modify a catapult too.
    We really need to slow down and breathe. Too much hasty legislation proposals.
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    "I can modify a catapult too. We really need to slow down and breathe. Too much hasty legislation proposals."

    No way, I'm going to panic! The only way they'll get my Assault Trebuchet is to pry it off my cold, dead, fingers!
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    "Democrats succeed in passing a bill limiting large capacity magazines in Colorado," Remember who you're voting for in 2014.....Liberals lie....conservatives lie!
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    @Ole_Okie Yep, everybody lies, including me and you. Only, if I lie (or you lie) in conjunction with my job, most likely you and I would either be fired or severely punished.....(days off w/o pay).
    Maybe, if a politician lies, we need to punish them in the same manner.
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    @wonka45ACP I really like Colorado and absolutely love Wyoming. Wyoming doesn't have near the BS that Colorado does.

    Both states have great hunting and fly fishing. I've found the folks in the mountain areas to be great. I'm not a big city fan. Its just not my style.
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    label it unintended if you want , these people are like clinton he knew his intentions before he unzipped, so he tries to redefine the original definition of the act.
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    Pay attention. Colorado surrendered to The Obama agenda in November. It is too late to get upset about the out comes. Reducing personal freedoms for Americans in service to Big Brother/Big Govt/Big Union was the cornerstone of Obama' campaign.
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    This is what electoral college voted for...this is what the democrat ideology, genre and MO has been all along. this is what you voted for if you voted democrat...

    Wave good bye to America...Welcome in Germany, 1939. The Gestapo will be by to collect your guns, check your papers and put propaganda that says only buy Democrat, oops, German.

    Don't get on any trains...Especially those titled "Auschwitz Express"...
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    Todays goverment has not only lost touch with the people it is suppose to serve, they are deliberately tearing down the constitution that was put in place to protect us. There is an agenda that we know nothing about,YET but by the time we do, it WILL be too late to do anything about it.
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    could be their plans for an open border,can't have American citizens armed and not the others. i heard canada has rough laws yet not as bad as mexico's
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