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    Some better headlines for this article,

    1.) "Big Money Wal-Mart Is Buying Obama"

    2.) "Obama Sells-Out Again For More Swag"

    3.) "The White House Is Rolling Back Prices"

    4.) "Pay More, Get Less -That's The Wal-Mart Way Now!"

    5.) "Chinese Company Wal-Mart Forcloses On White House"
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    In fairness to the President. He isn't interested in leaving America better off after this reign is complete. It isn't fair to judge him by that standards expected of any other President. He is an Orwellian Socialist intent on bringing our Nation down not a Capitalist who wants to create opportunity for our children. Expect more and more worst out comes for the non union middle class and their employers. It's a Progressive thing.
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    @methinks We would have much stronger Unions if we were "going the way of Europe." And why do you think Europe is bad off? They faltered when the bank scandals made the world economy waiver but many European countries exceed the U.S. in significant ways. Like less child mortality and no elderly people without a home, food and medical care.
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    IMHO...Barack Husssein Obama is a liberal, progressive racist. And, as such, is the most divisive president ever. What the hell do you expect out of him? He has never been anything more than a non-productive idealog who lives on the other person's dollar. He has contributed absolutely nothing to this nation except social division.
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    How iconic...chief exec of poor for poor people...

    That's what democrat ideology fosters. Perpetuation of being poor forcing the populous to seek out entitlements....

    Good call democrats.
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    It could be worse - at least these people are not famous. How would you like 3 years of Ashley Judd explaining budget issues?
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    @Ryuo maybe if she got naked, I'd pay her some attention. But like all things with democrats, I know they are lying the moment their lips start moving.
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    @Republican5150 oh, give her some credit - most Hollywood people don't *know* when they are lying.
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    Are the numbnuts seeing the criminal fascist/communist corporate takeover now?
    Monsanto CEO now the head of FDA, are freaking kidding me? Nothing to see here, hand over your guns.(pats head) good little slave.
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    the guys who are trying to control all the seed is in gov office? crap obama sure knows how to pick control freaks.
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    Talk about a do nothing job.... Budget Chief for an administration that have NEVER even had a budget headed by someone who has never had a job. Where do I apply?
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    Yeah just two new people to help his welfarism and green energy agendas. Nothing new here!
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    I see Obama is seeking out the cream of the crop these days.
    Used Car Salesman as President and a Wal Mart as Budget Chief.
    Yea, that sounds about right.
    Lmao, no wonder the world is laughing at us, and SNL is doing skeets making Obama out as an idiot.
    When SNL starts crackin on ya, you know you hit bittom.
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    Burwells main experience seems to be centered around distributing money to the poor.

    That's a fine experience and direction when the money is donated.

    That's not really the experience and direction I want to see heading up our Office of Management and Budget.
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    At least those two foundations are known for giving most of the money to those who are supposed to receive it. Most of those guys, like the United Way, hand it out to themselves in the form of executive bonuses.
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    Oh yes more China trade and slave enforcement. Way to go Obama. Another worthless CEO from a huge corporation to make yourself look like the moron you truely are. Walmart is king of the foreign importation of America and Obama just has to get a slice of that while so many are unemployed!!!
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    hell no nobody that has worked at walmart as an executive should not be even close to washington much less be in politics
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    Next there gonna roll back the prices on American realty to foreign buyers its all fun and games till China owns new Mexico
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    While Politix runs these YAWN articles and panders to Lobbyists might I mention that yesterday President "I hate the seniors" Obama offered up more money from social security and medicare. Not a word about a dime from the Oil companies or General Electric.
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