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    throw rush in there with him and make it a radio show so i only have to listen to the screams and I'll tune in for it.
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    @frigginhell eeehhh i think the added bulk factor might interfere with the base cost of pool and water,plus a couple of bites into rush and the opiates would probably make the piranha's pass out?
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    I guess i would have to ask, how is it that rush & coulter still have a show and this twit is on the outside looking in?
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    I'm not sure I'd include Hannity on this list. Glenn Beck definitely not. Agree with Limbaugh, Mahr, Maddow, O'Reilly, Matthews and others being on the list.
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    @Knightkore - I like to put all the pin-head commentators on the list for the simple reason that they stop people from reading, researching and thinking for themselves.

    To me it's akin to religion. I have no use for preachers, pulpits, politicians, platforms or pundits.

    ALL of it is a money making scheme to separate you from your hard earned income.
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    @Denizen_Kate - Gotta add Debbie Wasserman-Schultz too. Yeah, I know she's with the DNC but she is the big mouthed, left handed counter to Coulter.

    Jesus Murphy just load up the goddamned bus with all the squabbling knob heads and send it over the damned cliff!

    I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!!! Lol!
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    He could get a talk show providing paternity tests to indiscriminate women who are trying to get their baby daddies to pay child support.
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    This jerk is the biggest ass clown mouthpiece for the loony libs.
    Thinking people ignore and pity this fool.
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    If the day ever comes that I care what Olbermann or O'Reilly has to say beyond a warning sign that both are lunatic fringe, then just take me out back and shoot me.
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    Please point out even one example that would qualify Bill O'Reilly as part of the "lunatic fringe"? Let me guess, you've never actually watched his program, correct?
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    @No_Bama Not recently that's for sure. O'reilly is an idiot. Who has a base of greater idiots. Same with Hannity, same with Maddow. It is what it is. Blowhard, low education, low information, Low I.Q. America.
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    I watched about 30 sec's of O'reilly the other day... Every word seemed to be about how be thinks we need more government interference in our lives... So I turned it...
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    @jessejaymes - "Blowhard, low education, low information, Low I.Q. America."

    Yes, that's exactly what your generalized, misinformed statement says about you. It says that you know nothing whatso ever about the man or his show. Because if you did, you'd know he's about as fair and balanced conservative commentator out there. I've seen him praise and give Obama credit more times than I'd care to see out of a conservative. If you want compare Olberfool to Hannity, I'll give you that. But to compare the lunatic completely one-sided rantings of Keith Olberfool to the respectful commentary from Bill O'Reilly is completely absurd. You might as well be comparing Glenn Beck to Dan Rather.
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    He may as well be Obama's press secretary. He has already been doing the job. Obama needs to pay him.
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    What a great idea! He'd be 10x better than that weasel Carney. Olbermann is, I think, Obama's true voice.
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    @Ryuo "Olbermann for Obama's press secretary"

    Nope, turns out he's made too many enemies in this country to get *any* job, but I have a plan for him:

    1. Get Dennis Rodman to introduce him to Kim Jong-un. Rodman may only know him as a sports guy, may not hate Olbermann.

    2. Kim Jong-un probably heard of the Hunger Games, but thinks it is a documentary. Olbermann pitches it as a sport North Korea is the best in the world at.

    3. Olbermann can go back to being a sportscaster, in a true socialist worker's paradise, even. He'll owe me a finders fee.
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    That arrogant, self centered narcissist will sit tight for awhile until his mouth starts to get in the way
    of his brains again. A new broom sweeps clean, and when the honeymoon is over he will flap away,
    as he reinvents history in his usual obnoxious manner. He reads from the monitor screen and trips
    over himself as he vomits forth his opinions. Why would ESPN hire this character?
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    He should do anything he wants to do as long as I do not watch him doing it. His mouth has
    a nasty habit of getting in the way of his brains, as he continuously spews forth rhetoric, most
    of which is horse manure. I can not imagine any station hiring that pompous a-hole.
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    I wish he would just give up period and go away. Go fishing or travel abroad tasting things for a food channel. Something nobody watches
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    Id like to see him get his twisted mind straight.Soon a mouth piece of the left will be worse than a supporter of pedophiles.
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