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    So now we are seperating Americans in views on Wall Street? Who's perverted idea was this to stir up this sh** pot? About as stupid of a commentary that I have ever read. Can't we just be people for a damn change when interviewed? What the hell does being gay, black, Jewish or whatever how people feel about the damn stock market?
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    Because "stir up this sh** pot" makes money. Always follow the money, stirred or shaken!
    The political agenda: 1) dumb them down (check) 2) entitle them up (check) 3) Deflect their attention, now that their dumb and entitled (check) 4) Steal from the country (checkmate)!
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    @stepped_in_it This would be funny were it not so sad. While Obama pins his legacy on carrying the torch for advancing the cause of 3.5% of the population of America, he daily offers up the Seniors of this country to be driven into abject poverty and THEN politix tells us that Gays are more optimistic than seniors? Who would have guessed?
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    @jessejaymes "This would be funny were it not so sad' What really saddens me is how soon we all forget who is stealing from whom! Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives.....all lie, cheat and steal from US. You know it, I know it.....but most will firmly stand their political party ground pointing fingers at each other. Wish we could "load" those fingers (with bullets).....the "finger fight" would be a record PPV event (and rid the country of the unneeded)
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    That's easy: gays and lesbians have very few kids, so they don't have to think as much about the bill coming due on the National Debt.

    Similar situation for the few young people who have money to invest. Now let's ask the 40% of 20-somethings living with their parents what *they* think.
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    Bingo! No kids means more income that can go into investments. With the stock market nearly doubling under Obama the last 4 years were a great time to be in the market.
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    That's why marketers, Democrats, and politicians are pushing the "gay lifestyle", because it supports retail sales due to gay's higher expendable income, and those three groups of people love big business since it means more tax money.
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    This just in- LGBT lifestyles are proven to be healthier and happier than the minority heterosexual lifestyle! LGBT is the most financially and spiritually fulfilling lifestyle! LGBT children grow up more balanced and with higher self knowledge than children from those minority and disastrous traditional Judeo-Christian 'families!'
    Up is the new Down!
    Nighttime is the new Daytime!
    Fat is the new Skinny!
    *don't worry, Zombies will kill us all before this happens :)
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    @GuyFawkes Oh for Crimentalaties sake you had to bring it up. I was just thinking we can expect "gay dancing with the star gays" at just about any minute now and here you are. Go to your room.
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    Want equality? Why no gay Westerns?*John Wayne's ghost just punched me in the face*
    Sir, I am now going to my room...
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    Actually sex has a great deal to do with investing process. Women are generally better investors than men. It's the big di*k syndrome. Men tend to try to catch up or double down on losing investments because they don't like to admit defeat whereas women tend to cut their losses more readily. That tends to make women better investors.
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    I am glad they are optimistic...since they are a small percentage of the entire population, I will take notice of this optimism and await the optimistic responses from the transgender and bisexual community...followed by the Black, Hispanic and Asian communities...along with the Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc... communities...
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    Have you ever noticed that when Gays move into a neighborhood and make it their own, there is a renaissance and property values go up? Where us Gays go, where we invest, business thrives.
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    you would be thrilled as well if you knew the liberal brain washed gubment was behind you all the way, and you held that little, oh so powerful discrimination card in your pocket. just like the blacks with their race card, its a rigged game now.
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