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    the earth will be here a lot longer than we will, so people are more concerned about, hmmm, i dont know, where they will live next week, how they will put food on the table next month, whether they will have a job tomorrow, you know, those quirky little issues!
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    I for one expect to be living in the same place next week as I am this week and the several years before. AS to where I will get my family's food a significant portion of it will come from my backyard garden and the food from last year that we preserved. Employment matters are not primarily affected by the climate.
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    You want to know what I really think? I think the world has become so dumb that they will party till the earth explodes and be surprised when it happens.
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    @stepped_in_it The idiots who always say "I hope California disappears" don't even realize that 30 states would still be driving on dirt roads without California, New York, Florida, Texas, Illinios and two states I forget weren't paying for their state budgets through our federal taxes. I just don't get it. But they'll be cheering for a minute if Cali does slide off. We've become a nation of idiots.
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    @jessejaymes "they'll be cheering for a minute if Cali does slide off'.....but only for a minute. The tsunami from that slide would effectively end the world as we know it!
    "It's the end of the world as we know it" "and I feel fine"
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    They had to shut down the environmental desk do to the mountain of trash generated by Bloomberg's small soda policy. Smaller drinks mean more garbage per ounce of soda purchased. They do not care for you or the environment they only care about having power and control over your daily decisions and lives.
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    @jessejaymes The problems we have with California, Illinois, and New York is that they are paying their state budgets with OUR federal taxes.
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    I think the perception of going green has been that of environmental whacko's screaming the sky is falling the sky is falling. And they have gotten so fanatical that it hard to take them serious. Having Al Gore as a spokesman didn't help either. I don't believe Al Gore about anything. Why should I buy an expensive car I don't like while he lectures me then gets on a private jet and flys away. Then there is the fact that most scientist that warn us of global warming are very left wing politically and anyone that questions their findings are blasted by denier claims. In other words they over stated their case.
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    Your statement is fact-challenged. Al Gore is not the spokesman. He made a movie about it. Judging the validity of a subject by who made a movie about it is not sound judgment. The scientists who are warning about it are not "leftists." They are the vast majority of world scientists. This is not a political issue, though what to do about it has been made into one. I gave you a million links on this subject and this post shows you read *none* of them. Therefore, denier, if the shoe fits, wear it.
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    @Zazziness you missed the word PERCEPTION in my statement. That's my perception. They asked I answered if they want to change the perception then they should understand why I hear white noise when they talk. Not lecture me about details that I seriously don't trust the source.
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    @NTBFW Ever hear of personal responsibility? That's where you read and research and gather facts rather than going on "truthiness" or "perception" or "a dart board." It works well.
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    @Zazziness from what I can see you are over reacting about it all I take care of my own business just fine. Try that for a change.
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    Simple.... The actual important issues of clean water, regulating those individual issues where there is actual pollution of the environmnt that can be improved has be lumped together with a Political Hoax of Man Made Global Warming and Green Energy which are both being used for Political Purpose and are easily shown to be total failures ... So when Man Made Global Warming and Green Energy scams are seen as hoaxes the actual good that can be done to clean up dumps and waste sites is also kicked to the curb....
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    Really? Hundreds of links that explain global climate change to layman. Thousands of scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. NASA, The Union of Concerned Scientists, The Smithsonian, The United Nations... for God's sake --- George W Bush -- all confirm that our climate is changing and that man's waste products are at the heart of it.
    May I ask what the heck it would take to get it through to you that only a few crackpots and paid oil company lobbyists still try to claim there is any question about it being a real situation we are all facing?(And even the oil companies are starting to give it up because even they can't lie forever.) What. Does. It. Take?
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    @Zazziness ... Yes Really... 100's of links explaining how it's Bunk. thousands of articles and statements from scientist stating it's a con game to get funding and make fortunes off the Unscientific that fall for the con game ....

    No one, Not Even Me has ever said the climate is not changing... But man has Absolutely Nothing to do with it nor could he do anything about it if he tried... You have fallen for the Religion.. and that's all it is...

    Simple ... Give specific data, specific evidence that stands up to Verification and Repetition by anyone attempting to debunk it that CO2 Rise leads Global Temp Rise.... Not Claims, Not Models, Not invented evidence....

    Conscience (Con-Science) is the Bane of Real Science... There was Consciences the earth was the center of the universe... There has been Conscience that Civilization started about 6,000 years ago.... If science followed Conscience the Wright Brothers would have never built an airplane... You follow your Priests that live in luxury by the tithing they receive while they fly private jets to lavish get together in Geneva and Cabo to dine on fine wine and cheese while poor people around the world burn cow dung to heat their meals and I will listen to the 1000's of scientists that have shown the religion Bunk....
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    @Penn1699 .. What's so frustrating is that the vast majority of those that have fallen for the Environmental Religion use the exact same tactics as other biblical religious zealots use to defend their religion.

    It's a matter if not questioning the claims... Science is suppose to question any claim, cut the claim to shreds, even if the claim holds for decades Real Science never stops attempting to shred the claim and a single piece of evidence that debunks the claims is suppose to be given weight and openly debated without bias... What we see from those that take the view Zanny takes is Religious in nature, they have Faith, They Believe... Any evidence or argument that goes to the heart of their faith is considered blasphemy... Those that make such argument, sinners to be excommunicated from the church...

    When it's very simple... Climate has changed on this planet long before man started his first campfire... Ice Core records show CO2 has always when up when the global temps have risen, and CO2 has always gone down when global temps have fallen, Before Man made fire.... Humans produce .02 percent of so called Green House gases... And the Clincher for me is that the past record of Man Made Global gloom and doom that have been made in my lifetime, and I'm old, have never been correct....

    Heck even the IPCC's own Climate scientist Tom Tripp said “We're not scientifically there yet. Despite what you may have heard in the media, there is nothing like a consensus of scientific opinion that this is a problem. Because there is natural variability in the weather, you cannot statistically know for another 150 years.”

    But Believer's Believe it's the hallmark of religion.....
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    They got caught making up lies now if something was really happened nobody would believe. There is no way mankind can destroy the environment.
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    Rivers polluted and burning. Rain forests disappearing. Major animal extinction. No way mankind can ever "destroy the environment".....<face in palms>
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    I believe in climate change and I believe in being good stewards of the environment, but I won't invest in green scams and the forced guilt of human caused climate change. The climate has changed without us here, it will with us here and if the earth decides to just shake off it's ozone layer and roast us to death, there is not a damn thing we can do about it.
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    I used to love nature documentaries even those that didn't hide the fact only a few of the cute young critters are going to grow up instead of being hawk chow. But it's been quite awhile since I could bear to watch one because they always end: "Of course, we've been filming three of the last twelve __________ in the wild. They are projected to be extinct except in captivity within the next few years."
    This will be a lesser world without tigers.
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    @stepped_in_it It kills me, it really does. A major extinction event only takes place every few million years or so. There are times I am very sad that I managed to get born in one.
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    @stepped_in_it A major extinction event. There are rare periods when the majority of species go extinct and those left eventually evolve and differentiate and refill new niches. But knowing in two hundred thousand years, there will be new creatures walking the Earth does not make me less sad the elephants are going now.
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    @Zazziness I hate poachers and I won't hunt big game in Africa. But at home we have restored black bear , elk and turkey back to levels that they can be hunted again. A huge success for wildlife.
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    It makes no sense to drive polution from the United States to China or Mexico and then allow that same product to be returned to the US in exchange for our not so poluted dollars.The people causing our jobs to be driven out of country are nothing more than environmental pimps.
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    IMO, we need a more balanced approach as opposed to 'the sky is falling' global warmers on the one side, and 'what sky? There's a sky?' anti-global warmers on the other side.
    We have but one environment. We all want our children to breath fresh air and drink clean water, and there does seem to be evidence supporting the melting of polar ice caps, indicating global warming. We need fresh voices to help ferret out the static. No more Al Gore lecturing us on the evils of fossil fuels (and winning a Nobel. Yikes) only to then make half a $billion by selling out to Al Jazeera and the fossil fuel industry. Hypocrites!
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    maybe they need a study on how bringing millions more people into an area effect the enviroment, more people cannot be helping things.
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    Nah,,,,can't be "the people". Just look how good Chicago, LA, NY, Detroit.....etc look! Pristine as the day Mother Earth was formed! Heck, the oceans are so blue you could walk across them! Forests so vast you can now see both ends of it! People, the newest cockroach of the Earth!
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    For the simple reason that it's the same horror stories over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Every other bl...dy week: the temperature will go X degrees, sealevels will rise X centimeters and yet nothing happens. It's scaremongering and at the end of the day people don't buy the story anymore.. literary.
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    I don't think people understand how much cheaper it will be to use renewable energy once we've got the technology. Funding for research & development is critical.
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    Too much "chicken little" and crying wolf. Real world data do not validate the IPCC, CRU, NASA, EPA and Al Gore's World [AGW] projections of emanate danger; much like the 12/21/2012 prediction of the Mayan calendar or the year 2000 disaster.

    Love the "fears" that the Arctic may be ice free for the first time in recorded history. That is a false flag. The time frame of recorded history of the Arctic is too short in comparison to climatic history, let alone earth;s history. How do we know the Arctic has never been "ice free"? Was there a hole in the ozone at the Antarctic before we developed the technology to detect it? How badly has improved communications about world weather events distorted people's perception of weather events and/or the climate?
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    Environmental science isn't sexy. Today's society wants things fast, with flash and drama. Throw out the politics, and environmental scientist looks at effects of humans, and natural effects as well. For the last couple of decades, environmentalists have gotten more politicized and radicalized, and with it have lost credibility. Loss of credibility easily contributes to loss of interest.
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