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    I agree , sadly the saying " you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink" rings absolutely true when talking about Obama supporters, water being the truth, and in this case horses asses being his supporters.
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    He knew he wasn't going to succeed, stopping the nomination wasn't his true intention because he knew it wouldn't work. What he did do was cause a spectacle, something that far more reporting than it would have; hence, making many more people aware if what is going on. In that regard he was successful.
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    Absolutely. the mainstream government run media I would never report the truth about what holders response and therefore the White House's response to the question of assassinating Americans on American soil. they will however have to now
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    Good Job Rand Paul! Now someone else stand up and do the same thing! Then another and another until the dumbed down American public learns what this was about!
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    If you are from Kentucky then you know this young man has the people of Kentucky's lives at heart. He has done alot for business and farmers here, and has done everything he can to raise the awareness of waste and abuse in DC. This filibuster wasn't only about the nomination, but about the arrogance of the POTUS to use drones to kill Americans on American soil. Obama didn't answer the question but stated "I haven't done it yet." People, it is very clear we cannot trust the government anymore. You cannot tell me that if a couple million people march on DC and demand the immediate impeachment and replacement of the president and his staff that Obama would not consider using drones against the citizens of the US. I am telling you that if states start banning automatic weapons and doing house to house searches that drones may be used to destroy homes so that the government can achieve their goal. You can call me crazy but think about twenty years ago of what we had then and what we have now. Gas nearly $4.00 a gallon, massive unemployment, 16 trillion in debt, politicians masked in scandal, taxes out the ying yang, rights being stripped at every level, release of illegal immigrants, massive layoffs, government shutdowns, disfunctional congress and senate, wars for personal profit, a president that refuses to work with congress and the senate, etc. Twenty years ago you would have never fathomed this, so what happens in the next twenty. Boys and girls, you better take heed and watch what is happening, because no one is excluded!!!
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    Eleven years ago we fathomed the danger of unconstitutional over reach by the excecutive and warned about quasi-dictatorial powers being utilized by the Bush white house. You act like this all began under obama, but the laws, legal opions and programs he is using to do the things you object to were put in place by Bush.

    You cann't seriously expect those who you ridiculed for oppossing torture, the patriot act, no-fly list, warrantless electronic surveillence and the war in iraq, to come out in your defense now that the very powers, laws and programs you approved of when Bush was in office are being used against the anti-immigration, no tax crowd that ridicuded our efforts to protest the abuses in power now. Besides it's kinda late. The very programs you folks support like national ID cards (Real ID act)- so you could target immigrants and roll out voter ID efforts - are they key to keeping everyone under control. Because of patriot act all local state and federal govt data bases along with bank and utility data bases showing where you live, and to the degree you use credit, what you buy is available to homeland security.

    As the tv commercial used to say: "you asked for it, you got it. Toyota"
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    MadAmerican: Bush? Read some actual history. What group of veterans were fired upon near the White House in the past when they thought they had a legitimate cause to protest?
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    @PoliticalSpice ... Many of us spoke out against allowing the Federal Government having such power and it was during the signing of the Patriot Act I made this quote
    "When you give your Individual Power to the Government you Adore do not be surprised when that power is used against you by the Government You Abhor" - Q

    I said it again and again after Obama came into power and his followers happily gave him the power over almost every aspect of their daily lives with Obama Care and other power grab programs that his supported still stand for... There will be a Next President and those Powers Given to this Government You Adore will be used by the Next Government you Abhor......
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    @Quantummist We have had this discussion before. The right, generally, not you personally, supported this under Bush. Moreover, you will correct me if wrong, but didn't you support some of the other things I mentioned? I'm pretty sure you said you did. In any event if the republicans in congress had tried to stop this wgen their parties candidate was in office, we wouldn't be where we are today. When my right not be be required to have govt issued picture ID is at issue the typical republican responds that is not a big deal. So when the right complains about obamacare my response is the same. This will go on and on until there is no more liberty, but I still don't see the right wing recognizing the concerns of people like me, so I really could care less about people like them.
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    @cayjr1 That would be the bonus veterans. Congress was considering a bill to release immeadiately bonuses congress had originally promised the veterans would be paid in 1945. Hoover did not want congress to pass the law. Some 22,000 veterans came to washington in June to lobby for the law and set up an encampment. President Hoover was embarrassed by the veteran encampment. He ordered his secetary of war to disperse the protesters and soldiers set the encamconsidered
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    I disagree with Senator Paul but I give him credit for filibustering the RIGHT way, the old school way. He got people to think about this issue more than they would have otherwise. Sometimes the best you can do is to make the best case you can and go down fighting hard.
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    @martydotcom That runs in his family. I still give him props for standing on the senate floor filibustering for 11+ hours. Brings back memories of the old racist Dixiecrats.
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    @martydotcom The better the senator does right now the better it is for the democrats. Can you really imagine "President Rand"? Of course Karma could come back and bite me on this. Before 1980 I could never imagined the start of Bedtime for Bonzo as "President Reagan".
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    @PNWest Google "stupid statements Rand Paul". Advertising copywriter's dream. I think he'd be laughed off a debate stage

    Besides look at what the " socialist" has done to Wall Street. Capitalism appears to be thriving
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    I'll probably look up a copy of his speech. If the reports I've heard are correct, he put forth a pretty Madisonian view of the Constitution. I like that in a politician.
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    Me too! A few things I appreciated Paul saying in his filibuster:

    “Are you so afraid that you are willing to trade your freedom for security?”

    “I think its also safe to say that Barack Obama of 2007 would be right down here with me arguing against this drone-strike program if he were in the Senate.”

    "Is objecting to your government or objecting to the policies of your government sympathizing with the enemy?"

    “If there were an ounce of courage in this body I would be joined by other senators… saying they will not tolerate this.”

    "[Obama] was elected by a majority, but the majority doesn’t get to decide who we execute.”
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    I was pleasantly surprised by Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee's comments as well, I don't know much about them and I don't remember who said what but I remember these two quotes,

    "The 5th Amendment isn't optional."

    "Liberty isn't a partisan issue."

    I was sad when he finally yielded I was hoping he would go for a record at least 16+ hours.
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    Stand with Rand. Well done Sir. Next step should be to introduce legislation outlawing the practice of using drones to kill Americans on American Soil. If we're so unsure of it, then press for legislation to outlaw that practice. Rand Paul is right, no one politician should have that degree of power.
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    I live in KY and have never really been much of a Rand Paul fan, but in this instance I am. He stood up for what is right, raised awareness of a VERY unconstitutional issue, and did what was right in the right way. Way to go Rand!!
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    Up until today I strongly disapproved of Senator Rand Paul simply because of many of his Republican based stances. I'm about a -3 to the left of 0 on a scale of -10 to 10 with either being far left and far right. Senator Rand Paul took a stand that needed to be took and did it the way that it should be done. I guess he does have some redeeming attributes after all.
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    And what's even more scary is this sitting Attorney General who speaks for Obama Reef using to deny that Obama would kill Americans with drone strikes on our own soil. now that's fu#@ing scary.
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    Sometimes all you can do is open people's hearts and minds to the knowledge of what's going on, and awaken them to reality. We the people have the power, but as long as we bury our hands in the sand and refuse to see the truth we will never work towards taking back our government.
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    As was the right in the eight years Bush layed the ground work and created the legal infastructure for what is now occurring. This didn't happen overnight.
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    What should we think of a government that not only tries to disarm us of small arms but makes us wonder if we need anti-aircraft weapons against them?
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    Issues like this really shows how the Obama supporters give him a pass and the partisanship of their positions. I can only imagine what their responses be had Bush supported this policy. We are talking about killing an American on American soil...without a trial. That has to be about as unamerican as anything I have seen. Wasn't our country founded in large part because we wanted to get away from an overreaching government? Issues like this should not be so partisan..unless you of course you place party above policy, which the bulk of of Obama supporters do. Every elected official should be against this policy because after all, they pledge to uphold and defend the constitution.
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    I am completely against drones flying over our own country! I think Paul's filibuster to raise awareness of the issue was called for. The Obama administration should not be getting away with drones over the U.S., it breaks the fourth amendment. I've been wondering if they were armed. I guess so and that is going too far!
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    Just another politician wasting taxpayer dollars getting nothing done. That could have been twelve hours trying to get the losers to work on the deficit, the budget or something else more worthwhile.
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    @bsking You are right and he out classed the whitehouse by leaps and bounds. Food for thought however, can we trust holder any more than we can trust obummer?
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    Stand With Rand Paul

    Senator Rand Paul’s principled stand yesterday, filibustering on the Senate Floor for 13 straight hours, was inspiring, encouraging, and reassuring.

    We stand here today inspired by Sen. Paul’s passionate and courageous leadership, and by the support shown by many others in the Senate Chamber and around the country.

    Thank you Sen. Rand Paul for standing up on the floor of the Senate to demand a debate about the Constitution’s relevance, the importance of the Fifth Amendment, the Senate’s constitutional mandate to advise and counsel the President, whether the different branches of government are truly intended to provide checks and balances, and whether there are limits to the Executive Branch’s power. Each of these arguments is important and valuable to our country today and essential to ensuring a better future for all Americans. Sen. Paul has shown wisdom and political leadership to use the filibuster as a bully pulpit to elevate these principled arguments to the forefront of the media. We need more leaders like Sen. Rand Paul.

    Yesterday, we also saw that there were several others willing to stand with Rand Paul: Senators Barasso, Chambliss, Cornyn, Cruz, Flake, Johnson, Lee, McConnell, Moran, Rubio, Scott, Thune, and Toomey. Thank you all for your willingness to have Sen. Paul’s back and, more importantly, to stand up for the Constitution. It’s important to note that Sen. Mike Lee was the first person to assist Sen. Paul, and Sen. Ted Cruz stayed until the end, reading supportive Tweets to his colleague, among other contributions. Thank you Sens. Lee and Cruz!

    Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat from Oregon, spoke in support of the questions Sen. Paul was asking of the White House, and referred to the two of them as the “Checks and Balances Caucus.” Sen. Wyden was willing to put aside political party loyalty to consider what is best for all Americans. Thank you for that, Sen. Wyden.

    I certainly hope this opened the eyes of many Americans.

    Rand Paul should be our President right now!!!
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