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    I'm not crazy about Rand Paul, but he raises valid points. Those of us who were in our 20s in the 1970s remember the abuses committed by the FBI, CIA and other agencies. Although I am definitely not opposed to using drone strikes to take out America's enemies on foreign soil, even if they are former American citizens who've gone renegade, I draw the line at drone strikes on the Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii and terrorities. If these personae non grata are on US soil then let's arrest them and bring them to justice. Drone strikes are for those out of the reach of conventional US justice deserving of the death sentence through their acts.
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    I agree, but the abuses Paul are worried about is nothing more then a high tech way of spying on and killing americans which the FBI and CIA did with impunity to the black panthers, new left, socialist, communist, american indian movement, anti-war movement, etc.

    While I don't support this program it has its foundation in Bush era legislation such as homeland security avt, patriot act, real ID act, warrantless electronic surveillence, etc. anx as soneone on thd left I like the irony that this thime it is thd right wing that may be targeted...
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    @Fishbone345 Well that may be true, but when the people targeted are supporting measures that take away my rights I'm not all that concerned about them.
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    @PoliticalSpice that is when it's the most important to stick to principle, when it sucks to do so.
    Like defending Westboro's ability to picket, despite them being horrible human beings.
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    He is one of the few grounded in reality. Propaganda is by design intended to keep people afraid of a pervasive enemy. Senator Paul seems to have his wits about him and is not able to be bought and influenced by the special interests who profit from war and fearmongering.
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    Did MCain really say, "The U.S. government cannot randomly target U.S. citizens?" I think we're more worried about *intentionally* targeting U.S. citizens, and Rand Paul's point is about doing it without judicial review.
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    I think him and fourteen other senators are just not naive or accomplice to the possibilty of a nefarious government. Glad they are there! Maybe it's all the other guys that we should look into replacing. What do you think Mccain?
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    Would you rather be water boarded and asked questions or just blown up? Maybe just maybe you'll receive your Miranda warning in the mail the day a drone puts a hellfire missile in your car.

    Hell of an incentive for Saturday mail delivery?
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    When you compare the body counts accumulated by terrorists, and the body counts accumulated by governments killing their own citizens, you'll see Rand's point.
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    When you compare the body counts accumulated by terrorists, and the body counts accumulated by governments, you'll see Rand's point.
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    Rand Paul surprised me. Pleasantly surprised. A lot of people are taking another look at him. I'm not sure but he may be the first politician in a while that has a pair. I hope so.
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    Are 'We the People' naive as to why barry barrack hussein & his criminal in chief holder want the use of drones on American soil ? BO wants to open the borders with few conditions BUT wants drone use - for who ? And why ? I know - he fears the American people & their love of freedom . PERIOD. If we use drones - let them patrol & seek out criminal & or terrorists sneaking in on our 'Southern Border'. ONLY . The technology is there to shut them down if they leave certain parameters. Fear The Government That Fears It's Own People.
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    Rand Paul is paranoid about a number of things, and combined with his willful ignorance of economics and other disciplines, I feel safe in saying that he constitutes the epitome of the neocon/teabagger spirit.
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    Actually Rand Paul is way off base on a lot of issues...He is rapidly becoming one of the many "clowns" of the Republican party---God knows he's got plenty of company in that category...
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    Bandwagon "Liberals" are jealous power holders, so I would expect them to support a domestic drone program and label someone who questions authority as "paranoid"... I believe they would be singing a different toon if it was still 2007....

    I, a classic Liberal, believe that it is our duty to question anything/anyone that contradicts the Constitution!!! If we are having to debate it's constitutionality, then it's probably unconstitutional!!!

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    Graham said to Holder,“I want to stand by you and the president to make sure we don’t criminalize the war and that the commander-in-chief continues to have the authority to protect us all.” He said “a lot of my colleagues are well-meaning but there is only one commander-in-chief in our Constitution.”

    Which is not you Mr. Paul, but you are already on the campaign trail, aren't you?
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