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    Rubio is still new I Washington " hills" is evil personified so we will just have to see. He must have somebody worried. They are already bashing him.
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    "There you go again"...And once again...Please try to understand that just because somebody disagrees with your twisted political views ----That does not make him or her "evil"....Geez!
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    You might believe that Hillary is "evil", but the fact is that she and Bill have been around the block. They are wise to the ways of political B.S., and they have a LOT more support politically, financially, and with the main-stream media. Brains and political connections go a LONG way in Washington. Especially when she has "The Anointed One" on her side. Like it or not, for some reason (which I have yet to understand) Americans seem to love Obama, and when he comes out endorsing her in 2016, there wont be much doubt that she will win. Rubio IS new, but so was Obama (where the hell did he come from?). I had never even heard of him, but it didn't matter. We were looking for "Change", and he seemed liked the answer to most people. So...the new, fresh, minority, innovative thing has been done. Ill bet a "more compassionate, wise, WOMAN" will be the new "grand idea". We will see how far that gets us. It might not be so bad. The Clintons are more conservative than most people realize. Having the big D behind Clinton will get her votes no matter how evil she may or may not be. Its a FACT that sadly most that African Americans voted for Obama simply for being "one of their own"(as socially incorrect as it is for me to say). That fact goes for most Democrats too. The Republicans haven't figured out yet how to stand together on ONE or two major social issue and make that their main focus like the D's do. No matter what...they stick together wrong or right. It makes them strong. I just don't see Latino's as seeing Rubio as "one of their own" because of the big fat R behind his name. Sorry
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    @spluvsjp I never said she was stupid. But I KNOW her and she is EVIL. It's been years since I was around her the hillz you see in public is not who is. I admit that Clinton's are fierce campaigners. And I have basic conservative political views. Not sick liberal ones.
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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you thought she was stupid. And she may very well be evil. All I meant is that..well.. It cant possibly get any worse with her in the white house, and no matter how much a Democrat might hate her, think she's evil, not agree with her views, or think she is an ugly old bag with kankles, THEY will still vote for her because that is what they do. Republicans generally vote on carefully thought out views and morals. Democrats vote for Democrats, no matter how awful or outlandish their candidate is and they take on their views and opinions as their own and will defend it to the death. We came reeeeeaaaal close with Gore. What a disaster that could have been. sorry for the misunderstanding. Just my opinion.
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    @spluvsjp no problem. I did misunderstand you. But I don't think she has this thing locked up yet. It's a long time before the next election.
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    It truly amazes me the shallowness of so many voters. What has Hillary ever done but ride Bill Clinton's coat tails? Bill purportedly had 100 affairs over their marriage and I ask you, would you have stayed with a man who even had 5 affairs? Would you want your daughter raised around that kind of behavior unless of course your political agendas superseded all other concerns? What has she actually done in her political career? She pretended that New York was her home so she could get elected senator for a couple years only to spring board her presidential aspirations. The media has made her the darling political figure and shallow voters just swallow that right up. If we ever get the Benghazi truth of how and why our Government did not help our Ambassador while he was being killed by terrorists and why did they lie about it so long, it could effect Hillary's chances.
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    No surprise here: Hillary is the second most recognizable politician in the country, and only political junkies know who Rubio is. Let's see the polls when Rubio is on TV every day and making eloquent speeches in Spanish.
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    Personally I don't think Hillary is going to run. And if she does Benghazi will be a big problem for her. I was a Hillary supporter but have totally lost respect for her. As for Rubio..I like him at this point, my sister in FL says he is very popular there among Hispanics. Sounds to me like he is scaring the Progressives...they have already started their bashing. We are on to you Progressives..if you bash someone they must be doing something right and pose a serious threat to your America killing agenda.
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    I would never vote for Hillary, but I really don't like Rubio. It they run against each other in 2016 I might just stay home on election day.
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    @Emerald1 I honestly don't know much about Rubio and can't say that he is not for sure that he is much different. All I have heard about him is a slower path to amnesty for illegals. I disagree with him and I would have to see how he stands on other issues to know whether I would vote for him or stay home. I choose to vote for good candidates not just vote against bad ones, in this case it could be choosing two bad candidates. Besides there is no guarantee he will even run for the nomination in 2016 and then there is the challenge of getting it, alot can change until then.
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    Well even Edward James Olmos could be Rubio as well---so either way, she would be in a good position to beat junior.
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    I for one am sick of the Clintons, the Bushs, the Kerrys, the Bidens and anyone else who has held any post or elected position in goverment. Maybe Jessie Jaymes is right, elect on one in 2016, it could'nt get much worse!
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    Jessie is right. Term limits is the only way we can even start to repair the damage done by the professional politician over the last 50-60 years. We have get these guys out of the perpetual re-election cycle, if we're ever to get them to do our bidding.

    As the the professional politician will never legislate him self out of his own career. We have to set our own selfish needs aside and vote all of the incumbents out of office and keep them out. Then and only then will the politician do our bidding, The constituency.
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    I'm hispanic and would pick NOBODY, or even Cheech Marin stoned out of his mind over Hillary. Sounds like another fabricated poll.
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    That was the same logic people were using against Obama in the election.

    These are just Politix polls. They mean nada, other than to get people riled up.
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    Yeah, all these are.

    They do what they set out to do though, don't they? They usually get a rise out of everyone.
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    What I can not understand is how could the Democrats vote for her and not feel hypocritical after they attacked McCain's ability to be POTUS due to his age. At the time McCain was 73 and doctors said he was in excellent health. In 2016 Hilliary will be 71 and her health is obviously not excellent.
    She recently fainted from exhaustion. I think she also had a stroke, and has been hospitalized several times in the past 4 years. Being the secretary was obviously stressful to her I thnk she aged about 10 years those 4 years, could she really handle the stress of being POTUS.
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    Possibly. conservative wort enemy is that they espouse to personal responsibility and that is scary to the far left?
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    I'm half latino, and I'd NEVER vote for Hillary, but Rubio isn't all that great either so far. Still though he'd be better than her, but that isn't saying much. Sen. Cruz now would be much better!
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    After this Obama and a collapsed dollar and a bankrupted nation....People will never want to vote for a Progressive Socialist ever again
    They will be begging for their country back!!
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    It's tough to say. It probably depends on what other whoppers Hillary tells between now and 2016; on whom she has whacked; and whether Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz is the nominee for the Republicans rather than Marco Rubio.
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    Don't lump ALL Latinos into the same cubbyhole. Big mistake. Don't mistake Mexican-Americans for ALL Latinos. Another big mistake. Take the same poll with Cruz of Texas, and you may get very different results.
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    It might not even boil down to these two candidates.
    The best chance for the GOP in 2016?
    Obama today.
    His own party is sick of this guy. After 8 years of this no sense the Country will be ready for big changes in the White House.
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