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    Food stamps should be for people who need it. I see people on food stamps buying things I can't afford. I know some who purchase food for others in return for 50% in cash to use for drugs. Perhaps a reward for turning in fraudulent abusers of the system.
    I have seen two people who get federal housing and food stamps; they shack up. Then they rent out one of the houses and live in the other and combine their food stamps.
    I'm kind of jealous.
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    "Liberal pundit Alan Colmes last June called the expansion of food stamps a major achievement of Obama's White House"

    That pretty much sums up what's wrong. I believe a major achievement would be having nobody on food stamps.
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    Look on the bright side. If food stamps didn't cover food many would have to use their own money for food which they can now use for Jack Daniels or Cognac or cigs.
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    @BossTweed My wish is that folks simply wouldn't need food stamps because they are gainfully employed and contributing to society. That would be a major achievement.
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    @SavageMazx I hear you...i'm quite realistic. It's sad that someone makes the claim that expanding food stamps is a major achievement. I see it as a poor reality.
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    Fifteen percent of Americans are on food stamps, with an all-time high of 47.69 million Americans receiving the benefits, according to the latest USDA report for November 2012. That's up from 31 million on food stamps in November 2008.

    Since 2008? wow it appears that The Obama is the Food Stamp POTUS.
    What happened to all that Hope and Change?
    "A FoodStamp we can believe in"

    Welfare was supposed to be a hand up Instead of a Hand Out!!!
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    "What would help lower the numbers"??!?!----Are you kidding me?---For starters all of those whiners on the right (many of whom also are on food stamps)--should stop crying about the fact that so many are on food stamps and instead use their time to tell all of those so-called "job creators" to get off of their butts and start creating some damn jobs!!--Or---they could also tell their respective republicans in congress to stop blocking the administrations jobs program legislation....Or they can also tell the republican obstructionists in congress to stop trying to slash even more jobs from the government payrolls with their silly and dangerous austerity plans (that just won't work_---That's what we can do -----That's what the whiners on the right SHOULD DO!
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    "For starters all of those whiners on the right (many of whom also are on food stamps)--should stop crying about the fact that so many are on food stamps and instead use their time to tell all of those so-called "job creators" to get off of their butts and start creating some damn jobs!!"

    Now THERE is a textbook example of Liberogic.

    Liberogic: A compound word "Liber" from Liberal "ogic" from Logic : The result of uninformed liberals attempting to apply logic to a discussion.

    Those of us on the RIGHT aren't crying about people being on food stamps, just those not entitled sponging off the honest people with jobs and paying taxes.

    The "Job Creators" don't have a magic wand. Jobs are created when demand exists for additional employees. That generally means people who are willing to, here's a foreign word for you, PAY FOR what they receive.

    As one of "those people" on the right and a "job creator", I'm not inclined to create a job (hire) that will not benefit me through it's existence. I'm already paying taxes that pay for the food wasted on lazy slobs who can work but instead suckle off the welfare teat. The kicker is, the lazy slobs have no incentive to take a job anyway, they live better mooching than working.

    People who NEED assistance, and yes I do know some are one thing, but free food is NOT an entitlement earned simply by choosing to sit at home and waste air intended for the living. People who NEED assistance have good reason to be not working and creating jobs won't help them.

    I go to work EVERYDAY totaling well over 80 hours every week. I employ people who come to work everyday and provide 8 honest hours of work for eight hours of pay. Neither they nor I seem to have the luxuries many of the teat sucklers seem to be able to afford.

    Create a job so I don't have to feed people for free? Sure..... right after you tell me What's In It For Me?

    It's easy to spend other people's money, painless to tell others how much they should give, just ask Joe Biden about his charitable donations and then look at his pronouncements about entitlements.

    You never disappoint Sonny..... Liberogic at it's finest.
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    @Knuckleballer And you, in the finest republican tradition---have not failed to amaze me either with your right wing made up words..."Liberogic". ..LOL!...Oh come on!...Is that anything like " liberation theology"...LOL!--or... "projection"...LOL!. .YOU guys just make up things out of thin air...LOL---And you wonder why the rest of America can not take you seriously..LOL
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    @Sonny You want businesses to create jobs right? OK, Great. Say you have $5000.00 saved for your insurance a year.

    Send it to me $5000.00 now, today.

    Now in 2014, when you will have to pay for your health insurance or get fined, where will get the extra $5000.00 you will need?

    That's what businesses will be faced with- since they have no clue what this 3rd world craphole healthcare law will cost them in the long run.

    See, educated folks know that a successful business will have a 5-10-15-25 year planning. They don;t take it day to day.

    You can thank your hero president for the Record amount on food stamps, and the record total millions unemployed.
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    @drpeeper Actually that's not at all how it works...And you are not being accurate in defining what size business you are talking about--because the requirement to provide healthcare changes based on the size of your business (a convenient little fact that you think you so cleverly overlooked). And, most companies have their employees pay into their own healthcare plans---(yet another convenient fact that you overlooked). And---to pull some arbitrary dollar amt. out of your A$$ is just more right wing distortion.---And I'm sorry, but most businesses (depending upon the size) only plan for the short term (that's been our problem in this country, not enough companies plan far enough ahead).---

    And finally---I would much rather put the "thanks" for the unemployed and food stamps where it really belongs---at the feet of YOUR "hero" George (watch me blow up the economy) Bush......So please at least TRY to get your facts straight!
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    @Sonny straight from Obamacare, companies with 50 or more fulltime employees are required to pay for some sort of medical insurance plan. HMO or PPO. Or they can opt to pay the penalty (tax) when they file their respective taxes. Which, most of our clientele have more than 50 employees and are opting to pay the penalty instead of paying to provide medical insurance coverage for their employees. Simply put, it is cheaper. The definition of fulltime employment, as per the Fair labor standards act, is left up to the employer.

    that is what you voted for...twice.
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    Stop this left-right divisionist crap.
    Lefties, sorry but people shouldn't get something for nothing. Unless the person is seriously disabled or has pressing reasons for why they really can't do anything they should be required to put in hours with a volunteer organization in order to get welfare. In exchange we can just make it plain money, after all they are working for it. Vary the required hours depending on situation. The easier it is for someone to get a job the higher the hours should be.
    Righties, sorry but a great deal of the reason people are unemployed is because the system caters to the rich. But frankly the left hasn't done anything about that. Obama bailed out the banks. He should have bailed out the people and that's not just populist rhetoric, if he bailed out the people, the banks would've still been bailed out through people being able to make their payments. Their owners and investors just would've still lost of their money(oh boohoo).
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    OBAMA IS THE "FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT". Impeach Obama and get a real president in there. And that is not Crazy Uncle Joe BiteMe.
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    maybe start by stop using e-verify and all other laws we have on the books on the illegal aliens in jobs issue,then stop bringing in over a million people form other countries, add both of those issues together and come out will citizens back to work and that will lower the % of folks needed that extra help.
    citizens should not have to compete with outsiders for jobs in their own country when you don't put your own peoples first their is a huge problem.
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    Higher wages of course. I know lots of hard working girls who have one or two kids and have a 40 hour a week job who still qualify for food assistance.

    We have CEO's pulling in 80,000 a week off the backs of the working people and it has finally come around and festered into this food stamp boil.

    If the separation between profits and labor are hugely will not work for long. We are starting to see the results of the greedy upper class.(time to take away those gold toilets!)

    Today we see A squeezed middle class and dirt poverty poor class. The 50's and 60's had more of a fair divide between profits and labor and we saw a huge boom in the middle and poor classes.....

    Gas has increased, goods have increased, food has increased, rent has increased, insurance has increased, medical has increased........but wages.......

    Nah they stay the SAME!!!!!!!!!! Got to make those share holders happy.

    Peasant revolt........?? Anyone?
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    "I know lots of hard working girls who have one or two kids and have a 40 hour a week job who still qualify for food assistance. " And the fathers are not helping because? Taxpayers are taking up the slack for America's deadbeat dads.
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    Last I checked child support does not contribute as income for food stamp eligibility. So that would mean sole reason taxpayers take up slack is directly related to low income jobs.
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    And food stamps don't even cover the cost for food. She still has to get supplemented by our church's pantry.

    The best way to reduce food stamp use is to get rid of the program. Same thing with all entitlements. Government has never done charity well. If you know of a need, don't turn your head, but face it and fix it.
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    Most Grocery Stores wouldn't be able to even stock Filet Mignon and Lobster if it weren't covered by Food Stamps.
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    Most of the people I know on it are worthless leeches who have never worked a day in their life and sit and smoke pot all day. Haven't met anyone on it who isn't a scumbag but I'm sure there are a few.
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    I know 4th generation families on food stamps that want nothing more. How to change this mindset, I have no idea. I have also seen these same people turn down $10.00hr employment.
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    What would help lower the numbers? Quit giving food stamps out! That's simple enough.

    People lived tens of thousands of years without them, we don't need them now either. Quit enabling bad behavior. Nobody starves in this country with all the private charities and excess of food available.

    Restaurants throw away TONS of food every day, because the government forces them to! Sounds like a racket to get more people on the government teat.
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    In illegal and gang infested oh so "progressive" Calif., they are even running an ad campaign now to get even more to sign up for the free stuff. Pay Up Suckers!!!
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    O food stamps are great! That's of feather in Obama's cap 16 more 1,000,000 people on food stamps. I see people all the time using them to buy the choices cuts of meat name brand groceries the multi packs of junk food cases and cases of soda drinks candy bars and if you see them around Super Bowl time... you'll see them buying chicken wings and sometimes even standing outside trying to sell you their extra stamps so they can have beer money.. And it makes people smarter they figure out and then get food stamps in the girlfriends name and a boyfriend can go to work .
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    As usual the right has their simple answer. People are lazy bums. And to some extent they are right. The left of course says it's a lack of decent jobs and to some extent they are right. But neither seem willing to focus on the worst problems. People above 40 years old are simply not tech hire able for the most part. I read there are 3 million tech jobs going begging in this country.

    A second problem is both parties unwilling to admit that illegals have taken many many jobs that Americans would do and American companies would have to pay a livable salary for but don't because the Politicians on behalf of the rich corporations simply refuse to stop the destruction of the middle class. A third problem is we are graduating idiots from high school for a majority part. We spend our time arguing about religion in schools, gay sensitivity classes and all sorts of things that have nothing to do with our kids becoming competent to work. Our graduating seniors as a whole lag behind almost all the entire industrialized world. Our solution? The liberals want more money (which is not the solution t all) and conservatives blame the teachers (who are not to blame). But it's easier to find blame than it is to place the responsibility exactly where it belong and that is a lack of parenting in America today.(When is the last time you heard a parent admit to being a bad parent? Someone sure as hell is lying here and a lot of someones).

    Not all kids would go to college if it were free and it's not even affordable today. Yet we have no viable tech or vocational programs in high schools today. Amazingly we have zero tolerance for bubble guns/toy soldiers for 6 year old's but we have a massive tolerance for failure and lack of work ethic.

    This article says "the average" food stamp recipient gets food stamps for 9 months. That means half get them for less and half get them for more. That's outright lying. I have known of a laid off CPA who bleed the system for 2 years and when she couldn't get any more she went and got a job. I have known of literally a thousand ghetto obese women who had their first child by 17 and spend their entire lives on welfare/food stamps. yet the left claims they are "miniscule in size". That's simply not true. Both the Conservative San Diego Union and the Liberal Los Angeles Times estimate tht 25-30% of Mexican immigrants both legal and illegal receive food stamps and welfare today in California. That's not "miniscule in size".

    While you wingers point fingers at each other, you might want to download a Rosetta Stone language course. You could learn to speak Spanish, but you'd probably be better off learning Latin because you're living in the last days of the New Roman Empire.
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    We are on the same page. The US educational system is beyond bad and either side won't address the real issues. Work ethics!! That's something foreign to most young and some slightly older people. Business reinforces this because they have feel there is a large pool of workers they could choose from and not offer a living wage.
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    @Roco Exactly correct. Why bother educating people if you have 12 million uneducated who will work for whatever you choose to give them?
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    The Fed gave away 3 trillion dollars through the Quantitative Easing program to billionaires, in order to make the economy better. Bernanke should have just distributed all that money directly to all Americans. Poof! Presto! Food stamp use would drop to zero, because everybody would have money. Let's say you have a family of 8 on welfare. You'd have gotten about $120,000, enough to eat well for awhile. But, the banksters would never permit ordinary folks to get all that dough. It has to go to them, and then to whatever purpose they feel is best...for themselves.
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    the government already redistributes enough money with the taxes that income earners pay. and no matter how much was distributed, people would continue to use food stamps; modern day culture encourages people to take, take, take..
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    @Clarke12 Dude, the genius here is that the Fed QE money is not redistribution; the Fed just creates trillions of dollars with their computers and have been, and are continuing, to give it to the banksters and fraudsters for their sh0tty bad mortgage paper that they couldn't get anyone else to buy, at the rate of $40 to $80 billion a month. Now those fraudsters have invested in the stock market and are buying property and building new homes that cost hundreds of millions. In Miami here, they are tearing down new $10 million houses to build ones several times larger and more top end. I'm just saying, as long as the Fed is printing new money and giving it to the richest folks in the world to trickle down to us, why not just skip the fraudmasters, and give it directly to us? Is that really so subversive an idea? It would get into the economy so much more efficiently. Those fraudsters invest all over the world and stash it who knows where, buy art from Europe and Asia, etc. Better to give it to the American people than to the Masters of the Universe. Why do they always get first dibs on the free money? In fact, they are the only ones who get the free money. The rest of us have to grub for it like worms at the feet of the mighty Wall Streeters, and try to grab onto their coat tails as they send up the stock market.
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    One situation I know of is just pure laziness and could be eliminated if they are forced to show job applications. And, if it is free they do all they can to get it. Welfare is the career path they taught their there are two more adult welfare cases.
    Another situation is all about true need. This elderly person worked until she could no longer work. Now she depends upon Social Security, Medicare, and food stamps.
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    Most people on food stamps hold a job, just one that doesn't pay enough to live on. That difference is a subsidy to their employer. That's why WalFart keeps benefits applications available in the break room. They'll even help their employees fill one out. More business subsidies, your tax dollars at work!
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    i used to work there and they do figure welfare into their benefits package.when i say my starting wage,i kind of which the personnel manager replied,Hey the pay is lowbut you won,t ever have to worry about food or medical bills as long as you work here,,How so said I? well,at what we pay you qualify for every social program known to man(or woman),,,and he was right...they are still sending me ads for an obama phone
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