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    In the West, they have a population problem, with too many horses to be supported on limited resources. They are damaging the natural environment.

    We have poor people who need a cheap source of protein.

    Horses are just another species that has to be managed. Why not do something logical and useful?

    It's not the govt's job to be nostalgic about Black Beauty or any other horse.

    "The Bureau of Land Management estimates that approximately 37,300 wild horses and burros (about 31,500 horses and 5,800 burros) are roaming on BLM-managed rangelands in 10 Western states, based on the latest data available, compiled as of February 29, 2012. Wild horses and burros have virtually no natural predators and their herd sizes can double about every four years. As a result, the agency must remove thousands of animals from the range each year to control herd sizes."

    We spend millions of tax dollars managing these herds.
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    Some of the rest of the world has no scruples for the meat in food. Import it and make some money for somebody. See entrepreneurship and hard work below...
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    I was going to say the same thing. I have a good friend that is a vet , specializing in horses. He says that many owners will have them put down because the price of feed is so high, thanks to bio fuel subsidies. The cost of horses have dropped because of this also.
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    Darn, I agree with you and it's killing me! ;() Yes, manage the horse herds and then, finally, please, please, please manage the DEER population. They are also a great source of protein, hunters would love a longer season for both bow and gun and managed deer hunts in parks. They are eating me out of house and home, I can't keep replanting what was supposed to be deer proof plants with other supposedly deer proof plants. We have 4.3 acres of woods, 2 bow hunters who hunt here and the pack just gets bigger and bigger, since the deer have no natural predator here either.
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    What you neglect to mention is that there is more than adequate federal lands for these wild animals to roam were it not for the BLM leasing land by the thousands of acres for cattle at a price of around 10 cents an acre. Follow the money, always follow the money. Fat cat corporate ranchers getting land for virtually nothing to get rich off of. It is what it is. Kill the horses for the rich to get richer.
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    The French are regular consumers of horse.
    And Horse is low in fat and actually pretty good for you.

    Instead of spending millions, we could be making millions by holding regular roundups and auctions.
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    I have no issue with it as long as it's labeled. Shouldn't this be taken care of by the free market as long as the consumers are knowledgeable of what they are consuming? Just another reason why I support the labeling of foods and EXACTLY what's in them
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    I agree, Ace---I mean, if someone wants to eat horse or porcupine meatballs....why should anyone stop them from doing so?
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    As the Alien Invasion and Colonization continues from South of the Border, Americans must become accustomed to replacing our culture with theirs. American families will get used to horse, dog, rat, and veggies fertilized with human feces like Californians have adapted to being El Norte. Lower your standards and abandon your values and you will be fine.
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    "Americans must become accustomed to replacing our culture with theirs."

    Isn't that what the Indians said?

    Actually, I ate my first dog in Korea, so besides warning of invasion from the south, you'll have to start whining about the asian invasion.

    Or do you drive a Kia?
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    @harold_lloyd i have asian food cooked at my house every stinking day,the most god awful looking smelling crap you can imagine..the house usually smells so bad from their garbage food i can,t eat for hour,and the freakin rice,every freakin meal rice
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    I told this story elsewhere in the forum, but I'll tell it again here- when I was younger my Dad apparently found a great 'deal' on horse meat- brought it home, put it in the freezer without telling my Mom.
    She made chili. The taste was way off and my Dad sat at the table making jokes and whinnying- we had no clue what he was doing- he made himself sick, told my Mom who freaked out, all 6 kids were crying about eating a pony...still traumatized.
    I can't eat Trigger ever again.
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    I'm failing to see the problem here. I disagree with animal cruelty but how is it any different than slaughtering cows, pigs, or what have you?
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    You are correct. It's all in your mental image.

    "...for there is nothing either good or
    bad, but thinking makes it so."

    Hamlet Act 2, scene 2
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    I think Shakespeare sucks too, if you have to read it.

    But he covered most of the human condition in what were, in his day, the equivalent of soap operas or made for TV dramas.
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    I don't see the problem here other than many many people are ardent horse lovers. I like horses too, but it's no different than killing and eating "Bambi" and I understand that horse meat is very lean and less fatty than beef (Cow). I would just want to know if I was getting it at a restaurant or buying it in the store.
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    @AnnieO - I've eaten it in Canada, Mexico and France. It IS delicious. It is also much less costly than beef. Wish we could get it here.
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    I wouldn't deny people the right to eat any kind of meat even though I don't choose to. Pigs and cows are as smart as horses and maybe as abused when killed. Humane killing should be mandatory before meat can be distributed. We could at least have that.
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    I am not eating horses, my dog, my neighbors cat, green peppers, or North Koreans.
    UNLESS....I am starving. That's it.
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    If we want to draw some lines in the sand we should base it on the intelligence of the animal for absolute protection on the one hand, and the characteristics of its ecological role and its numbers and sustainability to determine extent protection from hunting ranging from open season, handing out limited permits, or banned and could vary according to the ecological region. You should be allowed to farm all unintelligent species especially endangered species, farms promote the regeneration of population and we could pay ranchers to release some to the wild in order to repopulate them. If necessary this farming should be sudsidized to help restore declining populations, and we can all feel great eating the meat and wearing the fur knowing we are contributing to an industry that as it grows produces more of what we are consuming. It's like recycling but for animals. We could also apply this policy to plant preservation.
    Arbitrarily protecting animals from being killed just because we find them cute is hypocritical and self-serving in order to feel moraler-than-thou. I suggest that the more intelligent dolphins, whales, the Great Apes, and possibly the African Grey Parrot(can not just imitate but to a limited extent comprehend human speech) should have on account of intelligence. Maybe there are other animals of similar enough intelligence to merit protection.
    Animals being farmed should be protected from cruelty. The government is not doing enough about this now. But the solution isn't animal rights extremism where we arbitrarily pass laws protecting animals and appealing to people's emotional sentiments. The solution is comprehensive, consistent laws to protect animals from cruelty.
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    NO, I would never eat horse meat ( I hope I haven't )!!! I love horses, you ride horses and brush them and talk to them... they're sweet 'companion' animals, pets.
    Never eat a horse, that's terrible! UUGHH.)=
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    It's not that panion animals its that cows are not in short supply and neither is pork why slaughter and eat horses but on the other hand Cuba only uses horse meat and it works for. Them Idk I'm kinda up in the air
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    Horse meat is perfectly acceptable (as long as it is labelled as such). Different societies ate different animals as a source of needed protein. If the choice is between starving to death you will eat horse, your pet, or your neighbour. Societal niceties will have nothing to do with your choices at that time.
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    I grew up with horses and now currently own mules. Could I eat one? No. BUT, there is a problem with too many equines in the U.S. that are not being taken care of by their owners, whether they can no longer afford to or flat don't care (abuse either way).

    People are turning them loose on public/government lands where they can continue to starve or get hit by cars. Certainly not getting vaccinations which puts other equines at risk.

    Horses are not bringing the prices when selling like they used to several years ago. At the sale barns you could potentially lose money after paying for the required Coggins test that runs around $30. I get several calls a month from people wanting to know if I want their donkeys FREE as they can't get anyone else to take them free. They think since I have mules that I would take donkeys. As it is all my spare income goes towards feeding, health and farrier care for the 4 mules I have.

    Many people can't even afford to have an equine humanely euthanized, which also incurs another cost of burying to keep scavengers and dogs from eating the carcass which now has lethal chemicals in it. Some states and/or jurisdictions require that a deceased animal be picked up and hauled to a permitted site for disposal.

    I hate horse slaughter but it is a necessary evil. Best to have them and do the best that can be done to regulate them and the haulers. Sometimes the worst treatment is for the horses to be hauled long distances to Mexico and Canada since there are now no longer any slaughter plants here in the U.S.

    Slaughter and process here. Label the meat here.

    Just my opinion and I will once again state that I love mules and horses.
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