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    With some rare exceptions, celebrities- whatever that means- are generally self absorbed narcissists who are surrounded by brainless sycophants who shower them with unearned adulation. They make enormous amounts of wealth for portraying people other than who they really are, that real self being long forgotten in a cesspool of drugs and debauchery- and they are held up as some enlightened being, a role model for all to emulate.
    They begin to believe their own myth and conclude that they truly are smart- no, wait. Brilliant!'I'm brilliant just like Oprah said I was!'
    So off to politics they go, espousing their newfound genius on world peace and foreign policy and gun control. Economics? No problem. Quantum mechanics? A breeze.
    The uneducated, vapid masses hang on their every word.
    And then the world collapses in a zombie apocalypse (coming soon to a theater near you).
    So...celebrities aren't much different than politicians after all.
    Neither are real people.
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    Yes I agree with the writer, and no, Celebrities do not need to stick their noses into
    something they know nothing about. I believe they go to acting school, and have little
    to no education or experience in politics. Let them 'act', she must not be getting calls from her agent, she's getting older and doesn't look as good... That is not a qualification for being a politician. Not that I love politicians, but at least have some
    experience...other than playing a good looking leading woman/ man, it does not
    'entitle' them to 'play' politics. We have enough idiots doing that!
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    But Ronald Reagan stuck his nose into politics...And look how far the country has plummeted since he was in the white house...
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    @Sonny He was one of the best presidents we ever had, and will go down in History as such...I hated him at the time because I was a 'foaming at the mouth' young, Liberal. Doesn't change the fact he will go down as one of the top ten presidents.... Gallup poll has him as #1, and so it goes, they all vary, but he is still
    in the top 10 in almost any poll.
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    no, she is a fool. and look at the pendant of africa she has around her neck, how disgusting. if she loves it and them so much, get the hell out and go be a politician there. oh thats right, they would probably beat you to death in the streets for not being one of them,,,,,,,moron.
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    Yes, their acting ability makes them better at conning the American public than the regular run of the mill political hacks. They are doubly dangerous in office, especially since most of the are not terribly intelligent and very easily manipulated.
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    Celebrities have been very political in the past. They were amongst the most patriotic and now they are not. It swings from generation to generation and depends on what is happening in the World. It is fashionable to dishonor America now and to belittle those who are grateful for the blessings of being American.
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    Funny picture, of her primping and preening for the cameras. That's typical of celebrities and politicians, swelled heads and they whistle when the wind blows.
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    "They're usually famous for entertaining us, not for their deep thinking" applies to most politicians, too. At least celebrities are better looking on average, so yeah, let's bring more of them to DC. Another plus: celebrities are more public about drugs and sex than politicians, so we'd see less hypocrisy.
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    Why would celebrities have any more political sense than the mechanic at the corner garage ? I wouldn't vote for them because they live pampered lives & are completely out of touch with the problems the 'WORKING CLASS' faces . They will rant for hours on the poor welfare fed minorities or the illegal breeders because it's in vogue, it's cool & chic'. But no help for the taxpayers that are now 'enslaved' to feed the parasites . Bringing Judd to Kentucky is their hope of introducing Hollyweird liberalism to the eastern southern states - it's your livliehood folks - don't let the socialists use it as a popularity contest .
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    Celebrity are total hypocrites. They want to ban our guns for protection but allow their body guards to protect them with guns. They are all for late term abortions while claiming they care for the helpless. They talk about green energy and carbon foot prints, while they jet set around the world in private jets, limo's etc. TOTAL HYPOCRITES!
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    Politicians are celebrities. The media is always talking about what the first lady is wearing. Remember the 2008 election when all of the presidential candidates starred on Saturday Night Live. It's a joke. Those Politicians are good actors because that's what they do. They're good at feeding us bullsh*t.
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    "...candidates that I'll be supporting are going to have to earn my vote with service more than a mere history of entertaining me."

    Does this mean only voting for professional politicians?

    Anyone can run for office, and more of us should.

    But nobody gets a free pass on account of anything, not a war hero, not a movie star, and not my mother. Nobody.

    Tell me what you think and what you want to do, and I'll decide.
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    oh, i don't know... look at the sterling political careers of ronny, sonny (bono), arnold, jesse 'the body' ventura, and clint... and let's not forget al frankin and of course uncle luke.

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    @DARSB and please, let's not forget ben jones.(cooter from 'the dukes of hazzard') who responded to political opponants who ragged him about his past, "When I woke up naked in a tattoo parlor in Talladega, Alabama I knew it was time to change my lifestyle, so I went into politics."

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    Actors and their political abilities vary as widely as any other segment of the population. Certainly Schwarzenegger was an abject failure in solving the systemic problems of California. Raygun was an abject failure - starting the destruction of the middle class and making a total fiasco of middle eastern and latin american foreign policies. Oh and please don't start on Obama being a failure. It is going to take decades to undo the nadir of the presidency Bush.
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    LOL Funniest & most erroneous post of the day. Just curious - since Obama is continuing the exact same things as Bush (Borrow-spend-waste-expanding government)- just at 3 times the rate- how long will it take for us to dig out of Obama's self created mess?
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    @drpeeper LOL, funny how there was no dissension from the right while Bush was in office, while something could have been done. Now people want to say Bush was a tax and spender......your a little late, but thanks anyway.
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    @Waynestew That's funny. Guess you missed 591000 results I found with a simple Google search on this fascinating internet machine thingy. From about every Conservative you could find. And even Worse when the Dems won the house in 2006 and spending got worse. Bush tried to work with the Democrats to get legislation passed. He tried with the education bill, the farm bill and other bills with pork in them so that the Democrats would get things done.

    It irked me as a Conservative Republican because when Bush "crossed the isle", he capitulated on a lot of principles of lower taxes and less government. Then the Dems were in Congress, they pass their pork without any kind of compromise with Republicans.
    And then, the Democrats have the gall to say that Republicans are the ones who passed the pork when GW Bush was in office.
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