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    I wonder who wrote her speech. It surely wasn't her. Since she didn't have enough room on her hands to write it all down, she must have had a teleprompter too.
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    The Obama administration is like a swarm of termites. They naw and chew at the foundation of a solid structure untill it starts to crumble and when discovered, they are hard to get rid of and the repair of their damage is always costly.
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    @Dan_Tien As an Alaskan I think I know of Sarah's abilities a lot better than you do. I must because you sure got that wrong. Sarah Palin is a very bright and energetic person willing to stand up and take the hits while she fights to help save our sinking nation. You should be ashamed of yourself for disparaging remarks against a true patriot.
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    @cayjr1 As an Alaskan, you are prone to defend another Alaskan, even if she was born in Idaho. I'm not at all ashamed of my remarks about her. If she is an example of a true patriot, then patriotism is in real trouble. Did she serve in the military? Hmmm... no. Did her husband? Hmm... no. But they have a good Christian family with strong moral values? Hmm... daughter had a baby out of wedlock. Conservative who opposes socialism? Hmm... slipped across the Canadian border to take advantage of Canadian socialized medicine. Strong law and order governor? Hmm.. used her position to punish her ex brother-in-law. Took federal funds to build a bridge, canceled the project, didn't return the funds. Granted big money single bidder pipeline contract. Bailed out of 2nd term as Governor, due to "frivolous" ethics complaints. I would trust the captain of the Titanic to save our sinking nation before I would trust her.
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    He did lie, he is the President, and at some point he will have to Lead. Maybe, if he
    ever stops blaming the republicans he can start... He doesn't want to end ONE social
    program, is unwilling to work with the Reps. and then blames them for this mess. No,
    HE's the President, and the buck stops with him. Time to lead Mr. President...from the FRONT and not the rear, it ain't working.
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    That's right, he attempts to play leader from the rear. Just like his budget, suppose to be done by the first week Feb. Obama now says will be done in April. Republicans and Democrats both saying if that is when Obama finishes it then it will be insignificant, to late. I think this is on purpose. If Americans are unhappy with the budget, Obama can always say," well I tried to purpose a better budget, but they didn't want to use it."
    In my opinion the biggest waste of tax payer money is the check we write Obama
    The guy refuses to do his job.
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    I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin, but if something is true and factual, it matter little as to who is saying it-
    So I give her high marks for her speech.
    She is a popular figure, so people listen. Glad she got it right.
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    normally, i hate Sarah Palin, but she did do a pretty damn good job summing up Obama here. although, saying that he is continuously campaigning would be slightly hypocritical, she seems to love attention too.
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    Lol... But the difference is Palin is out there talking for a pay check. Personally I agreed with every word she said, 100%.
    Obama on the other hand really is campaigning. Campaigning for the Democratic party. Obama has said he wants to bring down the Republican party. I think what he really wants is to ensure Dems win the House and keep the Senate, to give him total power once again. Then we will see Obama's true colors, in my opinion.
    I realize he had a filibuster once before, in his first two years, but he was even to radical for some of the Dem party back then, not that Obama has changed his ways, but he has swayed the Dem party to believing in him.
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    I notice many personal insults against Palin, but not many comments about what she actually said.

    P.S. I still enjoy to no end that Obama received his award for transparency in a closed door ceremony.
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    I'll take this "bimbo" over Barry the community organizer any day.

    Partial Palin resume:

    Palin was elected to the Wasilla City Council in 1992 winning 530 votes to 310.

    Palin ran for mayor of Wasilla in 1996, defeating incumbent mayor John Stein 651 to 440 votes.

    Palin ran for re-election against Stein in 1999 and won, 909 votes to 292. In 2002, she completed the second of the two consecutive three-year terms allowed by the city charter.

    She was elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors in 1999.

    In 2002, Palin ran for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, coming in second to Loren Leman in a five-way Republican primary.

    Governor Murkowski offered other jobs to Palin, and in February 2003, she accepted an appointment to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which oversees Alaska's oil and gas fields for safety and efficiency.

    She wanted to learn more about the oil industry, and was named chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and ethics supervisor.

    In 2006, running on a clean-government platform, Palin defeated incumbent Governor Frank Murkowski in the Republican gubernatorial primary. In the November election, Palin was outspent but victorious, defeating former Democratic governor Tony Knowles by a margin of 48.3% to 40.9%

    On August 29, 2008 in Dayton, Ohio, McCain announced that he had chosen Palin as his running mate.

    She also helped run a few family business co-owned with her husband, Todd.
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    "On August 29, 2008 in Dayton, Ohio, McCain announced that he had chosen Palin as his running mate."
    Weird, you didn't fill in the results of this one. What happened again?
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    "I'll take this "bimbo" over Barry the community organizer any day."

    That Community organizer..organized the most awesome political social media blitz ever seen...He owns social media...Thats society...that's we the he has nothing left to do except deep six the sick demented ideology of Conservatism to the deepest,darkest,coldest part of the sea....Outstanding....By the way Frozen Brain Tea-Nut Barbie lost in 2008 and rich bi**h Mittens lost in 2012....your screams are nothing more than death rattles....we got your grave dug...just waiting for time of death to be called....any day now
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    @Fishbone345 And how many did Palin win prior to that while Barry was sucking off the taxpayers tit? Which he still is.
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    @ST_Louie_Sue i would take Palin over Obama anytime, atleast for the most part she has a successful record, but hell, any record is more than Obama had.
    People don't like her, for President anyway, not sure why. Really I think it is because of how she talks. She just speaks plain ole simple english, and common sense. Which seeing how most people don't understand Politicianeez anyway. I would think they would like Palin.
    Just shows that people really prefer being dazzled by Bullshit, and that is all This used car salesman gone President has ever done, dazzle.
    How could he do anything, he never goes to work?
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    @Thegrif Used car salesman? Hell, he never held a job in the private sector. You're giving him way too much credit. Even the detail guys have more experience.
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    Sarah Palin would eat this impostors lunch in a head to toe discussion with out his electronic crutch. She's right about the empty suit!

    During the primaries in 2008, O'Blunder's, in-the-tank-media put forth a concerted effort in using the politics of personal destruction on Palan, simply because they feared her more than McCain.

    Let me give you an example of how leftest propaganda works on low-information voters ...

    &fe ature=related
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    No when Joe Wilson shouted that he was just being rude and ignorant.....And it the Speaker of the House had any backbone at all---He would have had the Sargent at Arms escort this rude ass out the back door...
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    @Sonny It might have been rude but certainly not ignorant. Joe Wilson was telling the truth and Obama was lying.
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    @RollinPapers Nope---he was indeed, ignorant, rude...and a bold-face liar..."Several fact-checking organizations wrote that Wilson's views were inaccurate because HR 3200 expressly excludes undocumented aliens from receiving government-subsidized "affordability credits"."......Furt her..."The non-partisan Congressional Research Service agreed that people would need to be lawfully present in the U.S. in order to be eligible for the credits.." And finally---Why would anyone take the word of some obscure backwoods southern wanna-be politician ---over that of the President of The United States of America anyway......He was rude, ignorant and he should have been removed from that event...Forcibly is necessary...
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    @Sonny Obama said illegals wouldn't be covered under Obamacare. That's not true and Joe Wilson called him on it.
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    Obama is afraid to be president..he's always blaming someone else when something goes wrong. So far he's blamed Hillary for Bengazi and Susan Rice for the cover up lie, the ATF for the fast and furious scandal, the secret service for the white house tours stupidity and George Bush for everything else. He's an insecure idiot who has no business being a leader.
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    Everyone knows Obama is a bad and blatant liar. The real question is why is it that fact only gets attention when someone like Palin says it? Think really hard...... it's because she is easier to discredit or make fun of since she is a woman, and we all know what the Democrats really think of women
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    "Failure to lead"? This from the woman who bailed from her governorship in order to chase a buck on the eternal campaign trail?
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    Kind of puts her oath of office into perspective as well. When she took it she was lying. Of course, that's pretty much words coming out of her mouth at this point. We know Palin is a liar. Then again her saying she would agree to cooperate with investigators into the whole troopergate thing and then did the exact opposite including ignoring subponeas, Said she sold a plane on ebay when all she did was list it on ebay and then sold it very cheaply to a campaign donator. Claims to be against earmarks and while in office continually used them and requested nearly half a billion dollars worth as governor. Including funneling 130m worth of earmarks towards the industry her husband works in. Funny the way she mentions a teleprompter after she claimed hers broke so that she could take credit for a speech she read off of one herself. It didn't break. She lied again to try and make it look like she improvised it. She lied about foreign policy experience and negotiating trade missions with Russia. It never happened. There's no record of it. The russians even think she's stupid for saying it. Or that she was cleared of any wrong doing and ethical questions or abuse of power over troopergate. The report said the exact opposite.
    So takes one to know one? That's the best light we can put on this tired dog and pony show. Palin is an inatriculate moron who is unable to answer even the simplest of questions. This is why she doesn't take questions. She makes prepared statements by her handlers, something she can even blow from time to time by going off script. Seems she by and large stuck to the script last night and her teleprompter didn't "break". Sarah Palin is a sad case of the dumb leading the retarded.
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    Palin:'Barack Obama, You Lied!'
    'Now step away from the teleprompter and do your job'

    Amen .......Palin is an awesome woman!!!
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