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    Now you all know where a Giant portion of Pres. Obama's debt is coming from---Yet you all continue to blame Obama for this travesty....And once again...I don't recall all of this Righteous Indignation---When Bush was Running up war tab...Or when the lives of American Soldiers was starting to pile up......Why is it that the right NEVER wants to take any responsibility for their own bad policies...And yet want the American people to vote them in ---to just do more of the same?!?!?
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    Sonny, those financial figures are *estimates*. They include what the pollsters think the government will have to spend on veterans over the next fifteen years. It's nothing but a guess on their part. Is that what you call factual?
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    @Realthinker I'll take their "estimates" over your denials any day of the week....
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    Stop your BS. Those costs are a 40 year estimates, and only makes up a small portion of his current spending.
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    @Sonny Of course you will. It feeds your hatred of Bush. But it isn't the truth, no matter what you would like to believe.
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    What were the benifits of this war? How can anyone correlate the worth or a value on the lives and money expended? Why is it our charge in life to change the lives of other nations? I think not!
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    @PNWest I don't like waste,I don't like abuse and I won't stand for intimidation from either side. My comments are for the "most part" based on personal life experiences and would suggest that if our legisiators would apply th same type of values, we would all be a lot better off.
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    @marine1 - Nothing that came out of the war in Iraq was worth the smallest pinkie on any of our young soldiers, IMO. The whole thing was shameful as well as wasteful. I honor the memory of those we lost and wish we'd never sent them over there.
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    Saddam was deposed.
    Saddam was helped into power by the US as a balance against Iran. There are many photos showing Saddam shaking hands with Rumsfeld and Bush, Sr. in better days.
    Saddam was an absolute ruler which has its drawbacks, yes. But he was also a stabilizing force in the region. There was zero Al Qaeda under Saddam. He was a powerful US ally with OPEC.
    He over reached with Kuwait and was surprised by the US response. He did not anticipate his former friends to come to the aid of Kuwait, which Saddam believed was Iraqi territory.
    Then after 9/11 we wrongly invaded Iraq, using the false WMD premise as an excuse for war.
    Bush wanted retribution and Western allies wanted cheap oil- Iraq being the largest oil reserve on Earth at the time, larger than Saudi Arabia.
    It did not work out as planned.
    Saddam is now history, the region is fragmented with no peace between Sunni and Shiite, Al Qaeda moves freely through the region, Iran remains unchecked and aggressive, the war has cost thousands of lives and $Trillions (with a T) and oil is twice as expensive as it was prior to invasion.
    Not to mention the loss of trust the region has for America.
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    Time will tell if the Iraq people can come together and build for them selfs a free nation. Saddam and his sons suppressed the population. The counrty's people are free now to decide thier own future. Yes the counrty has many problems. They just faught a 10 year war. Change will not come over night. Change will not be easy. I choose to believe all people deserve the opportunity to live free.
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    Many Obama supporters blame the Bush administration for the current deficit, citing the Iraq war.
    It should be noted that Mr. Obama in now into his 2nd term, the Bush expenditures have long been absorbed and the debt has more than doubled under Mr. Obama. We can no longer blame Mr. Bush.
    This rests squarely on Obama's shoulders. He has chosen to increase spending while telling the public he is for reduction. Gas was $2 gallon when he took office and the Middle East was beginning to stabilize. Ahmadinejad was under the thumb of Israel, a strong US ally.
    We have discussed elsewhere the missteps in foreign policy by the current administration that brings us to our current state.
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    @GuyFawkes - you apparently just invent facts whenever the need arises. What do you mean the Iraq War costs have been absorbed? The costs are actually continuing to mount and NO funds were ever allocated to pay for the war to begin with.
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    I invent facts?
    Perhaps you should study geopolitics and look into the GAO prior to 'spouting off.'
    Thomas Paine would think that to be
    'Common Sense.'
    Costs from over half a decade ago have been long accounted for and absorbed.
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    After Bush announces that we are going to war, post 911, his approval rating soared up from the 74% he had, to a 90% approval rating, the American people were all for kickin some ass. I'm sorry if America never realized a war would cost money and people would die, thats war. I am sorry that people never realized that when you take on an enemy such as terrorism, an
    Enemy that has no home, that is all over the world, that has cells right here in the USA, an enemy that hates you just because you are American, that thinks the poorest person in America is a spoiled rich person, I am sorry that once entered this war will never end. Terrorist will never stop, terror will never end, no matter what Obama says, "I ended terrorism", terrorism looked alive in Benghazi. War doesn't end just because a President says it does. With terrorism and terrorist there is no land to occupy, no flag to take, no leader to capture that makes that enemy unable to continue. This war is forever, to the end.
    Unless you give in, compromise your believes, your way of life, and your freedoms.
    Unless you turn your back on America, the flag, the cause, and turn your back on all the men and women who died defending those things.
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    We are giving up our freedoms. Patriot Act, NDAA, trillion dollar deficits, 16 trillion dollar debt, continued expanding government all in the name of fighting terrorism.
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    Very true.....and the interesting thing.....the easy way to defund become energy not happening.....{not to mention when we GIVE the terrorists and those who support them jets, tanks and training.....I'm talking about Egypt here specifically how can we win.....}
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    @Libertyiskey That's because we're fighting the war on terrorism on THEIR terms and in fear, not on our terms and in is as much psychological as it is physical, perhaps more so.....we'll have to change that or lose as many other societies have against the religious onslaught of Islam and its destructive effects.....
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    Obama has cost America 4.4 Trillion and countless unknown lives worldwide. Was trying to appease the PC crowd worth it?
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    Were the lies that Geo. Bush told to get us involved in Iraq worth the lives of our soldiers?
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    @Sonny - Lots of misunderstanding and differences of opinions for both sides.

    Clinton should never have lobbed bombs claiming there were WMD's until he had prima facie evidence.

    The word of British Intelligence through Tony Blair was enacted upon by Clinton and Bush.

    9/11 happened...EVERYBODY was gung ho to go to war.

    EVERYBODY named Saddam and wanted to go to Iraq and "get him" and WE AS A GROUP during the Bush administration went to war.

    Bush is at fault for relying on Cheney as adviser.

    Obama is at fault for not keeping his campaign promises to withdraw two brigades per month, with all US combat troops out by 2009.

    We still have soldiers in Iraq.

    In the end, both men, their advisers and our house and senate have thoroughly botched this war.
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    @armed_liberal - I question yours. The purpose of trying to put a $6T price tag on Iraq is to make it seem as if that is the reason we are drowning in debt, instead of all the outrageous spending obama is doing. You knew that though. Liberals never admit that government is too big, no matter how big government gets.
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    Where was all of this balance the budget rhetoric when Bush was throwing away money like MC Hammer at a Cadillac dealership?

    Oh yeah, max the credit cards, destroy the economy and then blame it all on the black guy that showed up the next day.
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    If Iraq goes democratic, and spreads to neighboring nations it was worth it. If not it was a waste. Don't ever forget, the Democrats also supported those wars and don't ever let a Democrat get away with telling you they were George Bush's wars. The majority of American people supported those wars in beginning. It is always such a laugh how the Democrats support a war in the beginning and then if the war goes badly they all of a sudden forget they supported it.
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    You are right. After Bush told the UN he was gonna kick some butt his rating soared to 90% approval.
    Dems and Reps were for that war.
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    Not voting . What a bunch of BS - prove the 134,000 were Iraqi 'civilians'. Until the cowardly terrorists put on uniforms & fight as soldiers & not hide behind women , in homes & mosques - this number is total liberal nonsense . Only interested in how many Americans were killed .
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    Like Iran, ultimately, attempts at empire building will fail, miserably. We had no business going to Iraq in the first place. It wasn't about 9/11.
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    Cheney's war, fought on credit, is one of the big reasons the nations fiscal situation sucks.

    Would Republicans be willing to raise taxes to pay for that war?

    They should, it's their debt.
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    We were going to end up in a major war in the Middle East one way or the other, so it was good that it was one of our choosing. The first years of the war went well, on balance - we solidified an ally in Kurdistan, and killed or scared a lot of evil regimes. We did not follow up, though, so the last trillion does not have much to show for it.
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    We were already IN a "major war in the Middle East" in Afghanistan. And why is it good that we chose to go to war with Iraq? Iraq was not threatening us. If Saddam had had WMDs, he would have used them when we invaded his country. He may have been a very bad man, a totalitarian dictator, but there was stability in the largest oil producing country in the world under his regime. As for Kurdistan, where in the value in having them as an ally? What do they bring to the table? If you think the first years of the Iraq war went well, you haven't been talking to the families of those who never made it home.
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    Thank you Dr. Mary for posting this. Where were all of the conservatives when GW Bush got us into this mess? Did any of them say a single word about the taxpayer money being wasted on a war that was fought based upon lies ginned up by the neo cons? This war, the war in Afghanistan, the big tax cuts that went primarily to the rich and the big medicare give-a-way to big pharma are the biggest reasons for the current deficit. Stimulus spending under Obama was and is necessary to get the economy back on track after Bush and the GOP nearly ruined it. Amazing how conservatives don't care one bit about the deficit until a democratic president is in office.$2.2 Trillion and 190,000 lives wasted. All based on lies.
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    Saddam Hussein was a bad man, but he was Iraq's bad man. It was their job, not ours, to depose him. We are not in the nation building business. The allegation that he was creating WMDs turned out to be bogus. The intelligence agencies misread him. He was a coward whose real intent in ruling Iraq was to loot it for his own personal gain. By invading Iraq we upset the balance of power in the Middle East and we are now a permanent player there. Eventually we will have to go back in force, probably to a much larger war. If we had to invade somebody, we picked the wrong country. Iran, not Iraq, is the fountainhead of Islamic extremism. The loss of blood and treasure we paid was hardly worth it.
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    And terrorist could kill 10 times that 190,000 with the right planned attack in 1 day, on one city, in America.
    For that reason the war on terrorism can never end. Don't fool yourself and think that the terrorist are ever gonna forget that we are everything they hate.
    This war, once started, can never end, and remember, they brought the fight to us.
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    The photo is heartbreaking, and coulda , woulda, shoulda, is all fine, as the arm chair
    'warriors' type at their computers. Hindsight is always 20/20...and from the looks of
    things, Obama may just be getting us into another one. No one knows what a president really faces, and I still see the 'blame game' being played. Whether or not
    we should have been there, we were and are...and I support the troops and wish them home. God Bless America!
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    I often wonder what the world would look like if we would have honored our treaty obligations and stopped Hitler when he moved into the Rhineland?
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