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    I gave up on MSNBC a long time ago. I watch the news. I don't need translation. I don't want slant. These on air talking heads irritate me no end. I try with FOX but it doesn't take long for me to get fed up again. And I think CNN is less interested in news reporting all the time. Of the broadcast networks, CBS is the only one I can take for any length of time and I wind up disgusted in too quick a time there.
    Did HLN for quite a while but it's becoming the same as the rest.
    You know what would be nice? The news. Just the news. No slant. Just a report of what is going on.AND I DON"T CARE ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! He's not news.
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    "You know what would be nice? The news. Just the news. No slant. Just a report of what is going on.AND I DON"T CARE ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! He's not news."

    This right here says it best for me.
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    It is no wonder this is the adopted home of obamas' brood of liars. This is only "news" to the low information types, and still they wont believe it.
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    Fortunately, the America people have shunned MSNBC. Their ratings are consistantly at the very bottom of the barrel. MSNBC is the only network that has full panels of guests all spouting the same point of view. At least Fox has opposing panelists.

    I don't watch any of them anymore. I make every choice based on the merit of the arguments which sometimes takes me to the left and sometimes to the right.....but, most ALWAYS somewhere in the middle.
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    So, you think Sonny is "stalking" you and, you think that Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity...and O'Reilly are ...the homes for the "well-informed"...LO L-----Geez, old friend you've got some real issues...LOL
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    Cable news networks like MSNBC and Fox have become an extension of the Political Party they represent and they target an audience of like-minded viewers.....nothing wrong with that, just the way it is......kinda like cartoons for grown-ups.
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    Except the Japanese and Congress already provide us with those, we need a return to real news accessible to the masses. Even bloggers now are becoming more op-ed for the sake of readership.
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    ! has Microsoft all over it.....what else needs to be said? I mean Mircosoft has the ability to mess anything and everything up.....
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    They are NOT a news channel, just a propaganda network. Told my cable provider to drop channels like them from my subscription. Not giving them a dime.
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    MSNBC needs to fire everyone and start over, They need to toss out all their extra radical communists/socialists.
    People are sick of their radical left wing anti american agenda
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    Best Buy loves me because everytime MSNBC come on, I shoot my tv...a la Elvis.
    Seriously, I don't even turn that channel on.
    Is Rachel Maddow a dude?
    *Magic 8 Ball says 'It Is Decidedly So'*
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    It can be a serious problem if chuckleheads blindly follow everything they see on these networks, but I do agree that MSNBC is the worst offender in reporting opinions as news!!!
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    Everyone knows MSNBC works for the Democratic Party, so it is not that big a deal. I'd be more concerned about NBC, ABC, and CBS, whose bias is more subtle.
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    I know too many people who believe that what they hear on MSNBC and the alphabet networks is the unbiased truth.
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    @Realthinker That is true. Even if the newsreaders stay away from opinion, the selection of stories is still biased. The absence of stories about Benghazi on the alphabet networks probably won Obama the election.
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    I like to watch "Deutsche Welle". The newscasters just report news. They don't offer their opinions, make smart-ass, clever clever comments, or giggle at each other's jokes. They barely even smile. They remind me of the way news in American was reported before "60 Minutes" got started.
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    The fourth estate is supposed to hold those in power responsible for their actions on a non-partisan basis. It's no secret that MSNBC is in the tank, and a mouth piece for O'Bysmal. And their (Neilsen) ratings show it -- lower than any other television news broadcast.....and well earned!
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    In the grand scheme of things it's all about ratings and making bank. I'm not sure if being overly opinionated will accomplish either but maybe the folks at MSNBC know something that I don't. BTW, didn't Shultz just get booted from that 8pm time slot because O'Reilly was destroying him?
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    No, no, that was O'reilly's marriage he was destroying. "Family values party", "moral party", don't you know...?
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    Schultz being exiled to weekends (too good for him by half, I think) makes room for Chris Hayes, a very bright up and coming host. There's some talk that Ezra Klein may also have take up hosting duties, which would make for a very wonky lineup.
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    They can be as opinionated as they please. If they think it will gain them viewership, then they can do it. It is private enterprise, after all.
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    MSNBC is a bad network and most people know it. The problem is almost everyone intentionally or unintentionally doesn't give all the facts and puts their opinion in their report. What we need is a news station that only gives the facts. For that to work they would need to give ALL the facts and nothing else. Since everyone has an opinion I think all news sources will be biased to some degree. If you want to know what is happening then use sources like Fox and NSNBC together and use a foreign newspaper like one from Canada. Watching as many news stations as possible will give you the most accurate picture.
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    It goes beyond cable news. Look at their websites and see how many op-ed pieces are on the front page where news stories should be.
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