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    why would they use the deaths of any human, where is their morality and ethics,
    Oh that's right they don't have any. their God's
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    I agree 100%
    But why is the White House blaming it on sequestration?
    Sequestration was Obama's idea in the first place, and now he's blaming everything on sequestration!
    If Obama wants to keep blaming sequestration for everything, then, isnt he really blaming himself?
    Now he's cancelled the annual Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn, claiming that due to his own sequestration, that there are no funds for it.
    Right after he spent a $ Million to have a golf weekend with Tiger Wood's, and Michelle went to Colorado with the kid's at anothe $Million dollar cost!
    How much does it cost to hide some egg's on the White House lawn?
    If I might jog your memory,.....back in 2011 in order to get the debt ceiling raised, Obama was the on that threw the sequestraion thing into the picture, and promised to come up with a budget (never happened) and now he's trying to blame it all on conservatives.
    Funny thing is,.......people remember things.
    You sheep dont,.......
    You just blame other people.
    Who are you going to blame in 2016?
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    Well hell, they've used the deaths of children as an opportunity to propose legislation that they had written and had been sitting on for 10 years.
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    @Jim49418 One - it wasn't the white house doing the 'blaming'- it was Harry Reid.

    As to sequestration. Obama's idea? Really? Why don't you watch this and then you can enjoy eating your own words. It's your favorite little right wing intellectual Paul Lyin' Ryan talking about sequestration for his entire career. Sequestration came into play only because the GOP wanted it. They were betting that they'd take the Senate in 2012 and could write whatever legislation they wanted. Obama took the bet. Obama won.

    Remembering things? Now whose idea was sequestration again?

    Blaming people - coming from the party that is still blaming Jimmy Carter? HAHAHAHAHA

    As to GW Bush... The damage that he did to our country will take a decade and a half to recover from. Thank God we have a democratic President that has started the process.

    2016 - With any luck Hillary Clinton will be running for the democrats. No matter who the GOP puts up against her she should have a pretty easy time beating them. She'll campaign on the progress made between 2008 and 2016 and point out how much was lost when the republicans were in power. This will be an overpowering argument and she'll win big.
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    Semper Fi, may they rest in peace and may their loved ones find solace soon. But, sadly, there is always one idiot who makes stupid statements and plays politics.
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    Seems like a real cheap shot. those asshats from both parties refuse to do anything about 300.00 hammers and 1,500.00 toilets and then start whining about the sequester? Well Harry if you're so concerned about the sequester how about taking on the corruption in the Military supply pipeline. I'm sure you can find a few trillion in corruption there. You frigging hypocrite.
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    @jessejaymes you know those hammers etc are just ways to pad the books to cover " black " projects? I'm not defending it but just filling you in.
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    @EzraBlade The Pentagon informed the House that they had appx 6-7 thousand Abrams tanks around the world that have been retrofitted and modernized at a cost of 25 million per tank. They also stated they have another 25,000 Abrams tanks already retrofitted and sitting idle in storage. They said they didn't see any foreseeable situation in which the remaining 7,000 or so Abrams tanks not retrofitted would be needed and didn't want to spend the money. The house GOP told them to shut up and retrofit the tanks. Now that's "black ops". That's out and out corruption.
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    @DyingBreed I didn't defend it. Of course their are kickbacks and corruption. But that's government. It's not just the military.
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    A morter shell exploded. I doubt the morter was produced after the sequester and exploded due to shoddy workmanship as the result of budget cuts. Reid never misses an opportunity to smear the opposition though.
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    Talk about a scumbag. so the brilliant little twerp from the desert Harry Reid, implies that within a couple of weeks the military has fallen apart .. but then again he was the 1 that claimed we've lost the Iraq war even before the infamous troop surge got underway. Nevada should be embarrassed
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    Most real Nevadans are. It's all the Californians who've moved to Clark County over the last 20 years who keep re-electing people like Harry Reid in Nevada.
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    @CaryNickel you know I never even thought of that but you're probably exactly right. we have similar problems here where Democrats who are disenchanted with their home state because being run into the ground move here but then because they are Democrats they can't figure out they should have left there failed ideas back where they came from.
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    How could Reid say that and sleep well at night!! Our troops are not to be used for political fights!!!! Reid should of been more considerate of those killed & their families. What a jerk!!!
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    And the fools in his home state continue to send him to Washington...just don't get it...

    On a more serious note, my thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones left behind, to the men and women the served beside and to those brave soldiers which lost their lives.
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    "Marines would not be forced to operate under unsafe conditions due to budget cuts."...but civilians can have criminals released onto the streets with them because of budget cuts. What a BS, double-standard, backbiting bunch of hypocrites we have for a government.
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    Reid is a real bottom feeder .... using this trajic event for political pandering is a disrespectful play the topic of sequester should never have been voiced at a time of sorror and reflection upon the death of seven Marines.
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    Though his comments were not saying the sequester "directly" caused this training accident, Mr Reid needs to know that the context of his statement would be thought it was saying just that! Everybody needs to think before putting their mouth in gear....especially someone in Mr. Reid's position. Too bad Mr. Reid's "motor control" has been totally disconnected from his "motor mouth".
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    Sometime things happen in training, This is not a zero defect world, the only thing you can do minimize the potential and utilize operational risk management procedures.

    You train like you fight sometimes you get hurt or killed in training, it's just the nature of the job. When you consider the Marine probably fire about 1000 rounds of these a year you have to anticipate at least one failure. The fact that you have only heard of one of these incidents in recent history speaks volumes to the professionalism and training regime of the US Marines

    But to blame this tragedy on the sequester is just plain wrong and a pathetic play for political points media attention and grandstanding. This is the last act of a desperate politician trying vainly to be relevant and maintain what power base he has. He is the male equivalent of Diane Feinstein.
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    Utah businessman Jeremy Johnson had some issues with his company and was expecting a Federal indictment. He went to his (then) friend John Swallow for help. Swallow turns to his friend Harry Reid (all LDS and longtime associates). Reid was chair of the committee who would be issuing the indictment in question.
    Johnson pays $600k in an alleged bribe to Reid's campaign war chest, brokered by Swallow.💰
    After the pmt is received, Reid has the indictment issued anyway, Johnson is arrested by Feds and Swallow is elected Utah AG.😳
    The only problem?
    Johnson has secret tapes. He suspected Reid would double cross him.😡 the Feds are investigating the entire matter- Reid, who says 'wha? who?',😇Swallow who is in it neck deep, and Johnson.
    That is one reason.
    *btw hi!👋hope ur super duper!*😊
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    😳 Well THAT is super duper. No wonder he always looks worried. I didn't live here in 2010 and I'm not Mormon, so I don't know much about it.
    I AM super😁 thanks for asking.
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    Well why doesn't Harry & the rest of his hogs on BOTH sides of the aisle including the 'Socialist in Chief' prove their patriotism by refusing all paychecks , per diems & free living & all airplane rides ? C'mon greedy pigs - put up or shut up .
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    AHHHH but the king and his court do not think on those lines.Barry will go at our expense to golf with tiger while our youth cannot tour the white house or have an easter egg hunt. This fool is beyond belief.
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    Here we go creating another emergency. These ass clowns will do anything for attention. I hope the people in this old fools district send him packing next time he is up for election.
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