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    This is the kind of thing that just proves America has lost it's stinking mind. You know the male children of single mothers tend to run the streets and are much more likely to end up in gangs so their "prospects" would naturally be much lower than those who have a strong father image in their lives. And they spent money to come up with this?
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    Donald Trump and Romney sons were born with golden spoons in their mouth and fathers in their life,and not one is remotely as successful as snoop dog the rapper...
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    @Rightwing Donald Trump could buy snoop dogg out of his pocket change. And I don't know what you call "successful" but I consider both far more successful than Snoop. Or any rapper that ever lived for that matter.
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    @jessejaymes now Damien Johns although not a rapper came from a very poor background but he has done very well with FUBU.
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    @EzraBlade We can all sit here and name exceptions to any given situation. But the facts are that single mothers have less control over their boys that double parents. I would guess that in 30 years in the entertainment industry and seeing tons and literally thousands of gangsters, that 90 out of a hundred had no relationship with a father. That's has to skew the numbers.
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    The result of single mother families correlates well with high incarceration, school drop out and poverty for their children. This information is fairly well established and the trend is growing significantly. This is what happens in a country where the boys never grow up to be men.
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    This doesn't surprise me. This is where my MRA side steps in.

    Over 3/4 of divorce is initiated by the female, of which the most common is No fault, which means they want a divorce just because they can. Have a child? Most likely will go to the woman just because she is a woman. No matter that the father has a really stable job and functioning housing while mom lives on a neighbor's couch. Speaking of that stable job, expect to get significantly less because of child support which is also overwhelmingly given to the mom. What's that? Lost your job? Too bad your payments don't decrease. Can't make the payments? TO JAIL WITH YOU! Now you have a record. So long getting a good job again.

    You finally find a decent job to pay for your box in the alley, but it's a dangerous environment. In fact, 95% of workplace accidents happen to males. Oh, and your child support payments take up almost all of your paycheck. You can't see your kids because you're a dead beat, she has a restraining order against you because she cried Domestic Violence and used the makeup bruises as "evidence".

    You're child is growing up, and you notice he/she doesn't look a thing like you. You're able to get a DNA test. Your wife was cheating on you. Appeal to withdraw child support? TOO BAD! You acted as a father figure by paying child support in the past, and now you continue to do so. You got screwed over for the rest of your life, just because some female didn't like the way you snored at night.

    Suicide starting to look good yet? No wonder males commit it 3-6 times higher than females GLOBALLY.
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    Had to vote ya up because entirely too much of what you posted is true. What I've seen family and employees go through is mind-blowing on any given day.
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    @justapirate Looking back I feel I might have been a bit cynical, but I've seen this happen way too many times to be written off as just "bitter". If you pull shit like this and then ask "Where are all the good men at? I don't need a BOY", then YOU are the reason. Chivalry is dead because you shot it in the head. Hey, I inadvertently made it rhyme!:)
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    I think any child raised by a single parent is at a disadvantage. It's not that the single parent is doing the best they can but there only so much time in a day. A child needs both it's parents.
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    Momma's boys are usually weak, not very masculine acting or looking, submissive, less assertive, shy, have emotional issues in regards to relationships and women, tend to be lazy and usually see women as mother figures instead of partners.

    There are exceptions to that rule, but most boys raised by only their mother end up that way.

    Just picture Seymour Skinner on "The Simpson's"! Or perhaps, Norman Bates! LMAO
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    NEWSFLASH!!!!!! The difference between men and women is beyond simply physical.

    The "Male Role Model" isn't simply "Mommie With Testicles." anymore than mothering is simply "Daddy Sans Testes."

    The parenting roles are quite different because the sexes are different in thought and action.

    What amazes me is how nobody seems to use this conclusion in the argument against gay adoption.
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    They don't use that argument because studies show kids being raised by same-sex couples do just fine.
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    @Zazziness Perhaps you should have someone read this article to you since you missed the point.

    "Harvard University's David Autor, in a study for think tank Third Way, shows that males born of single moms "appear to fare particularly poorly" when it comes to overall life outcome, making them less attractive to potential mates."

    I guess it's possible you're right if you consider "fare particularly poorly" as just fine.
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    As much as I want to find something interesting and intriguing in this suggestion, It just does not fit right.

    I could accept that males not having a male presence leads to males not developing typical male behaviors, instead adopting more feminine ideology. That we can actually see manifest in the world today. However that in and of itself does not explain why girls would be more likely to go to school, or why mothers wouldn't spend more time with their sons.

    Now One thing it does get right is the notion that unsuccessful males are unsuccessful. I think this borders on the Captain Obvious line that women are not going to be attracted to someone who doesn't work, or is unable to provide. However, at the same time they generally are not going to be interested in someone less successful than them either, still clinging onto supposedly antiquated gender role inequity of wanting financial stability from a partner. However the rise in less desirable partners is in part thanks to there being greater equality in the workplace. The number of jobs did not just magically increase to accommodate the number of women entering the work place. You simply cannot give to one without taking from another. Not saying that is wrong, just pointing out where a large chunk of it comes from.

    Then to go off into weird tangents suggesting "Men are less industrious" and "Women are more adaptable" is utter stupidity and there is a reason why such vacuous statements are "yet unproven"

    Now, here is the issue. I get that women would not want to be tied to someone less successful as them as they would not want to be in a situation with essentially an adult mouth to feed. However is this not representative of the problem? Women don't want to be with someone less successful, but (rightfully) have had their hand in there being less opportunities for men to succeed. Then chose to devalue what men do have to offer as it relates to child rearing as irrelevant and chose to just do it themselves?

    As the ending line of the article states "Instead of making marriage more attractive, he said, it might be better for society to help make men more attractive. " And here we have the same problematic ideology reinforced. Maybe, just maybe its not just to be by default laid at the feet of men and perhaps instead it might in fact be better for society if instead of making men more attractive, we made women more receptive.

    When men exist in a society where they are raised by women, repeatedly told (albeit indirectly) how awful they are, misogynist, aggressive, war like brutish rapists as well as mocked in media as being stupid, lumbering, irresponsible oafs, Is it really any wonder why men might not be as inclined as they once were to fulfill the expectation of male influence and become all of these undesirable things by being taught things like drive, ambition, responsibility, duty, etc. especially in light of there being less viable opportunity to do so?
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    I'm not ready to blame single moms out right just poor parenting in general. However, I think 2 people regardless of their gender raising a child has a better chance of succeeding than one just due to the fact of having more overall time to devote to the process and pick up the slack for each other.
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    "regardless of gender" So, two gay guys raising a little boy is ok? That couldnt be another back door way for gays to add another to the team in a few years?
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    @CATTLEPROD Must you people always sink to such levels, there are many Gays raising sons and Women raising daughters that grow up just fine and not the least bit abused or changed from one preference to another. It has been proven over and over and over that Sexual Orientation is not learned behavior. It is inherent it ones make up. This is not to be confused with sexual activity. There are many people who will sleep with anything that moves that does not make them gay or straight or anything but a horn dog. Sexual Orientation is not just about who you have sex with.
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    @Speedieg I'm not saying that the gay "parents" would be child abusers, I am saying it is an abnormal upbringing, likely to cause confusion during the critical years and ultimatly get one more convert for the cause.
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    @CATTLEPROD that is highly unlikely. People are not taught to be gay or straight they just are. Statistics show that in families headed by gay parents children do not have a higher or lower incidence of homosexual orientation than straight families.
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    @Speedieg Do you have any stats to prove your "highly unlikely" or are you just planning on letting a generation or two decide?
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    I think this study seems to "mix" up a lot of social factors and then tries to steer its conclusions to reflect its opposition to "single moms"----For example, most moms would probably feel more comfortable raising a daughter than a son---because they are them selves women, not men----And perhaps vice versa...In this study they make it sound like single moms are rejecting their male children...Not so!----And there really isn't much correlation between a young male (raised by a single mom) gravitating towards "gangs" either...Much of that stems from the environment in which he lives....All in all a recent Cornell University Study concluded:---

    "...We conclude with the perhaps obvious point that marriage is not a
    blanket prescription for the well-being of children, any more than it
    is for the well-being of adults. Recent policy initiatives to promote
    marriage need to take account of how variation within marriage.."
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    Let me point something out. We are all products of our own environment. I don't know where you live or how bad your gang problem is. But to say that running the streets in L.A. doesn't greatly increase the odds of a young man ending up in a gang defies common sense. Now you take that single mother, put her in Los Angeles, and give her a job. I guarantee you her son is at risk.

    There is another phenomena at work as well with low income single mothers. While standing around with my business partner "world watching" I observed that it seemed that every single mother we knew in urban L.A. with a son knew less about their son than everyone else in the neighborhood. Single mothers will invariably talk about their sons as saints while everyone else knows they are gang members. The mother always denies it. I wondered why that was. My partner had a theory. He says that the son is the only "man" in the woman's life and she's desperately trying to hold onto him.
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    @jessejaymes "...running the streets in L.A. doesn't greatly increase the odds of a young man ending up in a gang defies common sense..."

    Why don't you relax your "tone" and actually read what I DID say.....Because this is what I said.---"...there really isn't much correlation between a young male (raised by a single mom) gravitating towards "gangs" ...

    So that might mean that the single mom---is capable of preventing that young male from "running the streets" in the first place.....Or that young man----may decide for himself that "running the streets" is not something that he wants to do on his own.....Just because he is being raised by a single mom-----does not (in and of its self) automatically condemn that young male to -------as some kind of knee-jerk reaction-----to HAVE to go out and "run the streets".....

    Now sure...there are young males----(who may be of single or two parent families) that will gravitate towards gangs anyway.....I personally have seen both situations happen...Further, there are young men, for whom there is an overwhelming street environment that ----is just so enticing to them that they give in to it...Yet there are other young men, who when faced with those same temptations-------successfully resist joining gangs, or becoming a hoodlum, etc..........THAT is what I said...
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    Men Born to Single Moms Less Likely to Succeed....INDEED!!!
    No Father Figure..........Not a true and real family.
    Just wait until Gay Marriage...You think this is bad....Just wait
    Its called a country in demise!!!
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    Yeah, let us blame the individuals failure to excel on the parents or someone else...sorry, but the individual should take control of their life and dictate where it goes...the "woe is me" crap doesn't ride well...
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    Its not true in ever case but if they would do one of their "studies" it would point out why some are kinda light in their loafers. Have seen some that it didn't make a difference an then seen some that are more girlie than there moms. But they want study that it might offend someone that wears their feelings on their shoulders. Odd it doesn't work both ways isn't it
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    Yes, it's true. That's not all single motherhood and no father figure does to our young men. All children are less likely to finish HS, the girls are more likely to become single parents at a young age themselves, boys are more likely to commit a crime and father other out of wedlock children. These kids are also more likely to live at or below the poverty line and use more government services. In other words, we are talking about the now, 7th or so, welfare generation. AND - just to put the cherry on top, the single parent is also more likely to be poor and have a low level job, lack a college or higher education degree and more likely to go on to have more than one fatherless child.
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    Male children of single moms are much more likely to respect women and much less likely to rape! Boys who grow up seeing their dad beat up their mom every day grow up to beat up their own wives & girlfriends.
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    There's a lot to this. However, one can always point to exceptions as some here are doing, but as a general rule the article is correct. Women, single or married, are normally not wired to show boys how to be proper men.
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