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    The funny part of all this. It will cost taxpayers trillions. Kill insurance companies. Doctors will quit. You will get inferior care- and it STILL will not cover everyone.

    This is the crowning jewel on liberal idiocy.
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    It is going to be the biggest money pit we have ever dealt with. It's already raising the cost of policies. It's bad law that can't be paid for.
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    I have to spend $1,500 BEFORE my insurance starts paying a percentage. This is our "affordable healthcare act" in action. Plus I pay enormous premiums. Maybe I should just drop it and pay the fine....Ummm tax.
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    @Medicinebow then there is a taxon the potion your employer pays. And a tax on your family being covered by employees policy at the tune of $1400 I believe.
    Make me fume thinking about the morons who voted for this Obummer
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    @EzraBlade no one knows what's in the monstrosity to begin with. Not even the fools that voted it into law.
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    Wait till the taxes kick in. Then there's the rationing that will likely start. The doctors retiring to get out of it. And the possibility of raiding people's 401ks. Then it will be really unpopular.
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    @Thunderchicken I don't think
    is the plan, it is rather likely yo be the result of a gutless liberal half measure that will funnel billions to insurance companies because obama, despite what right wingers seem to beleive, is, unfortunatelly, not a socialist.
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    Yet another dumb program. When will people realize that the government isn't capable of managing our lives or our money? How high must our debt soar before they understand?
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    So is that why the government run medicare and VA programs are more efficient than the private sector? It's a fact, go look it up.
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    Furthermore, every country with socialized medicine spends FAR LESS than we do with out private insurance system and gets essentially the same or better results. Once again, go look it up, it's a fact.
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    My biggest beef is the individual mandate. I agree there are some good things about it. I just draw the line at mandates. It's not the govt's job to be mandating things like making you buy this or outlawing certain size sodas or any of the other numerous items that are "good for us". Leave the personal responsibility to me.
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    Problem is that not everybody is "responsible". And when you get hurt and don't have insurance, me and everyone else pays for it. Health insurance is something EVERYONE will use. Unless you want to let injured people die on the street because we refuse treatment, I have no objection to a mandate. If you're responsible and have insurance, it won't effect you anyway.
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    Personal responsibility would work if hospital systems didn't have to "eat" the cost of the uninsured who use the ER as their Primary Care Physician. The ACA would work better if there were a requirement that hospital Chargemasters be completely transparent and available to all consumers, and if there were true oversight to prevent the 10,000% markups that are present in today's hospital bills.
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    Do you drive? If so you are mandated to have auto insurance also or else you pay a fine(tax). What's the difference?
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    Driving on a public highway is a PRIVILEGE, granted to you by the state, provided you qualify for the privilege. One qualification is that you maintain auto insurance.

    Since you brought up car insurance, let me ask you - does your car insurance cover oil changes, wiper blades, or worn tires and brake pads? If not, why should your health insurance pay for anything but serious injuries and illnesses? If we could cut out all the minor stuff, private health insurance would likely be far less expensive than it is.
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    We're in the "Oh my God, what have we done?!" stage. It will no doubt become widely popular when we're in the "I paid into it don't you dare touch it" stage. Of course all this is tainted because our country is probably in the ignorance stage of collapse.
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    It's unpopular cause people must fork over money to insurance companies. Get rid of that. Replace it with medicare for all, either through national health care or single payer. Let thosw who want better care then that offers pay out of pocket ot biy supplemental insurance, but basic health care should be available to all as a right.
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    @PoliticalSpice - "basic health care should be available to all as a right" - I would debate that premise as well, but there is no need. Basic health care has been available to to all since Barack Obama's mother died. Don't you remember him saying in his debate? "...for my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in the hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they're saying that this may be a pre-existing condition and they don't have to pay her treatment." So her payment was unsure yet she still spent months in the hospital? In fact, hospital emergency rooms have been required to provide treatment since 1986. So hospitals still provide treatment but now we have more government, yet another player between us and our doctor, rising healthcare costs and now another tax form to fill out. I'd rather the boys in DC stop trying to help us out.
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    @DerivePI Well as of right should mean one gets the care without arguing with the insurance companies. As to your argument that you have the right when you are hosptalized, ture. But without money or insurance you only get hospitalized when you are at deaths door step, brought in for emergencies. Me and you define what basic health care means differently. I mean regular physicians check ups and appropriate treatment. Such health care could often detect a condision and treat it early on. You seem to prefer waiting till the person is too far gone for treatment and admitting them to wait until they die.
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    @PoliticalSpice - Emergency care is like food on the table. Annual check ups, aspirin, chiropractor, spa treatments, etc... is foie gras with asparagus and a butter sauce. No, no, no. I will not work one extra hour so that you or anyone else can force me to pay for a non-emergency treatment. You would steal my production so that you can have the finer things? Disgusting and perverted.
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    @DerivePI Hey, selfish one, first off I am not a beneficiary of this, I have medical insurance and pay out to private doctors. So you won't be paying for me. What is disgusting and perverted is not that I want a humane society, but that hypocrites like you are all too ready to steal my production so you can drink clean water, travel on paved roads, and enjoy the many other benefits that come from the pooling of tax monies, bit that you would deny others their needs because someone who can not afford to see a doctor is, in your opinion, less important then the conveience you get from travelling by automobile.

    Let me also point out you need not work an extra hour, or even another minute to pay taxes for such. If you do not like it feel free to self deport yourself to a country that does not require such taxation. I understand there are a number of third world countries that practice the type of economy you seem to favor.
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    Obamacare Unpopular, really?

    Barring any corrective legislative action (or a bigger tax increase by President Obama). A $525 billion tax increase would indeed be the largest in American history, at least in nominal dollars.
    All of which makes President Obama’s latest campaign-season pose as a tax cutter seem even phonier than usual, which is really saying something when we talk about Obama.
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    I agree with you! I am so tired of this liberal government who raise our taxes just to waste more money on some other "Off The Wall" Programs. Obama is phony anyway to everyone of all races, gender, and creeds.
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    The deceptive way in which it was "discussed" and passed - another idiot thinking that I'll just tell these free people they have to do it or else - people believing that the government has the right to tell you what to do and that they are there to help us!
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    Where do you start?
    1. It was forced on us.
    2. We were not able to review it in it's entirety before it went was signed into law
    No politician read before it was approved
    3. It was written not by politicians but by unions of which very few now approve of.
    Politicians admitted they didn't read it.
    4. It's crap
    5. It assumes the government can take of us better than we can, Which would be true if you want your healthcare run like the postal service or the Veteran's Administration.
    6. 90% of the people who approve of it and laud its merits have no idea what it entails, they only know what they have been told.
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    1. All laws are "forced on us".
    2. That's true about most every bill. They're all in a state of flux until they get signed into law. It's a process.
    3. Well sort of. It was heavily influenced by the pharmaceuticals and insurance lobbies. Not the unions so much. But most every bill is influenced by lobby groups.
    4.Will you cite 10 specifics you don't like about the bill. Please cite the exact section of the bill so we can all know what you're talking about.
    5. How does it assume what you claim? It really just levels the playing field for ALL income groups and people who have been previously denied or dropped to get insurance. Also, it takes the financial burden of off hospitals, etc to provide health care without payment.
    6.What percent of the people who don't like the bill "have no idea what it entails, they only know what they have been told." IOW, have you read the bill? Before you ask, my answer is yes; more than once.
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    1. incorrect; We vote for representation that representation is a reflection of what we the people want or would like to happen and what is conducive to the betterment of ALL constituents. not just a particular party or interest group or base it on your income class.

    2. Agreed All bills or action must start in committee and move through the same process. Either has a S:##### or an H.R##### then it is sent to the president for signing.

    1) Paying for something that I won't be able to use until a future date or not at all simply because I am employed .
    2) Taxes on medical device manufacture
    3) Filing a 1099 on any purchase over $600
    4) The fact that 19 states and just has many unions are opting out of it to include our own Senate democratic politicians
    4. It does not level the playing field it pits one income bracket against another. You are expecting everyone to get wonderful healthcare for pennies on the dollar and you expect the government and hospitals to grant every test and procedure you need all at less than cost? You better get ready for a VA style healthcare. Which brings it's own set of challenges; Trust me
    long waits for appointments and referrals 2
    formatted diagnostics
    limited specialist
    Co-pays for emergencies
    Dirty medical instruments

    I would have rather had Healthcare reform not somebody re-inventing the wheel.
    I would have rather had somebody clean up and streamline the current systems and reduce the redundancy and waste fraud and abuse not add to it. and then tax everyone additionally to do it.

    I agree we need a healthcare but robbing Peter to pay Paul and expecting Peter and his family to bend over and take it is ridiculous and naive.

    You cannot force US citizens to arbitrarily buy a product or service and financially penalize those that don't or those make more money than others in order to pay for others.


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    Because it has very little to do with health care in comparison to what it has to do with increased taxes, stifling new regulations on business and property and is more about population control and limiting personal freedoms. that and the fact that a handful ok progressive liberals show get down the American people throats regardless of the overwhelming negative public opinion of it. Obama care and the way it was passed and will be instituted is proof that we no longer have a representative republic we have tyranny
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    @Denizen_Kate Kate what do you think of the new budget passed by the Democrat Senate? keep in mind its the first 1 passed since Obama's election in 2009...
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    @bsking - Not sure what that has to do with the topic at hand, but I haven't had time to study it yet, so no opinion at this time.
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    Why Is Obamacare So Unpopular? Because Americans finally realize what a sham it is and how they will be paying much more for so much less.
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    Americans don't like to forced into anything. Taxes, laws, insurance etc... This elitist nanny state mentality will, at some point, come back to haunt the politicians and their sponsors that have been victimizing the silent majority in this country for so long.
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    NOTHING ever works when you are forced into doing it!! This whole OBAMANATION is a nightmare!! I don't see it ever working. The best thing congress could ever do is defund it! I know every time we have purchased healthcare we've obviously had alot to say about the decision about the plan we picked and WE DID NOT have this option with this piece of crap! I've read alot of it, heard alot of it, and it's NOT something I would pick!! Along with the higher cost, WHAT'S THE POINT? To break our back? Feels like it!! Many ppl feel like this and the closer it gets the angrier frustrated, and yes, downright. SCARED WE get!! I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!:(
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    Just wait until the full law is implemented and the real effects are felt, then people will realllllly hate it! It's already affecting my business, and I just deal with kids braces mostly!

    Obamacare will create an ever widening gap between good healthcare, that only the rich will be able to afford, and government healthcare, that everyone else will be forced to accept.
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    It's similar to Mob extorsion, forcing people to buy into a corrupt system or face penalties if they don't. This will raise costs for everyone, and the only people making money off it all is the insurance companies and their lawyers.
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    It's unpopular because of the mandate to buy from private insurers who have proven themselves to be motivated by pure greed.
    We need a socialized system of medicine like free world nations enjoy. Both the healh insurance and pharmaceutical industries as well as many practitioners are motivated solely by profit without conscience or empathy.
    I heard recently that except for New Zealand, we are the only country that allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription medication.
    Profit motivation should be removed from the equation.
    We need to take a look at the systems used by free world nation's and emulate the best of those.
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    I work a part time job 40 hours a week to pay my way through college. I pay all my own bills, my rent, food, etc for both myself and my wife. I don't take any government aid, and am proud of that fact. However, I need every one of those 40 hours I work. But thanks to Obamacare, I was informed yesterday that my hours will be cut back to 28 a week, so I'll have to get a second job. That will be fun to try and work around my college schedule. Also, now I am either being compelled to buy health care that I cant afford (especially thanks to my new work hours), or being compelled to accept government aid that I don't want.

    Thanks Obama, you screwed me royally.
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    Would be interesting to see if those that so vehemently object to it also object to that social security check or medicare card that they receive or will receive due to a government mandate in 1935 and 1965. I would say not.
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    As far as I'm concerned, I would have rather have opted out of those programs. But since I had my money extorted from me, you're damn right I want my share.
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    @Yank You smoke? Do you feel lucky? Will you outlive and receive more s.s than the amount you paid in? You willing for your wife and kids to receive your s.s. if you die? You willing to sell your house and pay for your hospital bill w/o that medicare card? LIfes a gamble my friend. Doubt seriously if anyone on here that receives ss or medicare doesnt check their bank account each month to make sure that check has been deposited or have that medicare card in hand each time its needed.
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    Americans are suspicious of something untried and misunderstood. Historically, some of the programs we currently accept completely (and are considered the most successful like Medicare and Social Security) were vilified, slandered and opposed at their origins. Obamacare is interesting. The media/polls say it is so unpopular BUT voters seem to LIKE some of specifics of the law. Examples:**Checks in the mail. Sound good?? Some of us will be eligible for subsidies, depending on our income.**Wealthy Americans will pay more. A 3.8% surcharge on investment income.**Insurance Companies profit margins will be limited.**Reduce the deficit.**Preexisting conditions are covered.**Expansion of Medicaid.
    As this healthcare law kicks in and voters being to understand it's benefits I predict it's popularity will soar. Most of us don't like change because it's "fear of the unknown" and the GOP has had a hayday spewing fear-based propaganda. When Obamacare is KNOWN and widely practiced the American public will come around, just like we did with Social Security and Medicare.
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    Why Is Obamacare So Unpopular?

    Lie One...."If you like your doctor You can keep your doctor"
    Lie Two "if you like your healthcare plan , You can keep your healthcare plan"
    Lie Three "It will lower healthcare Premiums"
    Lie Four "There isnt any death panels"
    and on and on and on.
    Its a $6 trillion dollar increase in our debt......People are starting to catch onto the Obama's and the democrats lies!!!
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