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    Gold is another bubble that will burst soon. Things are getting overpriced due to all the borrowing of money and inflation.
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    Farm land. But having gold is always a safe bet. Just don't buy it while its up so high. But farm land is as safe as there is today.
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    @UKviewpoint I'm sure you mean that snarkily. But I'm glad to see any industry doing well under this administration.
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    Guns, land, medicines, and commodities! Gold is worthless ... who wants gold when your sick, hungry, or under attack by looters? No one in their right mind would even trade you for it!
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    This always reminds me of the story of the German middle class family in Weimar Germany before the Nazis came to power.

    There was a German middle class man with 2 sons. He worked hard and was successful. He had 2 sons.

    The 1st son was like his father. He worked hard and saved his money. His father was proud.

    The 2nd son was a drunk.

    The father died and left all of his assets but 1 to the 1st son. He left his wine cellar to the 2nd son who proceeded to drink up.

    The great German inflation hit in the 1920s. The German currency which traded with the US Dollar at 4 Marks to the Dollar then traded at millions of Marks to the Dollar.

    The 1st son was wiped out. The 2nd son did OK because he sold the empty wine bottles at their current value.

    The moral of the story is that commodities are always a good investment.
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    The price of gold fluctuated somewhere between $200 to $450 from 1978 until 2005, then it climbed to record high prices. Gold has not been a hedge against inflation these last few years as advertised.. It has been a boon for sellers who have been making fortunes by selling it.
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    Diversify. Also, stock up on food, water, and toliet paper. In a financial colapse a roll of TP will be worth its weight in Gold.
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    Anything that increases in value and a magnificent woman (if you're a man), magnificent man (if you're a woman) or "you know-whatever the case may be" (if you're gay/lesbian) to help you weather the emotional and spiritual storms as well. Read Erich Maria Remarque's "The Black Obelisk" if you want to know what happens to a nation that keeps printing money unbacked by anything to cover its debts. Watch out for homegrown versions of Adolf Hitler promising a return to law and order and America restored to its former glory on the backs of scapegoats.
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    "Watch out for homegrown versions of Adolf Hitler promising a return to law and order and America restored to its former glory on the backs of scapegoats."

    That is a real and serious danger.

    Some of the extreme right are already looking for a 'savior'.

    Remember that in the depression, Roosevelt was urged by conservatives to assume dictatorial powers, citing the success of Mussolini in Italy.
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    @harold_lloyd wow I learn something new everyday. Could he have assumed those powers if he'd wanted to?
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    Who knows?

    The nation's business barons and conservative politicians really were scared and totally out of ideas. Imagine America disintegrating into Somalia, total anarchy and lawlessness. That's what they feared.

    Turning the nation into a dictatorship was a small price for them to pay in order to hang on to the status quo ante. Which makes it necessary to remember that the plutocracy would sell the rest of us out in a heartbeat if they felt truly threatened.

    I will always thank Roosevelt for declining the offer.
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    @Slowmo Yes, but have you noticed that the US economy seems to be coming back? A lot of that is due to the Fed, pumping up the money supply.

    That's pure Keynes, and Friedman would agree. But in a year or so, when the economy is perking right along, the Fed needs to be able to withdraw some of that stimulus.

    If we don't get the deficits under control, and that means balanced budgets, then the Fed won't be able to do what it needs to, and the stimulus will become inflation.

    Everyone in Washington knows that, but they are afraid to say it to the voters back home. Nobody, of any persuasion, wants to be the guy that raised taxes and cut spending at the same time. It's going to be a mild version of Cyprus if we do what we need to. A little belt-tightening.

    But it's back to the stagflation of the 1970s if we don't.
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    Real Estate - how do hide that from a gov't. take-away ? Those who have buried or hidden ammo , food or whiskey will likely come out way further ahead . Land means nothing if you're 'bartering' to survive .
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    This does not suprise me in the slightest. Quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve on orders from Obama is, was and will remain a failed economic policy. They passed it off as stimulus packages in '09 and '10 but what they should have done was allowed to economy fix itself, allowed companies to fall flat on their faces.

    Very troubling sign of what is to come.
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    We are headed down the same road Greece and Cyprus. When the shit hits the fan POTUS will declare national emergency, so all the shit you have stocked up on, fed agencies will come in and confiscate everything, round you and your families up and split the population up to various work camps..executive order 13063
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    I hope you all have your spider senses going, they're putting these articles out as if to warn you of a Cyprus solution. Big things have small beginnings.
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    I don't know maybe they're just saying that you know so the government can come around take that gold of your hands for you ... ;-D
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    I believe confiscation unlikely, the major economic concern in 1933 was deflation, not inflation, and the U.S. dollar was still tied to gold. We were not able to simply print more money to fund increased governmental spending, so the U.S. government took in the gold, handed you dollars and achieved the goal of increasing the monetary base.A second reason, the cost would also be enormous at this point. In 1933, the government had some control over the value of gold in fact, if you study your history you'll see that the government actually raised the price of gold soon after taking it all in. Washington doesn't have that luxury ... that latitude ... today. If the federal government took every ounce of gold from every American, it would still be a traded commonality that might rise or fall.
    Stocks on the other hand you can profit on the way up and double up on the way down going short. Just keep you stop loss orders current multi times a day
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    @miketost I think wallstreet provided you with the answer. Ask yourself what would the government gain by banning Gold? Even Glen Beck couldn't justify thst
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    No matter what is said...... Gold, Silver, farm land (owned out right with a tax-free full ownership deed) is the ONLY things that will be safe. Bitcoin is just digitised fiat money, you won't be able to trade it in the physical world. Once the Fed Note (fiat currency) fails and hyper-inflation starts world gov'ts will no longer accept it as payment, they will demand 'gold, silver, copper, steal, zinc, etc.(raw resources in general)' as payment of debts and trade.___ Again....progressives got us in this fiat currency mess when the Progressive-Liberal-Democratic president Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.
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    @HeresSomeTruth Bitcoins are a better type of fiat money...

    [for those following along, fiat money is currency with no intrinsic value, such as paper. The world was effectively using the same currency from 1815 to 1913 (the gold standard), resulting in little inflation and unemployment, and high economic growth. Beginning in 1913, the world began leaving the Gold Standard, until 1971, when Nixon blew it all to hell. The "Nixon Shock" started a decade of inflation, high unemployment, and low economic growth, and since then, any nation can monkey with the value of the US dollar]

    ... because the value of Bitcoins is set by computers. These are decentralized, so no one country can destroy them, and they use encryption to (theoretically) prevent humans from monkeying with the money supply. The computers' goal is to stabilize the money supply, much as the Federal Reserve Board tried to do under the Monetarists.

    Right now, Obama and Bernanke are printing extra money so achieve short term political goals, and that is the main reason everything costs 20% more than it did 4 years ago. Trading dollars for Bitcoins is one way to keep Obama and Bernanke from devaluing them, and people with money in Cypriote banks could trade it for Bitcoins to keep the government from raiding it.

    Going back to the Gold Standard might be the best method of stabilizing the economy, but it is politically impossible; alternate currency like Bitcoins is the next best thing.
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    @SmedleyButler Oh, I didn't say it showed signs of forming another bubble and you can be a millionaire overnight if you just flip this house. lol. I just think it's starting to creep back to stable so someone thinking of investing in a home for their family might find this a good time to do it and could be glad they did by the time retirement rolls around.
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    @Zazziness Dude they announced that foreclosures are up again. That's going to drive the housing market back down. We still haven't seen anywhere near the bottom and may never. When the first wave of boomers die off, there isn't a huge replacement generation to fill those homes.
    March 28, 2013, 9:05 AM
    Foreclosure rate spikes as homes come to market
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    @SmedleyButler "face palm" lol
    ... h?hl=en&site=webhp&tbm =isch&source=hp&ei=CuZ UUaDoBY3I9QTEyICgCA&q=face palm&oq=facepalm&gs_l= mobile-gws-hp.3..0l5.2720.5479 .0.7550. j5j1j1.7.0.ehyp%2Ca%3D1%2Cb%3D 100%2Cn%3D5%2Ct%3D2%2Cr%3D15%2 Crequest_latlng%3Dfalse%2Cbase _dedup%3Dfalse..0.0...1c.1.7.m obile-gws-hp.9eQAIAURkcQ&b iw=320&bih=356&sei=E-Z UUYmIF8_I0gHlyIHoDw#
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