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    @GuyFawkes Well 18 feet wasn't enough apparently. Maybe we can create the 8th wonder of the world, topping the Great Wall by creating the... Incredible Fence, a 50' monstrosity of barbed and razor wire, and then electrified putting America back to work. If you video yourself successfully climbing it, you gain instant citizenship.
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    @Firestorm thank you for your understanding. BTW, needs lasers too! I'm also thinking a promo video with thrash-rock background. My minds-eye: like Jack Black in School of Rock - instead of "the legend of the rent was way hardcore", it would be "legend of the fence".
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    Cracker, whitie,snowball,redneck means nothing to me words often used by those that chose to use them .The big N word offends blacks if its used by someone of a different color than black.Yet they chose to use the word in the work place ,in their music and day to to day life.Grow some thick skin and get real.Or shut the f up
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    Redneck is not a slur. I'm white and when someone speaks about rednecks I listen closely to see who they are talking about because I know they're not speaking about me. Anyone can be a cracker. To me the word cracker is nothing more than an alternative word for racist. Of an race. But the other races sure know how to use racist slurs against whites and there is NOBODY in their own races telling them to stop it. This is what it's all about in America today. Everybody has to have someone to look down on and in the conservative world it's minorities and in the liberal world it's white men.

    In my world the quality of man is not the color of his skin but the size of his heart.
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    @jessejaymes I must totally agree with you on this. Use of the term Wetback to me is not offensive it is simply a descriptor of a group of people. I have employed this group of persons in the 60's to do farm/ranch work myself. They were respectful and were bused from Mexico to a pick up location and returned to that location to be bused back when the work was completed. They did not overstay their permitted time in the USA.
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    @jessejaymes You know what?I could see the two of us doing a better job for America than the two we have.Could care less which one is president or vice.We could do it.
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    What is going on in the world today? More apologies? And again, for what? I think we all understand what these man meant. Enough with the apologies.

    I said it before and damnet I'll say it again, PC is killing America!
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    Neo feels very strongly that white men should be allowed to use hateful language toward any other race, women, or gay men. He finds I easier then accepting the blame for his failure of a life.
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    Neo, if it means anything I agree. There are far too many apologies. What happened to people having a spine? What happened to "being a man"?
    These sad sacks of an excuse for a human being make me sick. Stand by what you say. Represent it and own it. Instead of being a coward. A yellow (likely Commie), coward!
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    Have you noticed of late ---of just how many "republicans" have to come out and "apologize" for some stupid, ignorant, or racist statement, they just made?!?----And this is just the latest round of "stupid republican remarks"-----Remember "legitimate rape"?---LOL---I mean---what is it with that party?-------LOL!---They are just all determined to make them selves completely irrelevant as a political party in this country......And at the rate they are going-----It won't be much longer now...LOL!
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    Yes, I've noticed-
    Republicans keep making these idiotic comments and within a few years they will catch up with the Democrats!
    *the all-time nutjob Hall of Famers*:)
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    You are so right, Sonny. Here's another one. "Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) apologized Thursday for a testy exchange with Native American victim assistance leaders. Melissa Merrick, director of Spirit Lake Victim Assistance, wrote about the heated words with Cramer on the online media outlet Last Real Indians. Cramer then stated that he wanted to 'ring the Tribal council’s neck and slam them against the wall,'" she alleged." Heh heh. Little pointed heads----great big PIE Holes.
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    @GuyFawkes Well, with most people in this country ------recoiling from the noting of being labeled a "republican"---I think most people can clearly see which party is THE most intolerant and bigoted.....So good luck with that one, pal...
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    @Clara007 Wow!---I just looked that up!---This is part of what he said...""Cramer then stated that he wanted to 'ring the Tribal council’s neck and slam them against the wall,'" ...I mean....what is WRONG with these guys?!?--Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Clara!
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    I prefer "Illegal Moving Targets" than Wetbacks... Need a Large Double Fence spaced about 20 foot apart with razor wire and land mines between them with automated gun towers about every 10 yards..... Oh, an catapults every other mile to toss the "Illegal Moving Targets" back across that do make it through....
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    apologized ? for what.......My gosh why do these people just cave to the left
    F, those basstards!!! I wouldnt ever apologize!!!
    Thats why we have the 1st ammendment.
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    Amen Vance1, Amen. I just don't understand why the Republican party is morphing into the Democrat-lite party. Are we really believing the media, that if we act and talk just like Democrats we'll get a fair shake? Oh Lord, our nation is in deep mess... so sad.
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    Of course Rep Young has 1st amendment rights, no one is disputing that. But at a time when his party is trying to figure out how to attract Hispanic voters it does not help the cause to hear an old white Republican use a 20th century racial slur. This is why members of his own party condemned his statement and pressured him to apologize. They'd like to win a national election sometime.
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    Well its time people stand by what they believe...I am sick of all this liberal PC BS!!
    Its time Americans take a stand against this PC BS......Period
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    what does that mean?
    Free speech is now the new racism?
    Wow....You liberals are truly out there!!
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    Wah wah wah this is so stupid and pathetic that its even considered important enough to be commented on!!!
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    When the English speaking Latinos in Los Angeles stop using the word wetback for non English speaking Mexican illegals so will I. Not until. I have to deal with these people and they only allow you to deal with them in their world. They don't want anything to do with the Gringo Puto world.
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    What I find funny here is there are only 2 races of people I know of that use these so called derogatory remarks on themselves, daily, yet become offended if another race uses it on them! Blacks call each other the N-word in their music, conversation and all other facets of life. Hispanics (Latinos or whatever) call each other a varied form of "derogatory" words.....I sometimes wonder why? This next statement will offend some, but, hey....I don't give 2 chits. I firmly believe that they are the only 2 races that would eat their young without a single thought! That they don't respect (there's that word....again) themselves or each other. And put those 2 races in force in a "location" and watch them eat each other. LA area is unique in that they, black & brown, live in force in close proximity to each other and I'm actually glad I escaped that place!
    No other race (that I know of) calls their own their respective "derogatory" least not like these 2 races......HMMM......wondering if these 2 races are proof of the theory of evolution.....or do they debunk that theory?
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    Yah, if he did, he could always break down and "apologize" a few times. This guy is some face for the Party. Weakling Coward. Alaska should be soooo proud.
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    Being from a Border Patrol family, back in the day that word was heard frequently. Here in the last 10 years or so I havent heard it. There are always going to be people using slurs to describe different groups. I never cared to use it.
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    Being raised near the border we used the term in reference to illegal aliens. Cant use that term either undocumented US citizen is the term they prefer now.
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    This has gotten beyond the 'puke level'...My ancestors came from Italy, they were called WOPS, DEGO'S, MOBSTERS,etc. The English were called 'Johnny Bull's'.
    People from the Orient were called 'Zipper Heads', Jews were called 'Kykes', Puerto
    Ricans were called 'Spics', Arabs were / are Rag Heads,Germans were called 'Krauts', Blacks the N' word, Mixed were 'Oreo's', American Indians were"Red
    Skins', the Irish were called ' Micks'...and I'm sure there are more. This 'Politically
    Correct' lib crap is so tiring, we have become the whiniest, pettiest, idiots on the
    planet! Please.
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    At least racial slurs are specific, unlike the p.c. alternatives which try and skirt the issue entirely. "Minorities," "urban market," "immigrants," etc...

    It's like when Ross Perot was addressing the NAACP, and kept saying "you people." If someone asks "what do you mean,'you people'" just answer, "black people!"

    Christ, this country is spineless.
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    People should remember Lenny Bruce's standup comedy routine on the big ole bad racial slurs. The more that racial slurs are used, the less offensive they become, and nobody is offended anymore. Just look at how "redneck" has been popularized, and it was at one time one of the worst things you could call someone, but now it's a compliment and seen as a joke. People, get over yourselves.
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    Who care what he said.. Black and ,mexicans should get over it and stop making people say those things about them
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    He has a right to talk the way he wants to. This is still America and not Obama land yet. I don't agree with what he said, but this is just my oppion.
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    Yes but when someone says something hateful they have two choices. They can continue to take that stance or be a mature adult and admit they were out of line. I forgot the third option that politicians usually use which is, of course, to just lie.
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    "He has a right to talk the way he wants to" Certainly he does, as does everyone else. Being criticized is not the same as being muzzled, but concentrating on the reaction to his words is a fine way to distract attention from the words themselves.
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    Ain't anyone heard of "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"?
    It's crap to cry cause you don't like what someone called you, or the term they used.
    Of course the Dems like to point out that most of these loose lipped blunders are coming from the republicans, I agree they are. Make no mistake though, while the citizens of the Dem party may be more tolerant, their politicians are just like Rep politicians. Saying and acting in any way that keeps them in office.
    They could care less one way or the other in reality, Seems to me that they think of themselves like royalty, and we the people are peasants.
    The real war is the war they are fostering among the people. All this crap is just to distract us.
    Dems and Reps could find a way to work together.
    There is something else goin on here, and all over the world.
    Something feels wrong, don't know what it is, but something is off.
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