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    Mr. Carson shouldnt have had to apologize for anything, The left has said far far worse and just gotten by,, So that should go for the right also.
    We do not need a liberal double standard anymore....Period!!
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    This is standard procedure of the left. He scares them and they are trying to destroy him. I heard what he said and it was totally blown out of context. Nothing scares a liberal democrat like a conservative black man.
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    'Nothing scares a liberal democrat like a conservative black man.'
    Quite right, EB.
    Just ask Clarence Thomas.
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    I will give anyone who posts on this forum 1,000.00 dollars if they prove they went to any mall with a microphone and spoke for 10 minutes each on their views on poltiics, guns, gays and illegals and don't offend anyone. It can't be done. You people need to get off your high horses. Nobody is perfect and nobody goes throughout their lives without offending someone about something. ENOUGH you intolerant communists. ENOUGH you intolerant Nazis. And you all know which is which.
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    You've got it a bit twisted, old friend.......It was HE---who exposed HIS Intolerance!!---I mean, if nothing else----the facts clearly show that he did indeed say what he said......And if people were (rightly) offended...Its not their "intolerance" ---It was HIS for saying something as stupid and ignorant as he did..........
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    @Sonny I'm not arguing facts. That is why I am saying that anyone that snarfs at him for what he said is being intolerant of his right to believe whatever the hell he wants.
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    @zachsquatch Oh, and people who "snarf" at him, don't have a right to say what they believe?!?---Why should only HE be allowed to "believe whatever the hell he wants"---But no one else can?!?!----Where is it in the Constitution that says----"Only some people are created Equal, and have rights"?---------Where is it in the Constitution ---that says "only some people have the right to free speech"----Where is any of that?
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    @zachsquatch And with all due respect---you're not thinking deep enough into this.....Other people have rights too, my friend---Not just ignorant republicans!
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    He stated he is sorry for offending, he did not apologize for being the man he is or his values. I believe he is a good man and did not mean to offend.
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    The man apologized which is more than I would have done. His statement was taken out of context and was also poorly framed. He apologized. Enough.
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    Why apologize? I respected the man. He didn't do anything wrong. Only a warped twisted mind misunderstood what Carson was talking about. It only goes to prove that the media goes hard after any black person goes off the plantation. Once a black person starts speaking truth, the media has its knives drawn.
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    You are correct sir. Fortunately for him there isn't a moderate button or banning capabilities by the media when the conversation gets real or they don't like what you have to say.
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    He made a gay beastiality remark? No!!!!! Can we ever have atleast one good conservative that isn't stupid? Damn it! Stop it with the social conservatism already! It is a bad standard for conservatism!
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    @EzraBlade I'll agree that the Dr. is very smart and accomplished, but the term applies if he made a remark counter productive to conservatism like that. In all fairness I will see if I can find the actual interview in its entirety before judging though.
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    This guy is a goof and not ready for prime time. First he takes the bait from Hannity. Then he makes a stupid statement. Then he doesn't apologize for what he said, but apologizes if someone was offended.
    He doesn't need to apologize. He needs to go away.
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    I' afraid not, old friend...The tide is already starting to shift away from him........"Johns Hopkins students are campaigning to have Dr. Ben Carson pulled from this year's commencement speaker line-up, in response to comments the well-known neurosurgeon, a critic of the Obama administration, made about gay marriage..."

    And this is just the beginning.......
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    Apologize for what??? Saw te interview. ANYTHING can look bad when taken out of context!! What a bunch of Aholes!! Now that is exactly what I meant!!
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    He apologized for offending anyone not for what he said. There's a difference, so most would see it as no apology at all or half assed one.
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    It's not a question of Mr. Carson apologizing for his remarks. It's a question of him searching his heart, examining the attitudes that led to those remarks, and seeking forgiveness within himself. His comments don't hurt the people he denigrated; but If he really is a Christian, then he has injured himself and been a poor reflection of his religion.
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    Saying "If anyone was offended, I apologize to you" is a non-apology. It's being sorry for someone's reaction - not what was actually said.

    People need to grow some balls. If you're not sorry, don't apologize.
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    I just watched the first 3 minutes of the interview and couldn't take anymore ...

    how was what he said taken out of context? He DID equate homosexuality with NAMBLA and Beastiality according to the CONTEXT of his original argument?

    It shows even the smartest of the smart anti-gay marriage goofballs have little to no argument against.... that even they, are left to resort to bringing up some obscure pedophile group and animal love...

    To all you Nay Sayers on Gay marriage:

    If you have to resort to using NAMBLA and or Beastiality in your have tapped's over you lost, move on to the next argument.
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    What a joke - 'if I offended anyone' . You're talkin about leftie moonbats , anything anyone says that doesn't suit their far left agenda offends them . They only agree with 'freedom of speech ' if they agree with it . The hell with them .
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    Same as with you right wingers. It's not a free country. Any I say pisses off either the left or the right so I just say what I like and whoever it pisses off can kiss my ass.
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    @jessejaymes - And I agree with you that's the way it should be . People should speak their minds & stop pandering to the boo hoo bunch with 'thin skins'.
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    CARSON: Well, my thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. It's a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality. It doesn't matter what they are. They don't get to change the definition.

    So, if we change the definition of marriage for these radical gays, where does it stop?

    Because as soon as these use less radical gays get their way, Then there will be another group of people in line for the same
    Polygamy, people who want 7 wives, or women who want seven husbands.

    Now do we have to give them they same, Because it isn't fair now, Because gays have it and we don’t

    What about the men who intend to marry their dogs, or women who intend to marry their cat?
    It now isn't fair that The gays and straights have a right and we don’t

    Where does it stop? Where is the final straw?
    Remember Sodom and Gomorra?

    Lets go back to, Marriage is a contract between Only One Man and Only one Woman……..Period
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    To paraphrase Jon Stewart on well established pillars of society being redefined...Dr. Carson is an odd one to make such claims since he,as a black neurosurgeon, is the embodiment of this society's well established and fundamental pillars being broken to fulfill the constitution's promise of equality for all citizens.
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    Yes and liberals hate the fact that he climbed out of the ghetto and made something of his self, Because a liberals intention, is to keep them all well placed at home in the ghetto.

    God Bless Ben Carson.......hey
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    @Vance1 So by saying yes are you agreeing that he's full of shit on this point or just okey dokin the truth so you can get on with the liberal bashing? I don't know or really care what liberals hate or intend anymore than I know or care if Dr. Carson crawled out of a ghetto.or walked out of a cotton field like I did. I do know that the constitution guarantee's rights to all citizens and we should all be able to enjoy them....period. I also know that Dr. Carson is smart enough to know that mentioning the gay marriage issue in the same sentence as pedophilia and bestiality clearly indicates a connection between the three because I speak english. Now if that's what he believes he has the right to that opinion, it's mistaken on several levels but we have the right to be mistaken too. But he isn't saying he was mistaken, he's saying that he's being taken out of context which is untrue because he chose the words that created the context with which he is being taken. It's dishonest,he's dishonest. Dishonest in both word and deed and that places the value of his opinion well below that of an honest one. Integrity trumps party, perspective and persuasion among reasonable forthright people..
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    "I will cut the deficit in 1/2 my first term in Office" Barack H , Obama
    or its something else.....Oh the countries left wing is truly something isnt it.

    Dangerous Hypocrisy!!!

    Hey do you know if the Obama was ever called out on this?
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    @Vance1 Well I'd have to say it's something else since that has nothing to do with Dr. Carson and what he said or why he can say what he said wasn't what he meant.....or so he says. But if we had some cherries and pineapple to go with your apples and oranges we could make fruit salad and enjoy that while we watch the world go by.
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    Of course it was taken out of context, he's a Conservative black man who is a very
    successful pediatric neurosurgeon, one of the best in the country. Liberals will hang
    him out to dry, he's a threat, as he could be a Presidential they have
    to go after him early...It's their way of keeping them on the 'plantation'. Hypocrites.
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    There's a fallacy common in medicine, surgery in particular, called "portable expertise". It is the belief held by very highly skilled people that their competence is transferrable to any other endeavor. I first became aware of this while watching an orthopedic surgeon try to fix a doorknob.

    Dr Carson is a deservedly famous neurosurgeon. But he's also a social issues Neanderthal who is clearly out of step with the preponderance of American opinion. Hence his multi-channel apology tour today.
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    @DARSB There was absolutely no reason for him to apologize, he said nothing
    wrong. At some point America will regain it's sanity, it may be too jate by then,
    but it WILL happen. Kinda like waking up sober after a three day drinking/drug binge. No apology was needed, but the Left will start their screaming once again.
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    @mimi57 He equated gays with underage sex and bestiality. When you mention those things in the same breath, its clearly a comparison, one intended to degrade the moral standing of gays seeking the right to marry.

    Sorry, Mimi, he said it, it was wildly inappropriate, and his voluntary apology tour shows he now either recognizes his error (laudable) or he's faking it, in which case he'll do something like this again.
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    @DARSB I watched him ON the show...He said NOTHING inappropriate. He did not error, he's just been warned not to 'upset' the lunatic fringe Left. They're'' Oh so
    sensitive". Boo hoo! Obama was embarrassed and is out to get him, so typical and
    so pathetic. They really need to get over themselves. Soon.
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    He shouldn't even have to explain himself! This whole thing is stupid! He is being oppressed for his beliefs! Liberals always talk about how gays and other minorities are being oppressed, but look what the media is doing to this guy! Just let it go! But first, somebody punch Andrea Mitchell!
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    He doesn't have to explain himself, he wanted to explain himself. I missed the part where he was fired, imprisoned or flogged in the city square... I hope you don't equate criticism with oppression. If I say the earth is flat, you are not oppressing me by pointing out that I am wrong.
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    @Romney2012 If I were to say something that offended you and many others, and you all then spoke out against what I said.... you would not be oppressing me.
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    @Romney2012 Either. You can reject what I say and ignore it, you can say that I'm wrong, you can even say that I'm being a bigot for holding that view. You only venture into the realm of oppression when you attempt to use force to keep me from saying it.
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    He doesn't (now) mean to be offensive, however his views are still going to be offensive to people who resist his particular religious interpretation of the term marriage. He portrays himself as standing up for a Biblical definition of marriage, forgetting that Solomon had 700 wives. He claims to protect an institution without denying anyone any rights; however he refuses to address the hundreds of laws and privileges that a gay couple in a committed relationship cannot access because they are not legally married.
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