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    Love how the main folks screaming "separation of church & state" then make something like this relevant news. LOL
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    PS. I would like this dimestore pastor sucking up to the president- to provide facts to back up his statements. Oh wait- the RIGHT is the one with the only black member of the Senate. The Right isn't the one calling women the C Bomb- that would be Bill Maher. The Right are the folks who elected more hispanics in the last 2 election Cycles.

    The pastor fits Obama's political and egotistical needs: Prop him up- and make him look good. All while selling yourself for pieces of silver. Nice eh?
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    Sucking,keep on sucking. Suck-up and keep on sucking pastor sucker. That's the way to suck right ,face to face. I was not going to post on this site anymore ; until i read the article. Nothing about religion just sucking and more sucking.!!!!
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    Rev. Luis Leon must be related to Rev. Wright and others.
    But of coarse, The Obama would never attend a Normal church.
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    A church not having a left or right political lean.
    A church were the pastor speaks of Jesus Christ being our Savior.
    and nothing else......This is what people go to church for, not political zealot'ness
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    @Vance1 Really? Burning witches was not "politics"? Really? The abortion debate and prayer in public schools is not "politics".

    Pretty much by definition, "politics" is the antithesis of the church and religion except in a theocracy.
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    So your church does not preach about abortion laws, gay marriage, prayer in school, the modern day nation of Isreal, Islamic terrorism, contraception, or any of the other things that so many right wing churches get involved on politics over?
    Glad to know you don't consider Pat Robertson to have anything to do with a normal church.
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    I go to a small baptist church, its a very simple one.
    My preacher speaks of Jesus Christ and the good of him.
    How we can and should assist people who need assistance.
    How we should reach out and help our brothers and sisters.
    He doesn't talk about politic's at all, If he started that, I would stop going as would most others, We do not attend church for a political meeting.
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    I cannot understand the close mindedness of Barack Obama, his mind is totally closed to ideas from the right and surrounds himself with "yes-men" He would do well to look at successful leaders from the past to know that the best ideas from both the left and right are what make this country go, he has become even more of an idealogue and that is bad for America.
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    If religious leaders insist on preaching politics instead of religion, could we please revoke their tax-exempt status? Solve the deficit problem in one fell swoop.
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    @stepped_in_it Sure why not...just remember that is likely to effect right wing preachers more than anyone else.
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    @alexpinca HMMM.....I always thought preachers spoke "straight" from the pulpit. That they neither leaned left nor right during their sermon. That "separation of church and state" was not just a governmental idea and that they remained "separated" to retain their tax-exempt status. I guess I was wrong on all accounts.....but so are these preachers!
    I repeat.....amen and pass the plate!
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    @stepped_in_it Quite right....from today's preachers, the idea of non-political involvement is quite humorus and political involvement has come mostly from the right.
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    Typical divisive garbage from the president (small p) of 'inclusion.'
    Why would any reasonable person believe Mr. Obama's pastor would actually discuss Christ?
    After all, it's only EASTER.
    *this man is a travesty*
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    It's bankrolled by the Chicago based Tribune Company, along with Gannett Company, so no surprise there. They must do as they're told.
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    You would think that Easter services would be about God and Jesus and stuff, instead of political issues and soundbites. Is separation of church and state a one way street?
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    I don't think the pastor was wrong but it was inappropriate for an Easter service which is generally about renewal, hope and joy.
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    @Zazziness I agree with you mostly, i think his message was wrong and distorted and biased. And to me Easter is about new beginnings and a fresh start to life and friendship and kinship.
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    The word church means body of. The NT refers to the churches as the churches of Christ thus body of Christ. The body should always use Biblical teachings to guide political choices, however the pastor has no business preaching politics from his podium. His purpose is to spread the word and to bring new members to the body.
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    but not a surprise this is BHO's church so extreme and inappropriate behavior is not unusual.
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    Have you noticed that this president associates with the most questionable miscreants that he can find? Such as this ersatz church near collapse due to its swing to the left....

    "A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man's heart directs him toward the left." Eccl 10:2

    And so it tiz.....

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    I love it.

    The ONLY correct religious view is MY religious view.

    This is why religion is fast becoming an insignificant dinosaur. Now if we can just get liberal/conservative democrat/republican on the same track. Good riddance to religious influences and partisan apologists. Both are so full of crap.
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    @tomincali They try to cover for themselves by falsely accusing Conservatives of racism. It is nothing but a preemptive attack to cover their own deep seated prejudices and hatred.
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    "I hear all the time the expression 'the good old days. Well, the good old days, we forget they have been good for some, but they weren't good for everybody. You can't go back, you can't live in the past."

    I agree the good old days may not have been great for everybody, but what in the hell makes anyone think these new days are going to be great for everybody? There is no evidense to say that is true.
    All that is goin on here is people who feel they are have nots, which is pretty much everyone who thinks they can get something for nothing are the squekie wheels wanting to bring the others down a couple of pegs.
    If Obama really wanted to help everyone, insteed of spending so much on crap, why not just cut everyone 100,000 dollar check, cause he knows exactly what would happen. Most of those have nots would be have nots again within a year.
    There will always be those who have not, feel kept down, held back. There will never be an America or a planet of total mediocrity.
    All this nonsense is a complete waste if 8 years.
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    Social progressives like to replace the status quo with something new, no matter if it's better or if it's worse, they simply want something new.

    It's a form of social consumerism, fixing something regardless of whether it needs fixing or not. Similar to impulse buying. The problem with progressives is their lack of forsight, and hindsight.

    People should learn from the past, and keep what works, and only try to fix things that are broken. This "replace it all with something new" doesn't work either, and causes people to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    Humans have the resources now to learn from our past, and prevent future mistakes, yet we still don't have the desire to do so. The corrupt (politicians and the rich elitists) also don't want the masses to learn from the past, because an educated populace is harder to control, so they use social issues and consumerism to divert their attentions and keep them distracted.
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    Give up on the sheep thing, it's overused.

    I don't really care what his subject was, but he's there to preach, so why fuss when he does it?
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    @harold_lloyd preaching and pushing a political agenda are two different things. A pastor should never preach politics...period.
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    Gee what a shock, Obama is going right back to racist Churches who hate any white people that don't follow the politically correct new age Christianity. Remember when Obama went to Reverend Wright's church for 20 years and then said he did know what an activist racist Wright was against Whites. 20 years and he did not know his pastor? LOLOLOL, is there anything honest about Obama at all? Does he even one honest bone in his body? Every word from his mouth is measured to get the most votes. The one constant of who Obama truly is, is his Socialist leanings. That is the true Obama. Only deceiving Liberals would say idiotic racists remarks against people who want to go back to a culture of moral vales, NOT RACISM OR PEOPLE FORCED TO SIT IN THE BACK SO BUSES.... YOU LIARS!
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    What is it the libs scream divison of church and state. Why are not the libs and the P.C police not crying foul
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    He's right, good old days for who? Not blacks. Those days are yet to come. Religious Right wants to hold on to a Southern Baptist past that can no longer be.
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    I think I like the idea of religion not influencing politics and government not influencing religion. This is not the era of the civil rights movement anymore(it was needed then). Those minorities already won there civil rights only to give them up and become dependant drones. Furthermore, that pastor sounds a little underqualified for the sermon he is giving, he is far from a Martin Luther King.
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